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on Sun Feb 10, 2013 7:15 am

Main Theme - Mystery to himself:
Battle Theme - The Eternal Chase:

"All my life, I've chased after what I want. I've chased my food, I've chased my enemy, I've chased those who would betray the soul society, but for the first time, I'm chasing myself. How the hell do I win that? "

I. Personal Information

First Name: ???
Last Name: ???
Alias(es): Artemis Kurōn, Art
Gender: Male
Age: 245 (that he knows of)
Birthday: ??-?-???? (he celebrates the thirteenth of july as his birthday as it's the day he woke up in the clinic)
Sexuality: Pansexual
Reiryoku Colour: Blue

II. Gotei XIII Information

Division: Second
Seat: Unseated

III. Appearance

Height: 5'10''
Weight: 65 Kilograms
Hair: Long black hair, held back in a ponytail
Eyes: Blood red
Tattoo/scars: Ouroboros tattoo on the back of his hand
General Appearance: Art's form is that of a young adult, just reached the age of eighteen. He's been stuck like that for the last 245 years (and a fair bit past that), and is really the only clue of who he was before his death. His body is the absolute picture of a hunter, fast, lean but with a small enough frame that he's still able to be flexible. As his shinigami uniform, he wears the usual black hakama and kosoda. However, under that is where it gets interesting. His right arm is completely covered in special "bandages", something he has trained himself into using like a rope or a lasso for fighting fleeing opponents. his other arm has a few different bracelets, each with a dangling object to warn his opponents that he's coming. He wears these when he's versing those who he truly believes he can afford to give an advantage to, although when it comes to someone he has the feeling that it will be a challenge to beat, he keeps them off. Thus, if he's seen on the job without his bracelets, it's a true sign of respect to the one that he's chasing.

His zanpakuto's sheath is held in a different place to most shinigami. While they keep theirs in their belt, he wears a second sash, pure white, that he slips his zanpakuto into. To pull it out, he puts his hand behind his head and unsheathes. With this in mind, he is rather the odd-one-out when it comes to walking around in the Seireitei. Finally, on his hand that isn't covered in bandages, he has a tattoo of an Ouroboros (the snake that eats it's own tail). He has no idea why he has it, nor what it's supposed to symbolize, but the fact is that he has it, and it's a constant reminder that there was something before this, that this isn't all there is, that there was a beginning somewhere and that he needs to find it before it's swallowed forever.

IV. Personality

Personality: Art has various character flaws, and few amazing boons to his character. One of his many flaws is the fact that he's about as blunt as it comes, refusing to sugar-coat things at all. Whilst this does make him come off as rude to some, this also means that he's generally a lot more trust-worthy when you want an opinion of something. He's no sycophant, he tells it as it is. Although, he knows his place so he generally won't talk to his captain or lieutenant, knowing that if he was honest to them he'd likely end up getting kicked out of the Gotei 13. This causes him to look a little quiet whilst on the job, unless he's working alone. When it's just him against an opponent, it truly appears that he gets off on the violence, making it appear that he would be best suited for the eleventh division. Although it is true that he would make a good member of eleventh, he prefers the thrill of the chase, the horror in the eyes of his opponents when they realize they're being chased, being able to run someone down before running them through. He really is quite the sick bastard. a true sadist.

Whilst he's not the brightest tool in the shed, that changes when it comes to his areas of expertise. He either knows little-to-nothing about a subject, in which case he tends to avoid talking about it, or he knows a surprisingly large amount. This comes off of mostly talking about what he enjoys, and his great memory. Whether this is because of the fact that he can't remember anything before his entry to the soul society or whether it was something that he had during his life is something he's never been certain of, but he doesn't see that it matters one way or another. It's just a part of him, where it came from doesn't matter one jot in his opinion. Although he can't remember anything, he does occasionally get flashes, short images that shoot through his mind and cause unbelievable amounts of pain.

Areas of Expertise: As mentioned, he has a few areas of expertise that he knows a surprisingly large amount about. These are; Fighting tactics, old books, and romance. Whilst it might sound very odd, his love of old books come from his past being a mystery. He sees reading the old books as coming closer to finding out who he was, as there might be hints in any of them. As for romance... well, that's personal.

His job: There are a few things that Art likes. The first is the thrill of the chase/fighting. It sets off something primal in him, almost like a wolf wanting to hunt rabbits. This was the main reason he joined Division Two, no other division has the chance to get that so often, to be able to go out on a daily basis and have fun with your job.

People: His other love is.... other people. That's right, Art loves to alter other people, to make them feel pain or pleasure and everything in between. It's rare that he likes someone else for who they are, unless they have a personality that just drips emotions. He's one of the few people who like people who wear their hearts on their sleeves, mainly because their hearts taste so damn good.


Emotionless people: As a hunter by nature, the thing he hates most is those people who refuse to show emotions. The blank walls of people who he can't understand the emotions of. He feeds off of understanding emotions, it's what gives him the drive to move forward, so those who he can't understand, who he can't use and manipulate in that way annoy him.

The chain of command: he has little respect for the chain of command. Whilst he understands his place in it, and he understands enough about it to know that if he steps out of line too far he's going to get his ass booted back into the districts, he just doesn't like it one bit. The thought of owing his allegiance to someone who hadn't earned it, who had done something a long time ago for people that didn't include him just sits with him wrong, makes him feel antsy.

His zanpakuto spirit: He's a strong, independent warrior. It is still a mystery to him why he's cursed with a zanpakuto spirit that acts like a teenage girl and insists on trying to become his little sister. He has a love for her, as all wielders do for their zanpakuto, but she also gets on his nerves frequently.

Discovering his past: There are a few clear motivations in Art's mind. The first and foremost is that he wants to find out about his past. After everything that's happened to him, he still doesn't understand very much about where he came from, who he was, how he died or why his spirit continues to call him her big brother. He knows something traumatic must have happened for him not to be able to remember before his death, as that is the most common reason for the lack of information, but what it is he doesn't know.
Protecting the Soul Society:Other than that, he wants to be able to protect the soul society, to hunt down and kill anyone who tries to damage the Gotei. They earned his loyalty long ago, and his duties always make him happy, so he wants to continue what he's doing.

Fears: There are very few things in this world that Artemis fears. There are many things that he doesn't want to happen, but very little that he's actually scared of. The main one would have to be his past. As much as he wants to uncover it, to finally understand what happened to him during the life, there's a part of him that doesn't want to know in case it's really bad. What if he's a purified hollow? As much as he loves to see the emotions on people's face when they're sad, there's a part of him that knows that even his sadism has a limit, a limit he refuses to cross. But what if he's already crossed it? He already has night-terrors about it, something that anyone who shares his bed will realize. Shaking, murmuring to himself in his sleep, waking up in the middle of the night to throw up... He hasn't had a good night of sleep in over two hundred years, it's just thankful that shinigami don't need sleep to survive.

V. Zanpakutō Spirit Information

Zanpakutō First Name: Kōtetsu
Zanpakutō Last Name: chi
Zanpakutō Element: Earth (steel)
Zanpakutō Type: Physical
Zanpakutō Personality: Kōtetsu is a very strange spirit, acting every part the Imoto-type, treating her wielder like her big brother. This has caused innumerable amounts of conflict between Art and his zanpakuto. Where her master is a sadist who revels in the hunt of those who would betray the soul society, her spirit always acts so cute and cuddly, as if they were brother and sister rather than zanpakuto and master. Generally, whenever Artemis enters the inner world of his zanpakuto, she has this irritating habit of hugging him, which generally results in a very quick and powerful upper-cut to the chin, knocking her off of him. However, whilst they seem like polar opposites, there's an unspoken agreement between the two of them, able to read each others thoughts without speaking it out loud, causing them to be the perfect partners. Their difference and similarity has caused them to be thought of as a yin-yang partnership.
Zanpakutō Appearance:

Surprisingly for a zanpakuto like his, his spirit is a female. Not just a female, a girl who looks a little bit younger than Artemis. In fact, she looks so much like him that it's almost like a family resemblance. Long black hair, red eyes, they even have the same pointed canines. Her fashion sense is very plain, wearing a reverse of Art's shinigami uniform, where the black parts are white and the white parts are black, linking further to the yin-yang style of partnership they have. The only difference is that she doesn't have the bandages that he has, because "she doesn't want to look like she's hurt, she doesn't want to worry Nii-chan". Despite having such a matching spirit, Art tends to lie about what his spirit looks like. After all, who would take a hunter seriously if it came out that their spirit was a teenage girl?

VI. Inner world

Inner World Appearance:

Chi's inner world appears to be a dojo, with the outside world changing depending on how Art is feeling. If he's in pain, the dojo is surrounded by a thunder storm, clashes of lightning and thunder shooting off in the sky above. If he's sad, it's just a rainstorm. If he's happy, it's towards the end of the day with a sunset, orange light pouring in through the partitions.

VII. Zanpakutō Sealed form

Zanpakutō Appearance:

VIII. History

History: Blood, darkness, a clash of thunder, the blinding light reflecting off of a knife, the smell of fresh blood, and a horrific scream. That's all that Art remembers from his life and from the first bit of his death. One day, he woke up in a bed in one of the very few clinics in the soul society, a large gash in his chest and an ouroboros tattoo on his hand. He didn't know who he was, nor what he was doing there, but what he did know was where he was. For some reason, though he couldn't remember anything else, he remembered about the soul society, and about the fact that he was dead. This was a very strange case, most cases of amnesia that spirits suffered from came from traumatic deaths and eventually stopped, but this was different. He had clearly been in the place a long time, long enough for the concepts of the soul society and death to be hardwired into his mind. However, other than that, they had no idea who or what he was. For the longest time, he went without a name, going through rest and rehabilitation as simply "patient #24601", but as he got stronger and was finally able to walk around outside, it became clear that he loved to hunt. People would find him slipping out of the hospital to go hunt in the nearby forest. As such, he was given the name Artemis, after the god of hunting. His last name was something that he chose himself, after the last name of his doctor, a girl who looked around the same age as him, Muzai Kurōn. They had slowly developed a brother-sister relationship, something that wasn't too odd for those in the soul society as they weren't able to be in traditional families. His last name was the final mark that they were brother and sister, and even after he checked out of the hospital, they continued to be sibling-like. He even moved into her place, and they frequently slept together. There was nothing sexual about this, they just liked to be near each other and so frequently slept in the same bed. Besides, it was more cosy than sleeping on the floor, as they couldn't afford a second bed.

After around twenty years, he decided that he should do something that would help to protect his sister. As such, he applied to the Seireitei, hoping to become a soul reaper. He was eventually accepted into the academy, and found his love for the emotions of others. To see pain, frustration, happiness and every other spectrum of emotion on someone's face, it was glorious. However, this led to him not making all that many friends, and even making a few rivalries. One of these, an older man who claimed to have been a soldier in his life called Satsugai, became violent, often clashing sword-to-sword on the dueling floor. They had both lost a few times, and encouraged each other to grow beyond what most of the other students were. However, this never became friendly, it was as close to hatred as he's ever come for anyone, and the feeling was more than reciprocated. Finally, they came to blows that escalated beyond mere sparring, and it seemed for a moment like one of them was going to kill the other. However, still having a bit of naivety in him, when Art won he spared the man's life. He left the academy in a rage, but because of the fact that Art refused to report him, he never got any punishment. Though, from that day on, Artemis couldn't shake the feeling that he was being followed. After around a month of this, he came home one day to a horrible scene. Muzai had been stabbed, and Satsugai was holding the blade. He fled as soon as Artemis arrived, but instead of chasing after him, he stayed to try and help his sister. That night, she died in his arms, and he lost a slight part of his sensitivity. He was no longer as nice as he had once been, her death tainting his personality in a bad way. He refused to sugar coat his words anymore, he said what he meant and he meant what he said. That night, the first real hunt of his life started.

It took almost a week, in which time he didn't go inside the Seireitei once, before Artemis finally tracked Satsugai down. The old him would have handed him over to the punishment division, but he had done the unforgivable. His punishment had to be more severe, and so he took the justice into his own hands. They fought one last time, and Artemis ended up killing Satsugai. Leaving his corpse behind, Art stumbled back home, and for a long time he didn't resurface. He seemed to disappear, those who came to his house only got a locked door and no answer to their calls. Then, five years later, he finally resurfaced, his body completely changed. Where his hair was once short and spiked, it had become long and flowing. Where he had once been unassuming and small, he was now muscled, toned, and appeared to know what he was doing. When people asked for the explanation of his disappearance, he gave no answer, only that some wounds take a long time to heal. Although when he reapplied for the academy, he was refused initially, after constantly trying to sign up, he was eventually given permission to become a student again, although he had to take it from the beginning. He flourished like a flower in spring, his skill improved ten-fold from the man he once was, but his personality all the worse. Eventually, he graduated and joined the second division.

He would always take duties that allowed him to be away from the captain, whether it be a one-man job or with others. Either way, he always managed to get the job done, working as well as he could to get what he wanted out of the job. At first it began because he was doing it for his sister, but as time went on, he slowly grew more and more sadistic. As if he was getting joy taking care of the worthless scum that polluted the soul society. Every blow he landed on a traitor was one he felt going through Satsugai's heart, and every spray of blood brought such unequivocal joy. However, that was how the world was until he finally achieved Shikai, he finally reached the point where he could see his Zanpakuto spirit. It took longer than most because he specialized in more physical arts rather than kido and the bond between him and his zanpakuto. Her attraction to him as her older brother shook him to the core. He couldn't be an older brother, not after what had happened to Muzai, and so he shows an outer layer of contempt, refusing to let her get close to him, every hug met with the back of his hand. He reasoned that if she didn't like him, she wouldn't treat him like her older brother, but every time he tried to push her away, she just got closer and closer, always seeing him as her Nii-chan instead of her wielder.

IX. Other

RP sample: The morning air was hot and slightly humid, as if it had just been after a recent rain. The sun poured down through the sticky, soggy sky upon the seireitei, and the shinigami running through it. Very few were sitting around doing nothing, but one of the few who were was sitting on the top of Second Division Headquarters' roof, his zanpakuto resting on his lap. Artemis had his eyes closed, and was not listening to the world around him, he was too busy trying to work the bond out between him and his zanpakuto. Ever since he'd joined the Gotei 13, he'd been left without a shikai, and whilst that wasn't too bad in his line of work, it did make the fights a little harder than they should be. He loved the glory of winning without a shikai, but as his reputation fostered, he grew more and more in need of something to fight with, to level the playing ground. As such, he was going to work his way into the inner world of his zanpakuto, he would join with it properly, just as his instructor had taught him. He had to do it... for Muzai.

It took a long time, but finally he felt something hug him from behind. What the hell? He jumped in surprise and opened his eyes reflexively. When he did, he was no longer on the roof of HQ, but was instead in some sort of dojo. The slow pattering noise was not quite rain... it was snow? But it was autumn, snow wasn't supposed to happen for at least another few months. And another thing, who the hell just hugged him? He looked over his shoulder and saw... a girl. A young girl, with long flowing black hair and blood red eyes, wearing almost exactly the same thing as he was. Except, wrong. Everything was wrong, his black areas were white on her, and his white areas were black on her, as if it was some weird cosmic style of yin-yang. Wait... he'd changed position, he was being hugged by a girl he'd never met before, and he HAD just been trying to enter the inner world of his Zanpakuto. This was it? His inner world was a dojo?
"Umm... Kōtetsu?" he asked, a little uncertain as he wasn't entirely sure if his suspicions were right yet.
"Yes, Nii-chan?"

The world seemed to collapse around him, she was his zanpakuto spirit. He was a proud, noble hunter for the second division, and his zanpakuto spirit was a ruddy teenaged girl? God damn it, he was not going to be able to tell anyone about this. They'd never take him seriously again. Wait... what did she call him? Nii-chan? She couldn't have possibly called him Nii-chan, right? This was some stupid mistake, right? Surely he'd heard wrong. His concern was very noticeable, and it was starting to worry Chi.
"Nii-chan? Something bothering you?" Her question was met by a short, simple response... an elbow in the chin. He thrust his elbow back, slamming into her chin and weakening her grip. Then, with a quick flip, he threw her off of him and down onto the floor before him. His sword had been drawn in the moment she was still moving, and it was now pressed against her throat.
"Don't you EVER call me that again."

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