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on Tue Mar 05, 2013 10:47 pm

Pride and Prejudice. Downton Abbey. Titanic. Atonement.
And now Kingsgate House.

In the England of 1906 the aristocracy is still worlds away from the lower classes, but times are changing. Throughout the greenery and tranquility of the English countryside, great power houses are undergoing their last hurrah. One of these, Kingsgate House, is rich with the turning of Edwardian social politics and the family tensions which make or break it. The extensive estate is owned by the Penrose family, whose earldom is currently held by Richard Penrose, 8th Earl of Carmarthen. On the surface, all seems well, for the family have four fine children including a son to inherit, and three daughters to marry well. But the world doesn't know of the unhappiness which besets a family who always does what's proper, and rarely what's desired.

Affairs with stable boys and runaway daughters. Gold-digging debutantes and inheritance-stealing sons. Illegitimate children and thieving servants. They have no place in a respectable family. But that doesn't mean they don't exist.

Join the Penroses as they grapple with the politics of Edwardian society, and bring about the rise and fall of the cogs which turn the estate - the servants. The aristocracy which seems so distant from those who serve them may be more closely entangled than they think. Life is changing for everyone at Kingsgate.


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