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on Sun Feb 03, 2013 8:49 am

The world of the Blood is quite different than the one that we live in. It is a world where craft, or magic, is prevalent and the power that each member of the Blood has is given to them by the Darkness in the form of the Jewels that they wear. It is a place mostly ruled by a matriarchal society where Queens rule and men are bound to them by service and honor. They are the caretakers of the land and the Realms that they live in, but there are those that are turning away from the Old Ways in favor of ones that bring them more power and control. There is mystery, intrigue, and of course drama to be found throughout the lands. There is a sickness that is making its way through one of the Realms as well that is leaving bodies in its wake as well as confusion and sorrow in the minds and hearts of those left behind.

May the Darkness be Merciful is a mature RP that is loosely based on the Realm of the Blood from Anne Bishop's Black Jewels Series. This is our chance to create a new story in the beautiful world that the author created and we hope to keep those tales coming for a long time. Please visit us, take a look around and feel free to ask any questions that you might have. We are a friendly community and look forward to getting new players, new thoughts, ideas, and abilities to add to what we have.

    • Open for a little over 3 years
    • Friendly Community
    • Large selection of want ads and plots
    • Lots of Events that run throughout the seasons
    • Shop of items and money system earned through posting

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