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on Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:35 am

WLR: a Gakuen Hetalia RP

Hidden in the midst of New York, there is an academy, the most prestigious private school worldwide. Everyone talks about it, but few know its whereabouts, and fewer are offered the opportunity to witness the grand school in all its glory. In fact, as the years pass, some have dismissed this school simply as a rumor.

Each year, a select number of teens are chosen to attend this acadamy; for what reason, no one knows. But who would ever turn down the offer of a free 8-year scholarship?

This is Hetalia World Academy, the eminent best of the best. Founded by that certain multi-billionaire [who is believed to have gone into hiding], the academy offers a surplus of variety in academics, physical education, and culture. Perfect down to every square inch of the twenty acres, World Academy is magnificent and ideal.

The outside appearance hides the history behind these walls. Among insiders, this school is rumored to be haunted, after the mysterious killings a decade ago. Some say they can still hear the screams at night while some claim to have spotted a ghostly outline. What kind of treachery lurks behind the scenes?


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