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on Tue Feb 12, 2013 3:39 pm

[s]Welcome newcomer, you have three choices before you head out into the world. Heck, no.[/s] That's not what Victory Seekers is all about. Get into the groove. Anything is possible. Name and various other information? Trainer Classes? Starters? There's a lot of ways to customize and enjoy the VS's role-playing experience.

At the start of the journey, you can pick your starter Pokemon from a wide list. If you hate those choices then you can throw them away and get a whole new group to pick from. Or are ya feeling lucky enough to take your chances? If so then take a mystery ball and find out what's inside. It could be any Pokemon, even a legendary. For trainer classes, there are four in total.

Go down the path of a trainer. Train your Pokemon to become strong, catch Pokemon, battle trainers, collect eight badges from various gyms, and eventually make your way into the Pokemon league then from there into the Elite Four. You'll display your battling prowess at every step of the way.

Go down the path of a coordinator. You're on a stage, giving commands to your Pokemon, and in return they display their moves in both skill and beauty creating temporary works of art. Collecting ribbons along every step of the road from various contest halls. The Grand Festival waits for you.

Go down the path of a breeder. Display your Pokemon knowledge, breeding skills, and far more to prove your worth. And finally, take the license test to become a full-on breeder. Collecting eggs along the way as you showcase how caring you are for your Pokemon.

Go down the path of a racer. Endurance and speed is what this is all about. To make sure that they take first place, you will train your Pokemon in both endurance and speed. That's the basics. You can go down two separate racing paths and win at either one. The first is being a coach. You issue commands and orders from the side so that your Pokemon wins. If you want to be safe on the sidelines and avoid risks then this is for you. Otherwise, you could take on the risks and win greater glory by becoming a jocky. It is not just your Pokemon but yourself in the race. You become one with your Pokemon and ride to win!

Be cautious as you make your way to your goal, there's evil lurking about in the form of Team Necro. They will stop at nothing to revive the legendary pokemon of the Abyss to take over the world. Fortunately, there's the Victory Seekers to stop them. Join Team Necro and work to accomplish their nefarious goals. Or stop them and save the region by joining the Victory Seekers. What will you decide?

VS has a friendly community behind it, having many unique people, and opinions. The ones leading this community are the awesome and quite helpful staff members. If you're lost or need confirmation on something then they will do their best to answer what questions that you may have. Victory Seekers has a place for everyone. No one is left feeling unwanted or pushed away. Join today and see how wonderful the community is!

Watch the video!

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