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on Fri Feb 01, 2013 2:21 pm

There was always some work for a mother to do. Be it cleaning clothes, giving chores, making food, even doing all the work of her lazy husband. A woman's work was never finished. But, an important thing to know is that a mother did not do her job because she was required to, she did it because she loved her children and husband very much. For that reason Ashe Thelemic was at a desk, doing some paperwork for her beloved 2nd 'husband', the captain of squad 9. He was the type who did more play then work, but she knew that was an important thing for someone so young. She was 300 years his senior, so she understood. ''I sure did marry young~'' She said to herself, with a small laugh. The quill scratched against the surface of the parchment, signing off on another order that she had read. In about 10 minutes it'd be time for her to begin lunch for her squad and any others that wished to join. More work.

''I shouldn't complain, he's such a pretty young thing afterall.'' She paused on the next bit of parchment she spotted, one that had been made by the person currently signing the documents. A mission order for a low ranked shinigami, mission: Get some Kyouran Kazoku Nikki DVDs from a store in the human world, and return with them intact. ''Hmm, what do you think Lieutenant?'' The ninth division Lieutenant asked herself, ''I think this mission seems acceptable, signed by...Lieutenant Thelemic.'' Ashe went, scribbling the quill across the next signature line. The scratching continued for the next ten minutes, Ashe making the occasional joke to herself before she noticed the time. ''Oh my, time to start lunch I suppose.'' Standing up, the woman hurried towards her kitchen. Sure, she could always use her Shikai, but she had plenty of time.

Ashe went through the tables, the cabinets getting out pots and pans and setting on the fires underneath them. ''Spray is next.'' She said, reaching into another one of the cabinets and pulling out a can of butterspray, spraying them onto the pans. ''What should I make? I think I'll give them some spaghetti and garlic bread...'' Getting out the proper ingredients. she filled the pots with water and just waited on the pans to heat up some more as she wrapped the garlic bread in foil. ''I do hope my children love this...'' She muttered to herself, thinking to herself of when a proper time to clean up the barracks would be. At least the squad 9 side of the barracks, probably the squad 8 barracks if she was allowed to.


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on Fri Feb 01, 2013 9:31 pm
No work.

Captian Ryou was a bit more bored to say the least because he had no fun games to play, and no work to do. Were was a good stack of paper work when one needed it... or even better yet a upstart who you could shove a sandle up thier butt to make them get back in line. A sigh escaped his lips as the Captian had wondered away from the baracks. Which considering the fact that he looked like he was staring off into space, it almost made this term to be quite appropiate for that jugdement call. It didn't take him long thought before he was wondering over in Division 9 terriorty... realizing were he was when he saw the symbol on the building... the man face palmed. "Sssome times I think I ssspend to much time in the cloudsss..." His thoughts were distracted by the smell of food that was near bye... yet this wasn't just the smell of any food. It was the smell of food that made his eyes light up with glee... it was the food of 'The Mistress'.

It was term that Ryou appiled any female Captian or Lieutant, it was more of knightly thing than anything else. Turely the deepest term of respect he gave, and had a deeper reaching emotional root. Though that had been buried deep within him so long along ago, that it was now just covered up with the Cheshire-esque Captian of the 7th Division. Now though all he could think about was the potential food that he could possiably ask for from the 9 squad Vice Captian. Closer and closer the man creeped to the food hall as he wondered what it could possiably be on the menu today... though he wasn't going to take the front door route ethier. It wasn't exactlly any fun to do that... and plus he was 'off duty' at the moment as he liked to call it. Such a thought though soon got him yelled at by a voice in his ear that said, "Well you better get your rear back in gear and go on duty, before I whip that ass so hard you won't be able to sit down for weeks."

The sound of Ryou laughing at his own Zanpakuto's threat easily gave away his presence outside the window sill before he could be seen comically trying to climb inside. The Captian was quite the sight sometimes in everything he did, but that was simply because it was his way of relaxing... besides they were warriors, and death could strike at anytime. So their was no need to be so serious, of course that was only his more manic side talking. Which had been brought out by the hope he would get to see one of the mistress. Standing up and dusting himself off he was wearing his more gentlementally suit under his Captian's hatori... which was very obvious at the moment, "I just got thisss thing cleaned..." Looking around the kicthen he realized that he wasn't alone, when he noticed Ashe... that Cheshire-esque grin covered his face. It was covered up though, by the raven hair that covered over his face, only really leaving one of his dark black eyes visable as he waved at her sheepishly. He was a Captian from a differnt division after all, so he couldn't be as informal he was with his own 'family'... as he liked to consider his sqaud. He wasn't the type accepted by many groups after all.



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on Sun Feb 03, 2013 9:31 am
Ashe hummed gently to herself, ''2 sprigs, one dash of pepper and put the sauce in twelve minutes...'' Dumping the spaghetti into the boiling water, she opened up some more packs and dumped them in, she had a big squad afterall. Her ears detected a ruckus outside, along with her senses feeling the reiatsu of the individual in question. Withdrawing a large kitchen knife, she brought out a carrot, rapidly chopping it up to add to a side stew ''Slice, slice slice.'' Ashe muttered to herself, dropping the pieces into the boiling water in the next pot.

The smell of spices soon wafted from the area, as she unveiled her spice rack. Pouring them into each of the pots, ''A taste of freedom, a peck of imprisonment. A dash of love...'' Ashe hummed to herself again, pouring more of her spices into the spaghetti sauce she was mixing up. Picking up her knife again, she settled on chopping some onions up now on the cutting board, she could hear someone entering into the kitchen now, and from the signature she could guess as to who it was.

''I see I have a visitor, what would bring one such as him here today...?'' Ashe ashed the air around her, ''I can only hope Captain Shunsui dosen't see him in that case, who knows what such a man would think.'' She said, glancing at Ryou from the corner of her eye. She did not return his wave, having to focus on cooking at the moment, and lifted up the cutting board, setting the flat side of her knife upon it and then scraping the components of the onions into the stew once more.


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on Tue Feb 05, 2013 6:07 pm
Ryou titled his head a bit in what seemed like an over dramatic expression of mild confusion. Espically when he began to rub his chin as though he was actually pondering her question, "Inssstesting riddle I mussst say..." As though he didn't already have an answer in mind. Ryou had always considered Captian Shunsui to be be partner in crime over the whole Mistress affair. At least that was he thought, but would never really express... they were his 'mistresses' afterall. Maybe it had to do with them being similar thought patterns on two differnt mind sets. Realizing that he was becoming a bit distracted the Captian just said the first thing that came to mind, "Uhh lucky guy?" Ryou's voice showed he half in la-la land at the moment.

It was actually the smell of the food that really brought him back to reality. Which had the immedate effect of bring the Captian over so that he could be in closer proxemity to the food, or more accurtally the spice rack. That was his favorite smell in any kicthen... was the smell of a just opened spice rack. So many reach and wonder flavors and possiablies for the food below was among those spices, that it almost make the Captian want to reach out and take one. Of course he had already felt the sting of the 9 Division's Lieuteant's spoon to the back of his hand engough that he had learned his lesson. It was alway better just to ask nicely, plus that seemed to hurt a lot less too.

Noticing though a spare piece of onion that was sitting to the side, the Captian gingerly picked it up so that it would not go to waste. Then began to nibble on it, enjoying the taste of one of the things he found best to eat raw. It was not long though before the leftover was gone and he spoke again, "If I mussst tell the truth Ashe-Mistress-sama, I sssmelled that there was sssomthing good cooking, and recongized the sssmell of the receipe ssso I knew it wasss one of your mealsss." Kurosawa was always known to enjoy the taste of Ashe's food. Though he liked anything that any of his Mistresses cook to be honest.

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