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1Nickel W 


on Sun Feb 03, 2013 4:26 pm

[blockquote]Have you ever wanted to join an active wild horse RPG? Do you have a passion for horses? Do you enjoy meeting new people and interacting as part of a forum?
Then look no further ... Whispering Willows is the place for you.

Isolated from the lands of the human races there is a place where many horses can find somewhere they belong and are able to call home. Vast amounts of land await the adventure seekers wanting to start out on their own and claim some property they can raise a family. Foals have great chances of survival with the sustainable lands available. Everyone can find their place and purpose here. As with every other world there are the various challenges and disasters that can strike leaving those affected to either respond or perish in the aftermath. Will you be able to survive?

Long ago a few lone equines escaped from their confines of their lives with humans to search for a better life where they could live without fear and pain. Many days of wandering lead them to find this lone range of habitable land far from the reaches of the humans. Here they were able to establish a herd and provided homes for many other equines left wandering in search of a better place. Todays herds have little of the first blood in the lines but those that do inherit the vast instincts and knowledge passed down from their elders allowing them to truely understand the land they live in and thrive.

Click the image, or click here to enter Whispering Willows.

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