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I. Personal Information

First Name: Fuerza
Last Name: del Caballero
Alias(es): The True Knight
Gender: Male
Age: 566
Birthday: Jan. 1
Sexuality: Straight, though uninterested in relationships.
Reiryoku Colour: Blue

II. La Horda

Number: 12

III. Appearance

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Hair: Black, shaggy hair that covers his left eye.
Eyes: A golden color with a bit of a reddish hue.
Tattoo/scars: Underneath his clothes, he has a detailed tattoo of his former teacher, Borde del Caballero. It is of an aged, stocky man who wields a mighty great sword. He has a full beard and pinned-up hair. Across his back is a wicked scar that appears to be made by a large blade. Along his arms and legs as well as his torso, he is riddled with small scars.
General Appearance: Fuerza is generally taller than average, standing at 5'11"m just inches from being six foot. He wears white clothes and gloves, with a black vest underneath. The trim of his clothes are honey-colored and he has several straps wrapping around his cloths. His coat is insulated with white fur and has a large collar that covers his neck. On the back, upper-left corners of his head, his mask shapes a pair of bull horns.

IV. Personality

Personality: Fuerza is a emotionally receded man who does not generally speak much about himself. Though this does not make him a stereotypical "no one gets me" person, generally annoyed by some of the dramatic situations of life and the afterlife. He views overcompensated emotions are unnecessary most of the time until they truly form. He sees these emotions thrown around and uses very lightly, such as love or hate. Sometimes he thinks people think they have had a mortally wrong doing to them to make them feel hate or something completely wonderful, which would not be the case usually. Although he is emotionally receded, he is still enjoys company just so he could test their limits. In a way, he manipulates people in order to study their personality closer and learn how they work with emotions. Allowing him to do so would give him the ability to conclude whether or not the person is really worth his time.

He does have a sense of humor, but in a different form from most. Where most people enjoy jokes that they require only one perspective, he takes different perspectives and may laugh for different reason depending on the perspective. He particularly does not like people who are too simple-minded to realize a different reason why something is funny. Fuerza follows a code of ethics that is simply about honorable combat if the person is deemed worthy, appreciation, civilized posture, and never kill someone if it is irrelevant.
Likes: Fuerza generally likes the art of combat, only due to being raised in the feudal era of Japan and then being reborn into the hollow and arrancar's cannibal society. His code of ethics, which exists still, is one of his most personally cherished factors. He also enjoys straight combat which is fair and lacks death. Fighting is a sport, killing is politics, that is how he likes it. Separating the two is a good thing to him. He doesn't condone irrelevant killing, just in the name of arrancar politics and "global" politics. Fuerza enjoys the company of an honorable fighter or an intelligent person. It makes him feel like people aren't always as ignorant as they usually are.
Dislikes: Fuerza dislikes ignorance with life and ignorance with personality. Intentional ignorance is inexcusable in his point of view whereas unintentional is on the line of being inexcusable and being excusable. Unavoidable ignorance is excusable because it is not the person's fault. When someone uses ignorance as a way to be "cute" or "innocent", he finds a sort of disgust for them. It was something he hated about women back when he was alive and it is something he views when he observes today's mortal society. He also dislikes ramen noodles. He thinks they are too bland and doesn't understand how people think their awesome.
Motivations: Fuerza is motivated by following in the footsteps of his adoptive father, Borde del Caballero. He always saw his teacher/adoptive father as a figure of honor and respect, though not without a few mistakes whether minor or major and whether they are long term or short term. He wants to correct the one mistake his teacher made, corruption. Because of his teacher reaching corruption, the dramatic moment the two reached sparked a motivation to become something greater, someone who is seen as an example of true honor. His goal to become Nuveno Espada, no matter if he has to slay the current, is to represent how powerful someone can be and how they shouldn't be underestimated.
Fears: The one thing Fuerza fears is that the name of Cabellero and The True Knight dies without making a mark in history. He would think his life as an arrancar was in vain and that his slaying of his master was pointless. The hardships he had to live through would have been deemed smudges on history and he would forever question why he did what he did for such a little gain. Other than the fear of his title dieing, he wished to recover what made his sensei so angry at him the day he randomly attacked. But if he tries to, he fears he may uncover something about himself that would taint his image of himself. Fuerza also fears losing to someone of lesser power but will not set aside honor. Losing to someone of lower power isn't as big of a deal, but it would lower his self-esteem due to the humiliation.

V. Zanpakutō Sealed form

Zanpakutō Appearance:

VI. History

Mortal Life of Shoshinsha Forusubaredo

1190, the birth of a warrior by the name of Shoshinsha Forusubaredo, or Sho Forusu for short. Sho had been raised by a noble family who had been known for their ability to fight with blades, almost unmatched except for a few other noble families. In order to become a man, the son must display his abilities in a match against his father. In order to be head of the household, the son needed to honorably kill the father. Sho was actually a peaceful child during his mortal years. Due to this, he hid his true ability and tried to allow his brothers to fight neck-to-neck for the position of head of the family.

Though it was apparent that he too possessed talent when he was forced to fend off his younger brother. In swift movements, he handicapped his brother and displayed in front of his two older brothers he was truly capable of much change. His tolerance went unbroken and he didn't even severely injure his brother, only disabling him for the time being. When the father saw this, he was instantly pushed to greater levels of fighting. Whenever he showed the inability to do something, his father dismisses it as a lie and forces him to continue to train.

Due to him being obviously the biggest competition, the three other brother plotted to assassinate him. The youngest attempted to poison him but accidently mixed up the poisoned drink and regular drink, killing himself. The second oldest tried several times for him to be physically assassinated, though he felled the enemies each attempt. The oldest went forward and directly fought him. The battle was hard but eye-opening for Sho. People are evil when tempted by power, which means he could possibly be affected by the figurative disease.

Once he defeated his older brother, he was forced to fight the other brothers at the same time, forced to slay them too. His father saw him as a monster, seeing as how he was framed by the brothers in a indirect way. Being sent to execution, he killed his entire family just to end the tradition of fighting to the death for a simple position of invisible power and by-mouth powerful structure. In the midst of his blood soaked castle's walls, he stood upon his father, impaling his throat with his blade. From the darkness a oblong spider-shaped hollow scurried, knocking Sho down and gripping his body with its legs. Opening its mouth, it devoured the memories he had, proceeding to crush his head afterwards. The blood from this remaining portion of his neck spurted and oozed out violently.

The Beginning of Fuerza and the True Knight lineage

The ox-based hollow who represented the fallen Fuerza awoke within the Hueco Mundo's White Sand Desert, he was met by a a man covered in white cloth. His words, muttered silently, was like a muted message to follow him. This man was none other than Borde del Caballero, the future master. But for the first few decades the growth of his powers consisted of constant fights against hollows while Borde watched over him. He saved him from every battle that risked his life. The only reason he did this was one factor; Borde felt the familiar presence to be his best friend's son. Borde knew his family personally, knowing them for hundreds of years.

Borde eventually bonded his father, the two sharing a similar moral compass. When Borde was forced to leave due to him wanting to take one of his sons to train them, he instantly knew that the head of the Forusubaredo family knew he was not a living being. This caused him to go to the Hollow world where he returned to his forsaken days until he could meet someone he could call a friend. Borde decided to cope with his guilt of ruining his friendship with the Forusubaredo by training and protecting the son of his friend. Sho was the solution to this goal, but sadly he could not remember himself. Borde then renamed him Fuerza del Caballero, a surname that has been passed down from master to student for 3 generations of the True Knight "lineage"

Fuerza soon began to evolve from a base hollow into a Menos, eventually finding his way to becoming an actual Adjuchas. His consciousness, save for the memory, returned and he began training under his adoptive father. Eventually, after hundreds of years and at age 500, he became an arrancar. He transformed through unknown means. When he did, he became much similar to Borde. This was due to Borde's influence in his progression. Immediately he trained him in Arte de la Espada. After 66 years, Borde decided to take a trip to the Mortal World to learn a bit about the Forusubaredo, discovering that Sho/Fuerza killed his own father and the entire family. The story of the Forusubaredo was held throughout time as a lesson of the negative factors of how Feudal Japan worked.

Upon returning, enraged, he attack Fuerza. His fit caused Fuerza to be scarred on his back. After the gruesome battle, Borde realized how far his student has gone. He decided it was time for him to receive the final trial he could assist with. Inking Fuerza's abdomen, he drew himself in full detail. Once the tattoo had healed and embedded itself, he approached his student with his blade ready for combat. In one last battle between master and student, Fuerza was faced with the decision between sparing his master and dying or killing him and surviving. Borde tested his abilities to the fullest, allowing him to land a few blows to even out the playing field. In one last moment, Fuerza knocked his master to the ground and meeting the edge of his zanpakutou to Borde's throat. In one last farewell, he sliced the throat. In tears, he experienced his biggest revelation yet: life is nothing but blood and mistreated honor.

VII. Other

RP sample:This is better than my Espada, since my Espada isn't too far yet.
Iratze could noticed a rushed reaction to his greeting, the man quickly trying to cover up his scar before Iratze would see it. It was particularly suspicious but a man's secrets is a man's secrets when he is a stranger. Though the man seemed equally friendly, as well as appreciative of the beauty of nature. The trees outside of his area were so lush, sparkling with the bit of moisture left over. It was like a glaze that would soon fade, bringing sadness to those like the man before him who appreciate such beauty. Looking at the man, he smirked just slightly. Where most saw the wilderness and woods as a place for savages and homeless, those two saw beauty. But this never displaced the constant beckoning guilt of the previous events.

After absorbing the outer view, it was time to finally take in the social view. Sora, the new found acquaintance, had introduced himself, most definitely agreeing with what Iratze greeted with. Nodding, he kept a jovial tone,"Hello, Sora. I am Iratze Deitatus-" he cut himself off, knowing he made the mistake of revealing his name after that night, though he continued on with the introduction, " Nice to meet you. I, luckily, actually live here. The nature is kind, except for the weather. Damn rain dampens my log cabin too often. But the outer edge of the woods is always beautiful. The insides are generally muddy and unpleasant currently. I know. Just look at my sandles!". Stretching a bit, he wondered who this man truly was. Was he the nice, observant man he seemed or was he something much deeper? In order to find out, he intended on asking if he knew anything about the Deitatus.

Maybe the questions could trigger something, but maybe he could blow his chance and seem like a boasting ass. He felt his knife, which perfectly rested inside the holster which was concealed within his sleeve. There was no bulge, there was no sign of it being there. The knife was snug and hidden. From afar he could see a little girl on her knees, crying; though at a second glance Iratze could see a blue hue glittered across the girl. He dismissed it and pointed towards her, " Hey, is that little girl okay?". Iratze wanted to approach the girl but then he thought I just pointed out a spirit to a stranger....

Face claim: Unknown

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