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on Fri Feb 08, 2013 5:20 pm

I. Personal Information

First Name: Cross
Last Name:Setsuzoku
Alias(es): Crossy, baby face.
Birthday: april, 10th
Sexuality: straight
Reiryoku Colour: blue

II. La Horda

Number: Séptima Espada

III. Appearance

Hair: Blonde
Tattoo/scars:Black, tribal style centipede going down right arm from shoulder to the back of his hand.
General Appearance: Cross does not appear too young, but does have a very youthful look to his face. Girls might comment saying he has a 'babyface' or is cute, but Cross is in fact quite developed and despite his youthful appearance, he may easily take on a fierce and intimidating look. His features are mostly smoothly defined, but with the occasional development gaunt jutting or bold, slender features. His skin is a lightly bronzed tan and is full of health and vitality, while somewhat rough and hardened. However, despite the toughness of his outer flesh, it is free of wrinkles, scars, or blemishes... regardless of the fact that Cross has withstood many wounds indifferently that should have left massive scars all across his form. Long bright blonde hair flows past his shoulders in a vivid golden hue, vibrantly radiant with a sun-like grace. Every hair is straight, flowing perfectly across his form with wind or stagnancy.

Cross's size however makes it difficult to see him as cute, and even makes him seem to look older than his facial features would give off. He is 8'2" feet tall, and is built with a tremendous, masculine, powerful build of muscle. His broad shoulders are massive and strong - they're packed with solid strength, and his long, heavy arms could easily crush concrete in their devastating grasp. He has large hands and thick, long fingers, with rough worn-down short nails. His nails are lighter than his sun tanned skin, although they are sometimes dirty. His knuckles are rather protrusive and sharply defined, giving the intimidating show of frighteningly daunting fists easily capable of caving in skulls with ruthless blows.

Cross is often seen in battle armor, with an oddly helmet shaped mask. It covers the forehead and most of the nose, rising and curving back behind his head, and seems to give off a feeling of strength and authority as if to mark Cross as some sort of alpha to the instinctive mind. His Hollow hole is present in his tongue, towards the center-back area of it.. On his left middle finger, Cross wears a plain, sterling silver ring; a final reminder of his human past from a woman long gone. It is dirty and difficult to see, but fits his thick finger. Aside from that, Cross has a very large fur cloak, made from the pelt of what had to be an utterly gigantic grey-white wolf. It can be worn normally around his huge body, or can be attached to a slot on his left shoulder armor plate, folded in on itself and trailing behind him to allow for increased mobility while still being attached to his full attire.

Cross's left shoulder plate is bone on the outside, and is actually a mass of fused in Hollow masks, showing a single prominent skull and many eyes arranged in rows around the skull. It extends into a broad, sharp spiral sea-shell shaped spike, used for ramming into enemies with shoulder charges, and there is a smaller spiral shell spike beneath it that gives the vague shape of a jaw, making the larger spike appear somewhat like a nose whilst the eyes grant the entire plate an eerily face-like visage. The plate is attached to a thick strap with a black and white diamond shaped pattern on it, a simple design with no fancy additions or unique shape, aside from being geometrically perfect.

The right shoulder plate is a massive, thick roman-like piece of armor, reminiscent of the towering shoulder plates a gladiator might wear on one side to intercept a blow to the neck while defending the other with a shield. Except, Cross doesn't have a shield, not now at least. It is connected to him by a thick strap identical to the one used in his left shoulder plate, going under it. Near the abdomen the strap breaks into a thick, short, square black chain, going under the left shoulder's strap and connecting with the rest of the right shoulder plate's strap. Around his waist is a thick, one piece ring of armor, reminiscent of a belt. It is connected to an actual belt of leather straps which wrap around Cross's hips smoothly, secured by a series of laces and buckles concealed underneath. Just in front of the crotch area of the metal 'belt' armor is a skull shape, thicker and larger than the rest of the piece of armor, complete with eye sockets and oversized fang-shaped teeth but no lower jaw. Instead, a huge red cloth billows down from the jaw-less maw, torn and slightly ripped but vivid and red like a flag of malevolence.

Beneath the red cloth, Cross's crotch and high upper thighs are wrapped in strips of black bandages to prevent chafing from the leather belt straps that connect the hip armor to his body, and also to prevent his penis and testicles from being seen (I can't run around naked, can I?) at least while dressed. However, Cross doesn't really wear pants, leaving much of his well shaped, muscular legs exposed to the 'intrigued' eye. From the knees down, his powerful legs are sheathed in tall armored boots, with the same bone-like exterior as his left shoulder plate. At the highest point there is a skull, with horn-shaped protrusions wrapping around the knee. Beneath, there are crossed protrusions of bone in a repeating X pattern, leading to the foot, which is covered in spikes along the edges. Just above the ankle, two horn shaped spikes arise, and in the center between them on the risen point there is a red diamond-shaped gemstone vaguely shaped like an eyeball.

IV. Personality

Personality:Much like the two animals his hollow form resembles, Cross is very opportunistic, and this comes off in his unwillingness to show his hands, even in battle. In fact, there are very few creatures in the world who truly knows Cross, both in personality and in ability. He acts very casually to most, pretending like he is some kind of goof ball, a bumbling, stumbling idiot who rather do pirouttes, arabesques, and bachatas than actually do something worthwhile. Of course, the moment his target lets his or her guard down, much like the mantis or the alligator, he will pounce when they least expect it.

Contrary to this act of course, Cross is actually very smart and cunning. Naturally, you don't get to where he is without being borderline genius, if not completely one. The kind of method he devised for him to regain his power was something few would have thought of, and even fewer would dare try.

This also speaks of his courage and determination. Though it may not appear otherwise, Cross is actually very brave and determined, finishing anything he started and not giving up. Failure is never an option for him. Obstacles are simply nothing more than detours or hurdles that delay the inevitability of his success.

He can be compassionate, especially for humans who become victims of both humans, spiritual humans, or other spiritual beings. If presented a situation to help a human in need, Cross will jump in and try to either form a peaceful resolution or fight in the human's stead.

In truth, Cross seeks something he's never had in his spiritual life, a sense of family and friendship. Though he laughs and goofs around most times, he is a burdened and lonely soul, and he wishes for peace and calmness. However, he is still very much bitter about how Soul Society discarded him when he got weak and was no longer an asset to the Gotei. Because of this, he still holds a grudge against the shinigami. He might eventually forgive them, but that will not come easy for sure.

Once a prized prodigy, Cross was as skilled in might as he was in the classroom. He enjoys going to the human world and sneaking in to a late-night movie to watch Martial Arts flicks or those that cover the history of man, as well as their wars and their gods. He similarly enjoys reading books, be it fictional or non-fictional. He reads both mythology and manga alike, and finds entertainment in those type of media as much as he does a book in science and history.

He is, as already been stated, a goof-ball. When with him, expect a lot of stupid things from Cross, both in physical movements and verbal jokes and punchlines. That being said, he can get very serious, especially when it comes to research and training. When doing so, Cross does not mess around, often pushing himself to and past his limits, even to the point that he passes out in the middle of the training.

Likes: One of the things that Cross does enjoy is human activities. Anything from running, movie wtaching, driving, listening to music. If it's human, he enjoys it. Food as well is one of those that he enjoys, Anything from spicy, to bitter. There is food that he doesn't like, but he we will have to cover that in the dislikes now, won't we? Random dancing; That's right. During battle, he might just hope of skip, or hell, even isolate a part of his body to mimic the humans that he has watched over the years. Any type of loyal friendship or rivalry. If they are that loyal to him, he will be so much loyal back. It's how he has always been, and that won't change for a while..

Dislikes: Anything too sweet that makes him have a sugar rush. He hates that, with a passion. It's not the actual sugar that he hates, it's the rush then the downfall of his energy. It's just, bleh. Anyone that attacks humans for no reason at all but to eat. Being an arrancar that is sorta hypocritical, but Cross protects the humans from anything that would happen, it's just he treasures them, counts then as a perishable. Rain. Any sort of water, and Cross will automatically hate it. It's not that he is weak to it, when he is not. He just hates getting wet. He'll get more aggravated when fighting a water user more than anything to be honest.

Motivations: One of the main things that Cross wants; is for the humans to be a free and safe race against all spiritual beings. Yes, even shinigami. Cross doesn't want anyone to mess with them.
The bring the espada back up; The right way. Espada has always been somewhat close to Cross's non existent heart, and he hates to see them like the way it is. They are suppose to be a band of brothers and sisters, not people tearing at each other for new potions and rank in power. Numbers are just that, numbers, so Cross is determined to prove that the Espada can be one, even with the numbering system.

Fears: Death. Now, this is common, but Cross has never experienced death more than once, and even then, he hated it with a passion. To die again would be something that would really mess with him. Even the reincarnation process scares him slightly. What would he turn into? what would he remember? what would he become? It's a thing he hates to think about.
Clowns. Oh yes. The makeup covered creepy happy things that are always cheering up kids. Cross has seen some gruesome things, but clowns. They take the cake for him. It's about them having a fake face, and always pretending to smile. That's what creeps him out.

V. Zanpakutō Sealed form

Zanpakutō Appearance:Cross's sealed zanpaktou is actually six blades, which is fairly unique to him and him alone. They take the form of the six blades as afore mentioned, placed on his waist in the Santoryu style on either side in such a manner that each blade's hilt is within hand's length of one another. The blades of each are silver in color, and they have white hilts with a normal guard on each, as they are curved samurai blades.

They are not seperate forms of his zanpaktou. They are just the same blade, split into different blades.

VI. History

Burdened from Birth

As the rain poured endlessly for what seemed to have been an entire day, the hospital windows constantly shook from the booming sound of thunder. Not to be outdone, it seemed the flashes of lightning lit up the dark stormy night of the town of Karakura. Inside the hospital, a woman labored in pain as she prepared to deliver her first born children. Though most couples would have panicked at the thought of having twins, she and her husband were quite the opposite. They shopped every chance they can get to make sure the nursery room is furnished and there were ample clothing for the twins. Cross and Christine, they decided were going to be the names of their children, derived from the family’s religious beliefs. They couldn’t wait for the babies to arrive.

Their happiness would not last however, as that night’s weather conditions proved to be ominous of what was to happen. Christine was the first one to arrive. Her delivery was very difficult, and it certainly took its toll on the woman lying on the operating table. Not long after Christine was born, and definitely not long enough for her to recover, it was Cross’ time to come out. As newborn Cross’ cries echoed through the room, the mood inside the emergency room was unexpectedly gloomy. There were neither screaming for joy nor even exciting proclamation that the couple just had a boy. Instead, the father looked down on his wife, holding her hands, crying and pleading for her to be fine. The doctors and nurses were moving around the room constantly, grabbing medical equipment one after the other. And then, there was silence. Both babies had been removed from the room. The father had quieted himself just for a brief moment, while the hospital staff had stopped moving. Even the rain and the thunder outside seemed to have finally stopped. There was nothing but deafening silence. That is, except for the flatlined sound of the electrocardiogram.

No Love for the Wicked

Blamed for the death of their mother, Christine and Cross lived a miserable life. Their father, once a man of faith, cursed the very god he used to praise. The love he once had for his wife, suddenly missing its intended recipient, found a new one in Christine. His anger meanwhile, also found a target in the form of Cross. That was their childhood. Christine would spend the night in her father’s room, Cross outside in the living room. When morning came, both children would end up crying. Christine from her father’s sinful advances from the night before, Cross from the heavy hand his father lifted on him that morning. For several years, this kind of abuse would continue, leaving many scars on Cross’ body, the most significant one being the burn mark of a coin his father tattooed on the back of his neck after finding out that Cross had considered running away.

The day the twins turned twelve was the day everything changed. That morning, Christine, finally understanding the crime his father had been committing, decided to fight back. She clawed, she scratched, and she kicked, only to be subdued violently by a man twice her size. Hearing the commotion inside the room, Cross kicked the door open and attacked his father. Overwhelmed by anger he could no longer control, Cross unknowingly let out an enormous amount of spirit energy, attracting the attention of a nearby hollow. Christine took a blow to the stomach from her father, sending her to the ground, squirming in pain. Grabbing a flower vase from the top of the drawer, their father then turned his attention to Cross. Before he can take a swing at his child, a creature smashed through the wall and snatched him from behind. Cross looked up and saw his father almost disappear into thin air. He couldn’t understand what was happening. He felt a strong and evil presence around him, but he couldn’t see anyone…or anything. Falling down on his knees, the spirit energy pushing him down, he started to see what was before him.

Still unsure of what is going on and now completely terrified as he look up at the menacing creature in front of him, Cross prepared himself for his own death. But just as the hollow was about to feast on him, a man wearing a black robe appeared and lunged himself towards the hollow. In his haste, the shinigami failed to deliver a fatal blow with his first attack, instead merely cracking the creature’s mask, exposing it’s true identity to be Christine’s and Cross’ deceased mother. Unaware that young Cross had witnessed everything that happened, the shinigami performed a soul burial without as much paying attention to the children, and then left as quickly as he arrived. Confused more than ever and with no one there to explain to him the order of life and death and the progression of hollows and pluses, Cross believed that every one who dies turns into a monster like creature. From that point on, he vowed that he would not forfeit his life so easily, and to do everything he can to survive.

Some Semblance of Normalcy

Equipped with his new found resolve in life, Cross did everything in his power to support himself and his sister, even if it meant aligning himself with a local gang. He was a natural, they told him. He would snatch purses even from the oldest women, and strike her with no remorse if she fought back. Cross was their number one thief, runner, and at times, being an unsuspecting child to most people’s eyes, their assassin. Any job an adult couldn’t do was relegated to him and he completed his tasks quickly and efficiently without saying a word of complaint. In doing so, the head of the gang became very fond of Cross and Christine, ensuring them safety and providing them with a small room for shelter.

Everything was going fine until Cross suddenly started experiencing extreme headaches. He did not think much of it, instead attributing it to the fact that he’s starting to see more and more spirits around him, some of them even able to communicate to him. He figured it was simply stress. After all, who wouldn’t be stressed out having spirits constantly following and haunting you? He was wrong of course. Within a year’s time, these headaches would develop into full blown brain cancer, and though he tried to fight it, with no way to pay for treatment, he eventually succumbed to the disease.

Realizing his worst nightmare, Cross thought that he was about to turn into a monster. He watched over Christine constantly, making sure that she’s safe. It wouldn’t be long until he would come across a shinigami, and was explained what soul burial is and why it needs to be done. Finally gaining understanding of the situation, Cross prepared himself for the burial.


Life in Rukongai was more of the same for Cross, making his living and supporting himself mostly by stealing food from unsuspecting merchants. He lived mostly in solitude, aside from a small group of other misfit kids that he hangs around with. Rather than stressing himself too much, Cross decided to live a relaxed life. He ran around joking with his friends, playing pranks on the adults, and just for the most part goofing off. Unfortunately, this carefree living didn’t last very long.

Coming home one night, Cross and his friends returned to the sight of district residents running in fear. They stood in shock for a bit, until they realized what everyone was running away from. Not too far from where they were standing, they saw the source of all the commotion. It was about 20 ft. tall, moving slowly from one house to another as it devoured anyone that comes across its path. Soon, they found themselves running along with the rest of the crowd, hoping that someone will come and put a stop to the hollow. Sensing Cross’ higher than normal reiatsu, the hollow came after him vigorously. Looking back, he saw the monster chasing after him. Fearing for his life, he ran as fast as he could. With his fear ever growing, his control over his reiatsu started to decline, allowing it to flow freely from his body. This surge of energy just wets the appetite of the hollow even more, causing it to chase after him even more vigorously than before, and finally catching up to him.

About to face his death once again, Cross remembered the promise he made to himself the first time he encountered one of these creatures. Then, he lay still, kneeling down, waiting for it to deliver the blow. As the hollow pounced on him, putting its entire weight down on his body, Cross stayed true to his promise and fought back. No, if he was going to be eaten by this hollow, it wouldn’t be this easy. Placing both his hands in front of him and towards the hollow’s chest, he pushed as hard as he could, putting everything he’s got behind it and let out what he thought was his dying scream. Instead, a dark green light emanated from his hands and started to engulf the hollow right as Cross lost his consciousness.

Upon regaining consciousness, Cross found himself in what appeared to be a hospital. He slowly got up, and was about to inquire regarding his whereabouts when he felt a hand on his shoulders, pushing him down.

“Take it easy. You’re not fully recovered yet”.

Cross looked for the source of the voice and found an older shinigami.

“That was quite impressive, what you did back there. You almost took down that hollow just by releasing your reiatsu alone. Granted, you would have died had I not showed up, but given a year or so training at the Academy, you’ll be able to beat that level of hollow easily”.

The shinigami started to walk away to leave, but stopped as he heard Cross’ inquiry.

“Academy? I’m not sure I understand”

Turning to face him for a little bit, the old man replied. “To prepare future shinigami. That’s what the Academy is for. You’ve been enrolled. Someone like you with that level of reiatsu doesn’t come around too often. Now go get some rest, you start in three days”.

Unfulfilled Potential

Cross’ first day at the Academy was kind of weird. Everywhere he went, he could feel bystanders looking and talking about him. He hadn’t fully realized just how impressive what he did was, at least until now. The students all wanted to befriend him, while the instructors gave him extra attention in class to make sure he is picking up all the materials. By the time the first semester had ended, he was at the top of the class and he had gotten a perfect score on his kidou exams along with top scores in combat and zanpakatou training. But this all changed once shikai training began. Upon learning his zanpakatou’s name, Cross started to feel physically weak, so much so that he sometimes elected to skip class and study at home instead. He knew right then that something wasn’t right. Even on days where he was strong enough to come to class, he realized that he was in no condition to train. While his written exam grades were still at the top of the class, his grades quickly fell towards the bottom of the class when it comes to kidou (due to missing too many classes), combat, and zanpakatou training (due to being physically unable to compete).

After seeing his sudden decline in performance, his instructors referred him to the Medical staff to try and figure out what is causing all this. However, Cross already knew what the cause was, and that was his zanpakatou. Upon completing all the tests the Medical staff had him take, they concluded that Cross was indeed right. Sanguijuela is a rare parasitic zanpakatou that eats away at Cross’ reiatsu on a constant basis. Awakening his shikai was the worst thing that could have happened to Cross, and the only cure they suggested was not a cure at all; that is to surrender his zanpakatou and sever it from his body, effectively ending his days as a shinigami.

With him no longer the prodigy he once was, he saw the attention being paid to him by the instructors dwindle down. The praise he was getting from fellow students died down as well. Soon, Cross decided that going to class is pointless. Nobody cares anymore, at least nobody but him. He decided he will continue to study kidou and other techniques, pass the exams, graduate and then continue to look for a way to cure his illness. The time went by quickly enough. Cross managed to pass all his written and kidou exams, but failed miserably in physical exams. Still, combined with the stellar grades he had when he first came to the academy, he was able to receive barely passing marks and graduated. The day he came to the academy was full of excitement as he was the focal point of attention by almost everyone. His graduation was the exact opposite; with everyone there barely remembering what kind of prodigy he once was, if they even knew who was.

Finding the Cure

After graduating, Cross applied to join the Gotei 13. One division after another, they all rejected his applications until he only had three choices left: 3rd, 4th, or join the Kidou Corps. Still not giving up that he would once again regain his old strength, Cross decided that the 4th division and Kidou corps would be his last options, and that he would try the 3rd division first. Despite his situation, Cross continued to train whenever he had enough strength to do so. It took him awhile, but he was finally able to develop a shikai technique, which ended up being his first and last one. The day he was to turn in his application for the 3rd division, as fate would have it, was the grand opening of a new bookstore in Soul Society. Going through some of the newer books in the store, he came across one that particularly intrigued him: The Rarest Hollow You Hope You Never See.

There were many different types featured in that book, from Menos to Adjuchas to Vasto Lorde. But there was one type that particularly caught his eye: a Gillian type that can absorb entire hollows, giving it their power and abilities as well as their memories. This, he thought, can be the cure that he’s searching for. Filled with excitement due to his new found discovery, Cross went straight to the library to continue his research, forgetting to turn in the application for the 3rd division. From this moment on, finding this particular Gillian became his obsession.

Cross had been tracking the appearances of Gillian all over the human world in search of the rare one that has the ability to absorb other beings. It was a risky task, as he often had to tip-toe over laws of Soul Society in order to track these hollows. Then, Cross received a call from a shinigami from the Research division. He had owed Cross a favor, and this was how he wanted it cashed in. Using the 12th division’s resources, Cross was able to track this hollow down in the Appalachian Mountains. Finally, the moment he had been waiting for is here. He had been preparing himself for this encounter, and there is no turning back from this point. If this works, then he’ll regain his full strength. If it doesn’t, well, that’s something he’d rather not think about. He opened a portal to the location of the hollow and bid his final farewell to Soul Society. Win or lose, this is most likely the last time he will set foot in Seiretei.

Face Off

The snow falling gently on his shoulders, Cross carefully approached the unsuspecting Gillian. One benefit that Cross receives from his constant draining of reiatsu is that it prevents him from releasing his energy unless he desires so. Any fluctuation of reiatsu that he might have due to fear, excitement, or other forms of emotion are immediately sucked back by his parasitic zanpakatou, preventing them from leaving his body. Still unaware of his presence, the hollow continued to feast on the humans before him. Once he got close to the proper distance, Cross drew his sword, and released his shikai.

“Itadakimasu, Sanguijuela!”

Cross’ chant to release his shikai grabbed the hollow’s attention, halting it from finishing his food only to make it drool for its next meal.

“Hmmm-yeah. A shinigami up here in the mountains? Must be my lucky night hmmm”. Turning its full attention to Cross, the Gillian started moving towards the shinigami. Its movements were stopped however upon noticing a small cut towards its base. “Hmmm-yeah. When did you cut me shinigami? No matter. Such small wound won’t even be enough to slow me down hmm”.

Cross knew that the hollow had underestimated him, but he remained calmed and not showed his hand. Too early, he thought. Playing along, Cross lifted his hands up and pointed his fingers towards the hollow.


The bolt of lightning shot through from his fingers and connected solidly, this time towards the upper part of the Gillian, two to three feet away from its mask. Though the attack barely had an affect on the hollow, the fact that it hit so close to its mask irritated it by a good bit.

“Hmmm-yeah. You’ve done it now shinigami! Your dead hmmm”

Darting towards Cross and attacking in one swift motion, the young shinigami was barely able to dodge a fatal blow. This was not unexpected. Cross knew that with his weakened body, combined with the conditions in the mountains that he would not be able to keep up with the hollow’s physical attacks. He did know that he’ll need to hurry up if he wants it to work. He can feel his body weakening even further. Activating his shikai takes a huge toll on him, only able to keep it up for ten minutes at a time. Given the conditions, and the amount of reiatsu he anticipates he’ll need to carry out his plan, he figured he has six minutes left before he collapses due to exhaustion.

Feeling ever so cocky knowing that the shinigami was barely able to avoid its attack, the Gillian pressed on and continued its assault. Cross re-gathered himself and fired off two more Byakurais, neither attack causing any fatal damage on the hollow, but merely slowing it down a little and re-directing it slightly towards Cross’s left side. Having fired two consecutive spells, Cross felt his knees weakening further.

Two minutes. This is it.

“Ye Lord! Mask of flesh and bone, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws! Sokatsui!”

The blast of spiritual energy connected on the right shoulder of the Gillian, causing it to spin with its back facing Cross, its momentum carrying it towards the shinigami. With one quick slash of his blade, a small cut was made on the upper backside of the hollow. With that swing, Cross falls to his knees, completely vulnerable. Now even more agitated, the hollow rose once again, shrugging off the damage by the kidou spells and the two small cuts on its body caused by Cross’ attack.

“Hmmm-yeah. You really are pathetic. I can’t believe that’s the best you can do. I thought I could have more fun with…ugh..”

Suddenly, the Gillian fell silent. He felt excruciating pain darting from the wound near his base to the wound on his upper back. Confused, the hollow pounced on Cross, putting him on his back.

“What did you do, you stupid shinigami! Aaargh, I will kill you for this! I WILL KILL YOU!”

His breathing slowing down from the cold and the weight of the hollow on top of him, Cross smiled and gladly explained the Gillian’s predicament.

“That is my zanpakatou’s ability. Each cut I make, no matter how large or small, are connected to each other. It was your loss as soon as I landed my second hit. Within the next five minutes, the parasites in each wound will start eating away and work their way towards each other, creating one long and massive wound that you won’t be able to survive. Your only hope is for me to stop the parasites using my own reiatsu, which kills the parasite and prevents them from spreading”.

Cross knew that the last part was a lie. He can’t stop the parasites, at least not intentionally. They will however stop on their own once Cross reaches full exhaustion and runs out of reiatsu. But the Gillian didn’t need to know that. At this point, Cross knew that his plan has succeeded. Now, it is just a matter of finding out if his theory on the cure is right.

“Hmmm-yeah. Your reiatsu is the cure, hmmm?”

Regaining his composure, the Gillian laughed once again, its arrogance returning as well. One minute left. I’m dead if he doesn’t do it before then.

“In that case, I think I’ll take your reiatsu hmmm!”

With that, the Gillian absorbed Cross unto him. His powers, abilities, and his memories included.

In Perfect Harmony

Absorbing a shinigami seemed to really have motivated the Gillian. Not long after its return to Hueco Mundo did it start bragging about its new victim, drawing the ire of several other gillians nearby. Foolishly, they challenged the braggart. Boosted by his newly absorbed shinigami ability, he easily disposed of the other hollows. He continued on with his rampage, and after claiming hundreds of victims, the Gillian achieved a level he never thought he’d reach; that of an Adjuchas.

He remained in this form for over a hundred years, constantly feeding on weaker hollows and gillians, not paying attention to what is going on inside him. Cross’ theory proved to be correct. Granted, it took a lot longer for it to work than he ever expected, but it worked nonetheless. As part of a new entity, his parasitic zanpakatou found a new host: the hollow. Instead of feeding on Cross’ reiatsu, his zanpakatou now feeds on the hollow’s energy. This would have been a problem if it was a regular hollow, as it too will eventually get drained of all its energy. But this special hollow’s ability is a parasite on its own, taking from those it absorbed. The resulting dynamic is a constant back-and-forth reiatsu tug-of-war between the two parasites. It was the perfect mutual symbiosis.

With nothing to drain his inherent reiatsu, Cross was able to slowly regenerate his spirit power to its full capacity. This was the ultimate conclusion to his plan. Finally reaping the benefits of his full potential, Cross initiated a takeover of the hollow’s primitive mind. Being a part of the collective thoughts of the hollow, Cross knew of all their weaknesses, and he used those memories as his primary weapon. He attacked any active mind inside that hollow using this knowledge: from memories of when they were living as humans, to events they experienced as hollows. Soon, the only voice left is Cross’ and his alone.

Though his plan had succeeded, he did discover some interesting developments. For one, due to the constant struggle of his parasitic zanpakatou and the hollow’s inherent ability to absorb, Cross is unable to tap into each of these powers; that is, he is neither able to use his zanpakatou’s parasitic abilities nor the hollow’s ability to absorb. Instead, it is the abilities that the Gillian had absorbed prior to merging with Cross that becomes his primary source of abilities. One other effect of their symbiosis is the combining of the hollow’s and Cross’ inherent reiatsu, giving him a total amount of reiatsu that is significantly higher than the average adjuchas.

Rise of the Arrancar

Having reached the stage of complete symbiosis and having full control of all his abilities, Cross decided that it was time to step it up a notch. He did not want to continue roaming Hueco Mundo shaped like an adjucha, feeding on hollows and souls for eternity. Enduring intense pain, Cross attempted to remove his mask, failing the first several times. Fueled by his desire to return to his humanoid form, he placed himself in life or death situations by hunting fellow adjuchas. It was during one miscalculated battle that he was finally achieved his goal. Consumed by his obsession to remove his mask, Cross fell into a trap of a trio of adjuchas. Though he was able to defeat one of them, the combined strength of the other two proved to be too much for him. Defeated and on the brink of death, Cross gathered all the strength he had left. Placing both his hands on the upper left corner of his mask, he pulled down on it and slowly ripped it off as he fought the agonizing pain.

Shocked by what had happened, the two adjuchas stood in front of Cross unable to move. His hollow-like appearance gone and feeling the surge of his new power, Cross drew his zanpakatou and in one fell swoop, finished off his stunned victims.

“Now THAT is more like it”, said Cross as he whisked the blood away from his blade and returned it to its sheath.

VII. Other

RP sample:Cross watched as the beast jumps over him. Landing in the middle of the shinigami around the area. Bringing his hand to his face, his palm caressed his forehead. He barely applied pressure as he took a deep breath in, letting it escape his lips. "Must they really take the aggressive route?"He always tried to make peace before fighting. But if it had to be done, then it will be done. Cross wasn't one for fighting without reason, mostly protection or revenge. But even then he didn't do it for his lust. He protected people for a reason. . He doesn't let people down. Turning his head, he floated up towards the edge of the crater. Pressing his hands together, he took another deep breath in. His reiatsu slowly went down. Reverting back to his pre-release adult form. The green armor blew in the air like paper, as he walked forward towards the beast. He pressed out his arms to the side, firing bala towards the shinigami that ran up beside him. He slouched forward, bending hsi back at a 45 degree angle. "I am here only for what I came for Shinigami. Do not get in my way." Cross wasn't in the mood to messed with. He just walked slowly towards the beast. Everything he read in that book was true. Each and every detail. The point of eye color,hair style, even motions of its body.

"Arekussu, you have to listen to me." Cross hoped at least somewhat reasoning would work. But he wasn't holding his breath. The shinigami around Cross remained on the floor. The only ones that remained were the group that the beast was messing with. Rolling his shoulders, he waited till he heard three individual sounding pops in his joints before he started to sprint towards the group. The gauntlets that remained on his hands made sparks appear as he drug them against the ground. The concrete leaving burn marks in patterns matching the blades on his gauntlets knuckles.
Approaching the group, Cross sonidos into the shinigami near The beast. Not above, not aroudn, not under. Directly into. Ripping the shinigami in half. Turning his head around, his Red eyes pierced over towards the beast.

"I know this is not the real you. I will hold them off." Cross Kicks a shinigami towards a wall, splatting him against it once he hits it. Pointing hsi right hand to the groudn. He opens a garganta near the beast. Ripping though Shinigami, he turned his head to make sure the beast knew; "Go in! trust me! Why would I come all the way here just to release you?! I can give you shelter. Protection. A reputation!" Cross stopped for a moment, Stomping into the ground, forcing shinigami into the air as he opened his mouth. Firing a no charge cero at them. "Go in there!"

(there. I don't see why the other could of been used. I could of showed you I was that Account that did that Rp post. but whatevs. I'll follow your rules}

Face claim: unknown

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on Fri Feb 08, 2013 9:15 pm
Hmm...not to be a killer but It would be better if you put your Likes/Fears/Motivations/Dislikes. 100 words each, and about the fear about repeating yourself, you can always go into more detail about his Fears/Motivations etc.

Until everything is edited, I will give my 1/2 approval of the application



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on Sat Feb 09, 2013 4:26 am
Also we do not allow RP Samples from other sites. Please write one for this character for our site.


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on Sat Feb 09, 2013 8:43 am
Everything seems fine for me. Any other Mod/Admin feels like I missed something or I am incorrect, please say so.

I will give my 1/2 approval

One more thing, I believe all the espada ranks are taken at the moment. So we will see what a administrator will say



on Sat Feb 09, 2013 12:19 pm
I'm going to make an exception here, as this is one of the highest quality applications I've ever seen. So here is what is going to happen, sir;

You are being given the Espada spot of Séptima Espada

You will start with these stats;
Weaponry: Intermediate
Secondary: Intermediate
Bond: Master
Movement: Intermediate
Offensive Magic: Intermediate
Defensive Magic: Intermediate
Perception: Intermediate
You may select one of your Intermediate stats and have it turned to Master, depending on which you wish to be your Auxiliary. This Auxiliary is the skill that will be the primary fuel of your other techniques for Primera and Segunda Etapa.

You will start with the following free techniques:
6 Amateur rank techniques
5 Novice rank techniques
4 Apprentice rank techniques
3 Intermediate rank techniques
1 Adept rank technique
1 Expert rank technique
1 Master rank technique
A Completed Primera Etapa
4 Primera Etapa techniques
An Incomplete Segunda Etapa
1 Segunda Etapa technique

These techniques have to be apped normally, but will be approved without training or cost. Please keep an accurate count of your remaining slots at the top of your technique registration.

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