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on Fri Feb 08, 2013 10:57 pm

In this world, magic is an indefinable quality that connects all things.
Magic is the essence of change, and it is used to change the world.

A century ago, some of the oldest creatures on Earth established an educational facility like no other in quiet country hillside Australia with a mystical valley settlement nestled nearby. Aevitas and Aeternas, they called them. Both these names represent eternity, immortality, and the constant unending passage of time and existence.

Aevitas Academy is a modern fantasy boarding school roleplay with mythological flavours and town and city sub-settings. Diversity abounds, students of all ages, Academy staff, and citizens of Aeternas or Adelaide, are playable as characters, and it serves as a haven for all who are magically gifted, human or otherwise. Turn a corner and you never know who you might meet next: a ghost, an angel, a faerie, or someone who looks perfectly human but isn't all they seem. Nearby is the perfectly-normal, populous but peaceful city of Adelaide... but perhaps things aren't all they seem, even there.

From the start, chaos was unavoidable. The mix of young mages, not all of them human, is incredibly valuable and potent, and to control their education would give one a hand in controlling the world. All kinds of creatures have hailed from every nook and cranny of the planet to learn, to find their true home, or, perhaps, to try to change the course of eternity. The battle between magical races is silent and brews beneath, but in recent years it has been bubbling up to the surface...

We provide a dynamic, broad setting where creativity and imagination are your greatest tools, as powerful as magic itself. We're member- and character-driven, have no word count, and welcome and love characters of diverse sexual and gender identity.


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