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on Sun Feb 10, 2013 8:01 pm
Centuries ago a new species slowly began to emerge, calling themselves the Witchbreed. No one knew much about them and therefore paid them no mind, the paid the price. The Witchbreed knew number wise they could never be dominant, so they sided with the humans, outing every supernatural creature they could. Vampires, Lycans, Maji, Fair Folk, Mer-People and more found themselves in the public eye. The humans, many who'd worked with them now turned on the other supernaturals. With the help of the Witchbreed they began rounding supernaturals up and arresting, executing and even dissecting them.

Left with no other choice the supernaturals joined together and rose up. The Witchbreed and humans were decimated, almost wiped out and went into hiding. That was 20 years ago and now a council of supernaturals has turned the world into a dictatorship. They've formed a council to rule everything, even opening up a school to train the newer generation of Supernaturals, for a war that may yet come. It may come because small pockets of humans and Witchbreed remain, trying to fight back. But they're not alone, other species have begun to join them. Their numbers are beginning to grow again and soon they will rise to take the world back. But will humans rule it or the Witchbreed? Or maybe one of those friendly allies isn't as friendly as they seem....


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