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on Sun Feb 03, 2013 8:18 am

I. Personal Information
First Name: YOJIMBO
Last Name: TSUKINO
Alias(es): ---
Gender: Male
Age: 305
Birthday: August 9, XXXX
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Reiryoku Colour: Blue
II. Gotei XIII Information
Division: 1st Division
Seat: Unseated
III. Appearance
Height: 6'6"(198cm)
Weight: 221lbs(101kg)
Hair: Black(Ink hue)
Eyes: Dark Brown(At a glance they look black)
Tattoo/scars: He has a few blemishes that mark his body like Harlem graffiti, and like graffiti they are infamous tags that represent signatures of his warrior lifestyle. His first scar is branded across the hindpart of his upper torso, it races from the top of his right shoulder parking and settling in the region of his left hip. The once brilliantly obtrusive flaw due to its length of stay is now faded, but it is still easily visible if it is in open sight. His second scar runs along the front of his abdomen, starting only a few inches below his right pectoral and marking its passage slightly to the left ending near the navel.
General Appearance: 

This would be the one word to sum up the majestic and mysterious male's overall visual appearance to the gazers and onlookers that decide to glue their pupils on his formidable form. Going into detail the first thing to breakdown would be his face, beginning with his ever so tranquil eyes that are dark brown in coloration and lion-like in tone. The pools of murky mud are often mistaken for black until closer inspection is taken. His skin tone is fair with a slightly yellow base and his texture is rough. He is physically structured with a stout-hearted facial frame, high cheek bones and a jaw line like that of a proud samurai that he has become. His nose is long and narrow, a shape most people aspire to, and Yojimbo's slender nostrils and elongated bridge flatter his manly face. His lips are thin and his eyebrows are likewise the same.
Sitting atop his crown is thin wiry ink colored hair, lengthwise it can cascade down to the tip of his shoulders. Generally his silky hair is often worn in a ponytail, but at times he lets his hair flow untamed like a wild lion's mane. Yojimbo keeps a tidy facial hair anatomy, one that the male takes great pride in maintaining.
When it comes to the rest of his physical make up, his head rests on an elongated concrete neck that is attached to his powerful broad shoulders. He has a prideful broad chest and a sleek tapered waistline that is accented with a detailed deep V, but that bodily feature is only seen in your more private social situations. His musculature even among the elite is quite impressive and it speaks volumes for how hard the shinigami trains his actual body. He views his body as a weapon, a katana if you will, and if one that is truly dedicated to the sword doesn't on a daily basis tend to their blade maintenance. The proficiency of that weapon will become dull and useless.
Yojimbo's fashion sense is traditional to the samurai era in which he was raised in, and so he strongly respects his shinigami outfit. Keeping it pristine and feels his uniform's neat upkeep is a reflection to the code of conduct his garbs represents. Geta or wooden clogs is his main type of footwear that adorn his calloused toes. Even in the human world the spirit warrior still fashions customary clothing of the samurai era, but over his lifespan he has grown quite fond of the suits of the modern era, perhaps one day he'll let the tidy look envelop his flesh.
IV. Personality
Personality: Yojimbo's presence is a peaceful presence, a man that authentically holds a genuine tranquil aura. However underneath this aura one can feel the dragon that sleeps in seclusion tucked away from the world waiting to unleash its destructive might. Naturally the shinigami is respectful to all he encounters, even his enemies as he holds onto the ways of bushido. A lifestyle that many try to imitate but fail, because they don't realize that bushido is not a lifestyle but a way the Japanese are raised. It’s years, and years, and years of traditions and conduct that is embedded into the very DNA of the Japanese. You can't be bushido because you are not Japanese, just in the same sense you can't be something you are not. 
Socially Yojimbo is adept and quite capable of interacting with all types of personalities. Although he is the type of man that won't fake a burning enthusiasm if his interest is not peaked. When he converses with others he is more curious than engaging and direct. This is because he favors knowing how someone works as opposed to being overly open and vulnerable. The tone that he speaks with is deep and methodical, but not too bottomless. It is very distinct from most voices that will echo from the mouth hole of most beings a mortal will chat with.
Yojimbo by no means is a genius, but his impressive knowledge is a product of his studiousness and countless hours of hard work. The proud samurai is not the type to pity other organisms, he feels too much pity can make a society weak as whole and so he sparingly dishes it out. Another aspect many are confused about is when Yojimbo steps outside the lines of bushido. Although he tries to be diligent in the practice of his way of life, he is not in any way confined to bushido. If he must act outside the boundaries then he has no shame in doing so. 
Combat-wise Yojimbo on the outside is quite stormless, however the intensity roaring in his eyes tell a completely different story. The shinigami is fierce offensively; the way the samurai attacks is powerful and efficient. He nullifies any wasted movements, like fancily flipping his blade in a cosmetic fashion or doing any kind of aerial flips for decorated purposes. He tends to use kido only as a compliment to a primarily physical style of combat. When it comes to taking the life of another, Yojimbo kills out of necessity and not out of bloodlust. He feels those who mercilessly kill are weaker than the very unfortunate souls that were slain by their hands.
The shinigami is not indifferent to change culturally, or to any kind of adjustment of any other classification. He feels adaptability branches out to more than just a specific category; it's much broader than that. Because evolution is more than just a species, it's time and it's circumstances, in short adaptability is infinite. Contrary to what those generally around him have heard or those that have experienced shared time with him believe. Yojimbo has passion for life, meaning he is not as rigid and structured as a mind can place confidence in. He enjoys life eccentric moments and the personalities that create them. A good time is just as valued as any other moment that presents itself to the warrior shinigami. 
Yojimbo is an indomitable will, a man whose strength is generated from the inside out and a resilient soul who takes pride in standing healthy from strong ancestral roots.
Likes: A thing Yojimbo enjoys doing daily or after every battle is the sharpening of his Zanpakto. It is not seen as a chore, but more so a ritual. Nature. He loves the majestic landscapes that exist all over the world. He is very enamored with sakura trees, and he is especially sentimental of his personal bonzai tree. Order is a likable priority that he holds as important and revels in other shinigami who maintain structure. Even the small things are enjoyed by the shinigami and a simple cup of tea is one of those things he admires. Meditation is a heavenly solace that Yojimbo practices daily and takes a great satisfaction in.
Dislikes: There are many things that Yojimbo's dislikes. However there are some details he scorns more than other subjects. Pity is more than a dislike it is a passionate hate. He strongly gets the impression that pity makes an individual weak. Pity is not a crutch or a tool that helps anybody; it just makes them inferiorly dependent on others, a means of temporary survival. Environmental destruction is something he is not too fond of. Even he is guilty of the crime itself and if it can be helped he will do all that he can do to reduce abolishing his surroundings. All those that oppose the soul society ordinarily falls on the shinigami's blacklist.
Motivations: The strong. As long as there are other more intense powers than him, Yojimbo will continue to train his body and mind in a strict manner. Yamamoto, Senrei. Yojimbo vows to defeat the man and his presence drives the samurai to get stronger every day. Himself. If he can’t live for himself, want to get mightier for himself, and better himself overall, because there is no motivation like self-motivation. He wants to restore order, be that beacon of justice, and help keep the balance of the spiritual world intact for mortals that live in both worlds.
Fears: Weaknesses. He hates his own weaknesses, and feels they are diseases. Diseases are known to kill. Additionally the feeling of feeling inferior, it makes one vulnerable to pity and sympathy. A trait that should be feared by all societies. Chaos. He is a firm believer in order and anarchy makes him uneasy. The loss of control is a horrific atmosphere, one that Yojimbo thinks every being cowers. The shinigami dreads being devoured by the hatred that he has for his former wife and the rage he has towards his brother. He shrinks at the idea of letting this malice and vengeance hijack his life and his purpose.
V. Zanpakutō Spirit Information
Zanpakutō First Name: Koroshi
Zanpakutō Last Name: Ya
Zanpakutō Element: ---
Zanpakutō Type: Kido-Type
Zanpakutō Personality: Koroshi at heart is a outlaw. He lives by nobody rules but his own. He respects the strong, but neglects the weak. He lives for high octane situations and likes to balance on the edge constantly. He has a motto, initiation over retaliation, and he is a firm believer in action over words. Although a lawless individual, it seems Koroshi does retain some sense of justice, a vigilante's justice.
Zanpakutō Appearance: 
Koroshi is dressed in historic cowboy clothing. Starting initially with a brown beaten up cowboy hat. The tattered headpiece sits atop his crown along with a tied headband that has untamed bands exaggerated in length. A large ragged poncho conceals a ropy physique and sinewy muscles. His pale skin appears to be diseased ridden as various grotesque blots pepper his epidermis. Cowboy boots are his primary footgear and a belt holster houses his two revolvers. The Zanpakto spirit looks like a decrepit old man who is wasting away, but his burning crimson eyes show a truly omnipotent being.
VI. Inner world
Inner World Appearance:
Koroshi inner sanctum is a environment very befitting of his own particular appearance. It is a old western ghost town. It's like a time capsule for the western cowboy golden era. The sun is always sitting high in the sky and the air is rather dry. The wind sweeps through in intervals and at times can bring a tumbleweed or two lazily rolling through. The feel of the place is a bit eerie and unsettling to first time visitors.
VII. Zanpakutō Sealed form
Zanpakutō Appearance: 
VIII. History
History: As the blade violently dove, breaking through the surface of his flesh puncturing and undeviating on its way to a pumping heart. The tragedy was heinously ironic because of the linkage involved. Yojimbo's red liquid splashed in the air dramatically signifying a carnage fruition. A small portion of crimson liquid painted his lower jaw. Wide eyes exposed a shocked weakling, but what numbed the samurai even more than his death. The murderer.
Yojimbo was a man who awoke drenched in anger. Unclear about the recent events that he had underwent. His mind was consumed savagely by the two monsters of the mindscape, vengeance and hatred. Yet he couldn't focus on getting his thirst for bloodlust quenched. He didn't know where he was or what had actually transpired. All he could recall was a mysterious man dressed in all black who had performed some ritual after he had calmed the nervous samurai down.
The world he was plunged into looked so familiar but was so ethereally unfamiliar. With some intuitive investigating the young soul found out the how, the when, the why, and the where. Konso, after death, hollowfication, the Rukongai.
It is in the Rukongai Yojimbo survived for nearly two centuries and suppressed his deep-seated dragon. Picking up side jobs, getting into skirmishes, living via place to place, laying low, this micro-managing existence was routine for him now. Until one day, he found a worthy ideal to pursue. The vicious dragon within had been reawaken, reawaken when he saw betrayal, deceit, and dishonor. The dragon within had risen back hungry for revenge on the world.
Looking up towards Chiyo the samurai general was stunned that her venomous hands had guided the weapon, his own wife. Moments before he would take his last breath and his heart cadence would rhythmically fade to stillness, he saw his treacherous brother. His own brother, who had coveted his wife, had betrayed his own flesh and blood. Not for love, but for carnal desires. As his vital fluid seeped on the pristine oaken floors of his dojo, his blood boiled as he had died in a sea of sanguine anger.
Running to the kid’s aid, Yojimbo stood up for the injustice he had lay witness to. No man should take advantage of a kid only to kill them when you no longer feel they are useful. The effort it had taken to dispose the ruffians was minimum and perhaps these were some of your less skilled fighters of the Rukongai. In that moment Yojimbo also had awaken something else, something more ….a power. Similar to getting your mojo back is what had befell the wondering ronin, who for centuries had lost his iron will of what it meant to be a samurai. It didn’t take long before a unseated member of the Gotei 13 pitched him the shinigami academy idea.
For a man that was once a formidable samurai general, he would start a parallel journey in a parallel life. He was weak before he died and maybe that is why he needed to die to re-strengthen his resolve and never fall prey to such a weakness again. He had found an ideal that was more worthy than vengeance and hatred. Although now they would become his tools of combat.
Yojimbo completed the shinigami academy somewhat faster than most as it only took him 5 years of hard work and dedication. For the next Seven decades or so, Yojimbo hit a block wall in terms of power growth and needed something to rededicate his mind. It was when he got transferred to the 1st Division did he revitalize his mentality. What was this boost? Yamamoto, Senrei. He was a man of great strength, a man of great respect, and a man Yojimbo wanted to defeat. So with his heart realigned, Yojimbo got his self recommitted, establishing a cause bigger than him.
 IX. Other
RP sample: Snip! Snip!

The bonzai tree clippings harmlessly rained onto the wooden floor of his barrack's living quarters. He presently was shirtless while a bit of sleep was still nestled in the corner of his eye. Scooping up the excess shrubbery, Yojimbo's right wrist rubbed out the "eye boogers" that plagued his mug.

The rhythmic thud of flesh walking across a timber floor signaled a man starting his daily routine. He would stop his movements in front of his Zanpakto where he would fall on both knees. For the next fifteen minutes Yojimbo would meditate on his weapon. He was trying to feel the pulse, he was attempting to contact the life that he knew existed within. Like every morning up until this point no communication has been made, but Yojimbo would never stop. 

Slowly opening his eyelids, the samurai proceeded to get ready for the day. When he was suited up, a firm yank tightened his sash. Next he slid his blade through the waistband. Exiting his room the clogs clanked a familiar tune that was associated with the first division's unseated member.
Face claim: Miyamoto, Musashi; VAGABOND

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