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on Fri Feb 01, 2013 7:52 am
here were once no herds in the lands known as Geneva Valley. For millennia the horses lived in a state of tranquil happiness; everyone was a friend of everybody and treated each-other with kindness. Then one day an event occurred that would change everything. Centuries back, three foals were born: two fillies, Hera and Tisiphone, and a colt, Aries. They had grown up as friends, but as they grew of age they developed very different opinions on the way life should be conducted. Aries, his name meaning the god of war, believed that stallions were superior to mares, and that mares should live under the rule of the stallions. Aries tricked mares into following him away from the other horses, to newly discovered lands where he forced them to work and follow his every command, mares where his slaves. He had gone South, and his beliefs of enslaving mares hold true in the Southern region. The mare Tisiphone, her name meaning avenger, believed the exact opposite of Aries. She believed that stallions where inferior to mares and that they were the ones who must follow a mare’s every command. She used her charm and flirtatious ways to lure unsuspecting stallions West, and enslaved them and forced them to follow her every whim. Her values are still seen throughout the West. The other filly born on that day was gentle Hera, the goddess of the home. Her ideals where the same as they had always been. She believed that every horse had the right to live in freedom and harmony. She remained in the East, where rules were simple and claiming was unheard of. Thus, the ways of old are what is practiced in the East. Each region follows different ideals; horses are either saved or enslaved. Which side will you choose? Will you rule, or be ruled?


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