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on Sun Feb 03, 2013 9:49 am
Hey everyone!

I don't normally write one of these on RP sites mainly because I prefer sneaking around and getting to know people over long periods of time, but here it goes!

I suppose you could just refer to me by my character's name, Silen, so there's no confusion amongst nicknames and whatnot. As far as RP experience goes I have about two years under my belt so I'm still a newbie in that regard, meaning, don't assume I know every bit of fancy lingo or instruction you throw my way. I do enjoy writing an awful lot and hope to keep bettering myself through continued practice, which is one of the main reasons I started RPing in the first place. In regards to the site, it looks well organized and is aesthetically pleasing so it was hard for me to not want to delve into it. The first site I ever roleplayed on was, in fact, a Bleach site so there's kind of a nostalgia factor playing hand in hand with my interest, too. My experience varies from place to place but I generally prefer playing a more action-oriented roleplay with my characters, mapping out combat and trying to make it sound as clear and fluid and picturesque as possible. However, that doesn't mean I'm opposed to a thread comprised of mostly dialogue or something of that nature, but I've joined a site or two in the past where a good majority of the RP was downright action-less. Seeing as this is a Bleach RP though, I have some higher hopes concerning the combat aspect to it all, and I can't complain about the nice ranking structure implemented here either.

Bleach! Well, I've watched all the canon anime episodes (including a filler arc or two) and I'm relatively up to date with the manga, only being one or two chapters behind. The one and only Bleach site I was a part of had a small community of members, which was nice, but in turn it limited the amount of character and plot progression we could achieve. If I'm not mistaken this site is relatively new so grabbing members shouldn't be a problem ( I think ). Umm, anyways...I'm one of those people on RP forums who constantly goes over other people's character apps and reviews the plot/rules/features like crazy, mostly because I like to know as much about the site as possible. That being said, I've seen quite a few ways how to run the inner workings of an RP forum so I have my suggestions if they're ever needed. Last but not least, I've never been on a forum that uses stats to determine character strengths and weaknesses so bear with me if I can't figure it out!

With any luck I can get to know a lot of you and I hope to have a great bit of fun RPing on the site~

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