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on Sat Feb 02, 2013 11:05 pm

I. Personal Information

First Name: Todai
Last Name: Kinetsu
Alias(es): None yet.
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Birthday: October 31
Sexuality: Straight
Reiryoku Colour: Blue (will be red)

II. Gotei XIII Information

Division: 11

III. Appearance

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 180
Hair: Long, white
Eyes: Yellow, may appear orange at times
Tattoo/scars: None
General Appearance: Todai is about an average human male body size he stands at five foot eleven inches and his weight fluctuates between one hundred sixty pounds and one hundred seventy pounds giving him a lean muscular build which would allow him to be fast and strong as well. He has yellow almost orange eyes which gives most people the impression that he wears colored contacts although he doesn't. On top of that he has long, white hair that he keeps neatly combed down on the back and sides with two bangs propped up in the front. As for his attire he usually dresses in a black hakama with white lining just like the common shinigami would although on special occasions he will dress in a white robe with a hood and black design as shown in the picture above. Todai also has very good posture as he never slouches as he practiced carrying books upon his head as a child seeing that the rich kids were doing it and he always wanted to be like them. As for on a casual basis when he is not with the shinigami his clothing consists of a straight pair of jeans, white sneakers and a plain white button up dress shirt.

IV. Personality

Personality: Todai is an interesting person and in reality his personality traits are quite simple. First of all, he is an overall calm person so he doesn't outlay his emotions in a way that people would notice. He is also a very quiet person and keeps his thoughts and ideas of corruption, chaos, and destruction to himself. It is also a very hard process to earn Todai's respect, to earn it you must do one of two things. The first one is that you would need to defeat him in a fight and the second being to put up a good fight and the fight ending in a draw with both people exhausted. Being as cocky as Todai is it is very hard to get him to fight you based on the fact that he thinks that every is weaker than him and the he cannot be defeated in a fight or at least easily. Todai's main goal in is shinigami lifetime is to train his hardest to become the strongest man from Seireitei to Hueco Mundo to Japan. Other goals he pertains to are to master his Zanpakuto and get his bankai to its maximum level and too learn as much information as he can on any and everyone he can for his own personal knowledge.
Likes: Todai's first like would probably be the love of fighting or training in a one versus one fight just like most if not all of the squad eleven members, he loves the rush that you get when your adrenaline starts pumping. His second like is change or disruption in the common routine which could also be called chaos without change the world would result in complete boredom which is his main dislike as shown below. His third and final likes are alcohol and white chocolate, although he has stopped casually drinking alcohol and only drinks with others now and he like white chocolate because of the sweet and subtle milkiness in it.
Dislikes: Todai hates boredom for a few reasons. First, he hates it becomes it comes without warning when you least expect it, plus it gives you that feeling of emptiness or total lack of interest in anything and everything. This is because of the same continued routine makes it feel as if day and night were the same thing and the day would never end. After a long day of training Todai would come home and there would be nothing to do and no one to see. He would always look for something new to do, but no ideas would come to him. So to get rid of this dislike he perseveres to change at least one thing he does everyday so it would not get repetitive. Todai's second dislike would be that of not having a good fight if necessary he would need to tone down his abilities to that of the person he was fighting unless he sees there's no point and the opponent is just to weak for his taste.
Motivations: Todai's motivation is the desire for power. He desires power because power allows him to capture what he loves, to hold onto what he loves, to rid of what he hates, and to avoid what he hates. He does't desire powerlessness because powerlessness does not allow us to capture what he loves, doesn't allow him to hold onto what things he loves, doesn't allow him to rid of what he hates, and doesn't allow us to avoid what he hates. Not only Todai, but everyone wants a world where their loves and hates can be molded to their own personal desire.
Fears: Todai's first fear would be the fear of losing a battle to someone he know or at least thinks is weaker than him, this would put him into a state of trauma and cause him to continuously train day and night non-stop making him somewhat paranoid and restless. His second fear would be claustrophobia, although this isn't severe he does not like being held in tight spaces whatsoever, if this were to happen in a tight enough location his breathing would begin to increase and there would be a possibility of him passing out. His final fear is that he will get to a point in life where he can no longer become stronger giving him nothing to do and therefore putting him in a state of depression.
V. Zanpakutō Spirit Information

Zanpakutō First Name: Reza
Zanpakutō Last Name: Bimu
Zanpakutō Element: Laser
Zanpakutō Type: Kido
Zanpakutō Personality: Reza is almost the exact opposite of Todai. Reza is a really outgoing guy who is almost always laughing and talking. He is also really jumpy and seems to be very playful when he fights Todai in the Inner World. On top of all that he is very spastic and will bring up the most random things possible, for example he might be talking about something important then pop to something about ice cream.
Zanpakutō Appearance:
VI. Inner world

Inner World Appearance:

VII. Zanpakutō Sealed form

Zanpakutō Appearance:

VIII. History

History: (I know souls can't technically die, but go with it) Todai was born into the Soul Society on the date of October 31st, his parents were kind and loving people, his mom was a nurse at the local hospital and his dad was a shinigami, but gradually their hard work and dedication to help people wasn't enough. At the age three Todai's father had been sent out on a task to save the city by the name of Myuto Town from an attack from a group high ranking hollows, little was known to have happened until Todai was seven, which his mom decided was old enough and told that his dad had been killed after his mission from an injury he had received in the middle of the battle. Until the age of thirteen Todai was educated by his mother in language and math. Todai was a flourishing student and picked up things quickly. By the age of 15 he had learned all he could learn from general education and decided that he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and become a shinigami. During this time his mother had been getting very sick and one after coming home from training Todai noticed his mother passed out in bed. He rushed over to her and put his hand on her forehead, it was cold, which was weird because she had been having fevers then he checked her pulse by her neck, nothing. Then checked her wrist, again nothing. His mother was dead. He grieved for many days after his mother's death each year on the day his mother died he would bring one daisy and place it on her grave, it was her favorite flower. After the terrible tragedy that occurred in the young Todai's mind it averted him to start drinking which slowly eased the pain for him one glass at a time. Over a duration of time he slowly became for and more resistant to the potency of alcohol, then eventually he slowed his drinking habits now and only drinks with others. Currently he is 24 years old and enrolled in the Shinigami Academy practicing to become the strongest out there to protect all humans and souls alike from the demonous hollows. In the rigorous academy he was assigned the -th seat rank of Squad 11 and being in the academy has brought him friends and enemies alike.

IX. Other

RP sample:
It was a bright sunny summer morning in Seireitei, the sun was peering in through the partially opened blinds as Todai lay induced in a deep slumber. As he rolled over to his side the beams of light seemed to penetrate his eyes, causing him to slowly blink his eyes which was all a process if waking up. "It seems like today is a wonderful day, just like any other day when the sun is this bright," he thought to himself while rolling back over to his other side. He slothfully dragged his warm, but light linen blanket of he tossing it to the side for now as he swung his legs over the side of the bed and propped himself in a sitting position. "I wonder what I will make for breakfast this morning? Maybe I will go with scrambled eggs and toast. Yes, that sounds delicious," he was very hungry as he had not eaten since lunch the day before because he had fallen asleep before making dinner. He hopped onto his feet and walked over to his drawer which was a couple feet to the left of his bed. He opened the top drawer pulling out a freshly washed white robe with elegant black designs on it and a hood on the back. After he was dressed he walked over to the kitchen which was only 10 feet a away because of the fact that he lived in a Shinigami dorm/apartment. He turned up the heat to a medium low on the stove then pulled a pan out from one of the cupboards and placed it on top of the stove. While waiting for the pan to heat up he opened the fridge and grabbed two eggs and a slice of bread. He would have grabbed more, but he had promised to meet a friend for training session soon and he wanted to finish eating as quickly as possible. Once the pan was heated he cracked the eggs spilling the yolk and whites into the pan, after a minute or so the eggs started to solidify so he grabbed a fork and scraped and mixed the eggs to scramble them. Finally the eggs were done and he dumped them onto the cold piece of toast he had laid on the counter, then threw the pan and fork into the kitchen sink. He grabbed the piece of toast with egg on it and he walked out the door as to eat it on his way to the training session. [Saw no reason to continue.]

Face claim: Xemnas from Kingdom Hearts

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on Sat Feb 02, 2013 11:35 pm
Personality: Must have 200 words
Likes: Must have 100 words
Dislikes: Must have 100 words
Motivations: Must have 100 words
Fears: Must have 100 words

History : 400 words
RP Sample: No word limit but must be a decent paragraph

Also you can set your character a last name. it doesn't have to match your Forums name



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on Sun Feb 03, 2013 9:57 am
1/2 approval, I see no problems with this that would affect anything majorly. Fears seems not much of an actual fear, but that's all.


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on Sun Feb 03, 2013 10:06 am
I pull back my Approval.

Please add more on Fear. Its just completely irrelevant for what were asking



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on Sun Feb 03, 2013 10:44 am
Zanpakuto Personality needs to be 100 words.

Zanpakuto Sealed Appearance needs to be 50 words if you are not using a picture.


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on Sun Feb 03, 2013 11:27 am
I hope everything is edited correctly and I also modified my Zanpakuto information.



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on Sun Feb 03, 2013 11:29 am
wait I take it still havent given yourself a last name.



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on Sun Feb 03, 2013 11:33 am

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