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1ATR Admi 


on Sun Feb 10, 2013 5:56 pm


Five years ago, it was like any other. The 74th Hunger Games were to begin. That’s when Panem met her: Katniss Everdeen, the Mockingjay.

Four years ago, everything changed. The third Quarter Quell, the 75th Hunger Games took place, but a victor was never crowned.

Three years ago, the revolution began. District 13 made its rise, and President Snow was killed. Twelve was bombed, but that should’ve been the end of it, right?

Two years ago, they rebelled. With the rebuilding of District Twelve, came the rise of a new breed of Rebels. Ones who followed the old Capitol ways, before the assimilation of the Capitol and District 13. Ones who would create a new form of Hunger Games, using forcibly taken children from each district.

One year ago, it began again. The Rebels, under a mysterious band of leaders, began to take the children for their own sick and twisted Games. They would make Panem remember. They would make Panem pay.

The time is now. Everyone fears for the lives of their children. No one knows who will be the next “chosen twelve.” The Mockingjay is dead, and with her, the spirit of the first Rebellion. No one dares fight back those who stalk the night. Some run and hide, some cower in fear. Others begin to train, begin to prepare for what may come. The question is,

Where will you stand?

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