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on Thu Feb 07, 2013 9:47 am
Civilized Savagery is a realistic, intermediate-advanced, wolf role play. We offer a fun, guest friendly home that is over a year old. We have a core group of about 4 members that have been with us since nearly the beginning which helps CS be a site that won't fizzle out because of inactivity or undedicated members. Most of our members are nearly 20 years of age, making the role play content advanced, mature, and creative.

Long ago, the Northern wolves subjected those they believed "inferior" to slavery. Cruelty, brutality, thievery and abuse ravaged the lives of weaker wolves. Hatred rose in their hearts and the gods they once believed in vanished from thought. What gods could save them if whelps were stolen and parents slaughtered in the midst of peace? Hope declined and, too soon, those wolves began terrorizing one another. Kinship was lost. For a century the weaker wolves recoiled into savagery, hardening their hearts against the rape, murders, and torture of their fellow wolf.

However, the gods still favored those wolves. Sympathy rose in their hearts and even the infidelity of the weaker wolves was not enough to turn their eyes away. The gods blessed their lost wolves with a warrior of old: Ekdikos, the Great Ancestor. Anger stirred in his heart, brewing into a formidable force that inspired and strengthened the wolves of old. A war, one that lasted a decade, broke out against the Northern Wolves. Civility returned to structure their savage hearts with the Following, a set of rules designed by the gods and enforced by Ekidkos himself. If kept, the Following would guide the wolves into Ouranos, a haven for the spirits of the dead.

The war ended on the Plains of Agrios with the once weaker wolves triumphing over their former masters. Yet, even in their greatest moment, joy did not restore them. In the midst of corpses, Ekdikos, their Champion, lay dying. He left them with one, raspy sentence: "Stay the course. Keep the Following, and I will see you in Ouranos."

Three years have passed since that day, and the wolves of Ekdikos' pack have been driven from their homeland. Relocated beyond the mountains, few remain alive to plant roots in this new, unknown territory. Whispers of treason against the Zurvan and blasphemy against the gods threaten the peace upheld by the Following.

What will you choose? Civility or Savagery?
Come, make your mark.

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