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1F2P Admi 


on Sun Feb 03, 2013 3:17 am
[color:d7d9=FFD460]Falling to Pieces

What happens when the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave becomes the land of the undead? Will you be able to survive?

The year 2013 started in a manner typical for the United States: parties were thrown, countdowns were watched, kisses were shared. But little did the American population know that in most of the major cities, a storm was brewing; one that would sweep the entire nation into panic and rubble. Citizens all over the country began to fall mysteriously ill with a terrible disease. A bite would be inflicted; the area around the wound turns red and irritated; then a raging fever consumes the victim until their heart stops. But they don’t fall still and silent like the dead. Oh, no. Instead the victim rises again, rabid and ready to attack.

As the disease has spread, America has been quarantined by all of its allies. The borders to Mexico and Canada are closed and strictly guarded and no European, Asian, or South American country dares to come close enough to lend aid. And so the American people have only one mission left: survive. In a small, Midwestern state called Jefferson, a group of people have come together to help one another survive the influx of undead flooding their country. In the capital city of New Elgin and the surrounding areas, multiple safehouses and other secure locations have been established. Can you find your way there, and maybe survive?

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