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on Mon Feb 11, 2013 11:56 am
"Such a waste of time here. there has to be something to do." Cross mumbled to himself as he looked over the pier the humans were gathering at. His red eyes looked over the area as he licked an ice cream cone. Vanilla Ice cream at that; the white liquid ran down his knuckles, making them sticky from the sugar. Bringing his fingers up to his mouth Cross sucked on them slowly. "I don't see the hassle. it's just water with things floating in them. I mean, I can walk on the water for God's sake. What is so fascinating about-" Cross stopped as he saw a human being flung in the air attached by a string. He had some sort of long pieces of wood on his feet. Was it some sort of technique?

looking over towards the human, Cross blinked. "is.. is he fighting..or.. I don't understand what is going on.. Did a hollow throw him? He's not yelling in pain.. he's yelling in enjoyment. Must be something he likes to do? everyone else is watching him and clapping.. Oh.. he's spinning and flipping now.. I don't.." Cross shook those thoughts out of hsi head as his eyes followed the human.


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on Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:22 pm
The view was a strange one, very odd and very confusing. Sat atop a lamp-post with his zanpakuto held tightly in his sash, Artemis watched the world go on around him, the same way a wolf might watch a rabbit chew on it's lettuce. Everyone here.... was so weird. Sure, he was probably not in the best state to comment on being weird, but they were weirder. Some idiot had just jumped off of the edge of the bridge, and for a wonderful moment Art had assumed he was trying to kill himself. Was he going to have to perform a soul burial? This wasn't in his job description, he had been called to track down an espada. Not to engage it in combat, but to find out who it was. He WAS one of the second division's hunters after all, it was his duty. However, it had seemed like his thoughts were unnecessary as the rope that he had not seen brought him back up and down and up and down and twirling and spinning and... okay, he was getting dizzy just watching that idiot.

Then, he noticed something. A man, standing there eating an ice cream, with blonde hair and bright red eyes. His face.. felt familiar. The same way that his night-terrors were familiar, with an urge to vomit inside something. His hairs stood on end and he clutched his chest, forcing himself not to throw up. Why... Why did this man give this effect? They'd never met before, right? His eyes glazed over, a simple vision running through his head. A room, drenched in blood like it was from an overflowing fountain. A pair of silhouettes, one that looked extremely like a wolf and the other like a giant, sickly leech. His face felt cold, like some strange shell was clamped over his face. He grit his teeth, buckling over in pain as he tried to rip the non-existent mask off, clawing at his own face, slashing his face with his nails. It drew blood, trickling down his face and onto the floor, dripping like a faulty tap.


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on Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:35 pm
Cross tilted his head at the man in the water. "Such an amusing thing to watch, i admit" Cross spoke aloud while eh licked his ice cream, throwing the cone behind him as it crumbled on the heated concrete. He turned his head, looking over the crowd and then.. he felt a presence. A shinigami, nonetheless. "They always come here, trying to think i'm doing some evil things and when i'm not,t hey still attack. I thought they were a peaceful race." he mumbled underneath his breath while he turned his body to where his head looked.

Cross wasn't looking for the shinigami at all, to be honest. He was just taking notice of the presence of one. Taking his hand from his waist, Cross pushed back his blonde hair, taking in another deep breath while he looked up towards the sun. He didn't really care for the heat he never did to be honest. it was something that annoyed the crap out of him. It was just a personal pest he thought. The moon though, the moon is something Cross adores for some strange reason, but with it being summer and mid day, He wouldn't be seeing the moon anything soon.

"Is he just going to stay in that area, or?.." Cross thought to himself about the shinigami. He knew that the person knew he was looking at him, or even that he knew he was in the area. Cross leaned his back on the railing near the humans, Putting his arms behind his head and turning his head, showing the '7' Tattoo on the left side of his neck. He was relaxed, until he picked up a scent.

"No.. No that's not.. no. it can't be.. Not believing it."


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on Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:51 pm
The pain, the hot burning pain that can only come from such extreme cold pressing your face. It surged across Artemis' body, only making his attempts to rip the make-believe mask off all the more frantic. Eventually, his thrashing caused him to overbalance. Collapsing forward off of the lamp-post, Kuron fell off onto the concrete, slamming hard. He'd had worse, but in his state he couldn't even move from the place where he'd fallen. He was still scraping at his face, trying to get underneath the mask that didn't exist, before finally...
"ARGH!!" he cried out, his voice only able to be heard by those who could hear or speak to spirits. As he yelled, a sudden surge of blue reiryoku shot through the area, the same way it might during basic hollowification. A few people in the area turned to look, their ability to interact with spirits higher than normal and thus granting them the ability to hear, but other than that there was no change from his surroundings. Other than one thing.... His spirit.

As zanpakuto blades do occasionally, the spirit of his blade manifested itself before him, looking down at him sadly. Her long black hair cascaded in an imaginary wind, and her piercing red eyes surveyed him with such deep sadness. She seemed to be muttering something, akin to "Nii-chan... I had hoped you wouldn't have this happen to you again. Guess that's one more disappointment." She knelt down and embraced him in a hug bringing the warmth of the world back into his mind, the fact that something was keeping him anchored in the present pulled him back into the reality. The reality of a scraped face, laying face-down on the concrete, warm tears bursting from his ducts... What just happened? He looked up at his spirit, and at her warm smile he did his usual reaction.... A punch into the gut, knocking her off of him. She didn't have the right to hug him, he was a strong independent man who didn't need his spirit to baby him. That would only make him feel worse.

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