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on Mon Feb 04, 2013 9:53 am
Kouhei moved unsteadily through the rustic streets of the Rukongai. His eyes wavered cautiously back and forth with each step as he walked in a brisk pace. As an unseated member of the 7th Division it wasn’t unusual for him to be assigned on patrols through the Rukongai. Protecting the districts was the job of the 7th Division and because of his low standing within the Division he didn’t hold any responsibilities that might keep him from being able to actively patrol. However, venturing this far North of was a bit unusual for someone of his rank. It was said that the Zaraki District was the most dangerous district in all of the Rukongai. Many of Soul Society’s worst criminals found their way to this backwater district when they wished to hide from the watchful eyes of the Shinigami. Unfortunately, districts like this were sacrificed to these lowlifes as manpower in the Gotei were concentrated on external threats beyond Soul Society as well as the overall protection of the Seireitei. The 7th Division just didn’t have enough people to get frequent patrols this far away from the main compound and there were few shinigami who were willing to risk themselves in such a dangerous district.

Although the decision had been argued against by the seated member who was in charge of assigning daily patrol routes, Kouhei had volunteered for the job. The Shinigami couldn’t help, but notice that the district had gone too long without any formal support from the 7th Division and had offered his time to patrol the district. As a member of the Akiyama family it was his duty that encouraged his decision. He was a Noble from the family who had supposedly helped construct the Rukongai and any districts that fell into disrepair and corruption was a blow at the Akiyama name. He didn’t exactly think that one patrol through this district was going to change all of the Rukongai, but he certainly wasn’t going to stand by and do nothing.

As Kouhei continued to walk he couldn’t help, but notice the occasional stare coming from the odd passerby. He doubted anyone knew who he was. Most citizens of the Rukongai remained ignorant of the members of the Noble class. Not that they could be blamed since most would probably go their entire lives without seeing one. However, Kouhei was clearly a shinigami based on his attire and that in and of itself was a rarity in this district. The Shinigami would just have to hope that their stares were more curiosity then animosity. He was here to prevent crime, but he didn’t much care for the idea of an entire district turning against him. He had received word that he would be getting back up on this patrol. Apparently they had managed to secure aid from the 10th Division and someone was going to be meeting Kouhei to ensure the patrol went smoothly. He didn’t know how anyone convinced the 10th Division to send some able bodies to help, but he wasn’t about to question it. Hopefully he would run into this other Shinigami soon. He had a feeling that trouble would be coming sooner rather than later.

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on Mon Feb 04, 2013 11:04 am
Krith was asked to assist in the patrols, since he knew the conditions of the district better then most, being brought up around it. He decided to go a bit incognito as he found it be simpler to move around without drawning to much attention to himself. He made it out to the district first and watched the most of the daily lives. He had a mostly a brown cloak to hide his shihakusho from the anyone that would pass by.

He sat outside a small building facing the main road, with his back resting against the building. He had his zanpaktou resting right at his side nextt o him. It wasn't an unusual sight in this neck of the woods for one to have their weapon nearby. He was mostly watching and frowns immeditaly when he spotted the one he was suppose to meet quiet easily. He sighs to himself, he just hopes things will still move on smoothly without incident. He looks up and wonders if he'll be noticed or not, either way he would take hold of his zan in his left hand and calmly walk up to him. His head moving to get a slight nod out to him as he drew close "I'm from squad 10, I'm suppose to be your back up." he stated to him.

He move to walk alongside him now as he speaks "I'm suprise you didn't come in disguise, hopefully it isn't going to be troublesome patrol." he would state out to him as he walked. His eyes looking about, knowing the odd glances they are proberally getting "Coming like that is going to draw a lot of attention onto you. Not always the good kind." he says to him as he kept a careful eye out onto his surrondings.

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on Mon Feb 04, 2013 2:40 pm
It seemed Kouhei wouldn’t have to wait too long before his supposed back up would arrive. At first he was a bit surprised. If it weren’t for the fact that the man clearly meant no harm Akiyama might have been more suspicious. It wasn’t common for someone with a blade to approach a Shinigami unless he meant trouble in the Rukongai. However, it seemed this man was just the person Kouhei had been looking for. As the stranger spoke it served to reinforce Kouhei’s assumption. Moving through the Rukongai in a disguise was pretty smart, definitely from a tactical point of view. His presence would certainly be causing less of a ruckus if Kouhei had done the same. However, the man from 7th Division just couldn’t bring himself to do something like that.

No matter what the other man’s cover had been blown. Anybody watching might not instantly recognize him as a Shinigami, but he was now associated with one. If any thugs got the nerve to do something about Kouhei they wouldn’t leave this other man out of the fight just because he wasn’t wearing the Shinigami hakama and kisode. However, they might still underestimate him. Erring on the side of caution Kouhei nodded his head in acknowledgment. He purposely avoided any show of respect. With luck any troublemakers watching the pair would assume the man from the 10th Division was simply an acquaintance.

After a few more seconds of walking Kouhei spoke in a low tone, ”I am Akiyama Kouhei. You can call me Kouhei though. I appreciate you coming out here today to help with the 7th Division’s duties. I also appreciate the word of advice on the disguise, but even if it gets us in a spot of trouble I’m afraid I can’t oblige.” Kouhei’s eyes glanced over to a small girl who stared longingly at them even while her mother ushered her inside. Once the door was shut he continued, ”We aren’t just peacekeepers out here. We are symbols. Place like this if all they see are thugs day in and day out its all they will think there is. Sometimes wearing a little black and white is worth the trouble.” Besides, Kouhei was a Noble. He didn’t have a single article of clothing in his house that wasn’t made out of extravagant material. He managed to chuckled as he made one last quip, ”I’d probably stand out more in plain clothes any way.” With that he cut a corner moving through one of the lesser traveled streets as he waited to see if the other man would reply. He was hoping for an introduction, always felt weird talking to someone without knowing their name.


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on Mon Feb 04, 2013 3:25 pm
Krith knew he be blowing his cover slightly when he walked up, but he didn't think he be walking around without a disguise. He started to walk alongside him when he started to move. Being careful not to stand out to much to show what he really is to anyone that could be watching. He kept a careful eye on the slight movements around them as he listened to him talk and replied back in the low voice "Just call me Krith, also its no trouble, they figure you needed someone with more experience of this area with you." He stated out to him.

He noticed the child staring and was ushered inside, he knew something bad will happen soon. Those are usually the first signs that trouble was brewing though at his next statement he couldn't help but laugh a little. He shakes his head "Symbols.. you never really been this far down. Most of them see us people who abandoned them for those that are closer. Some of them think that we aren't any better then the thugs themselves." he replies back as he followed him down the less traveled streets.

He heard his last quick and makes a small grin "I'm sure you have some rags you could of thrown on." he looks forward and checks his surrondings, before speaking once again "But in all seriousness, in there mind we are to be blamed, so while we may draw out the thugs, we'll may also draw out those who have grudges against us. I hope you know that." He just hopes that doesn't happen.

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