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on Fri Feb 01, 2013 6:41 am

A new kind of fairytale site unlike any other...
Escur is a world that is flourishing. Never before has there been a world such as this, and never before will there be. It is ruled by one Fairy Godmother, not two or three like the other places, and because of that this world has learned what it truly means to be happy. Mirrors are highly avoided by those who are wrong doers, because everyone knows that the Godmother looks out for her world through said mirrors. But for the most part, there hasn't been too many wrongs. As of lately, there have been rumors of course. In one kingdom a dragon was seen. And years ago there is said to have been as many as five dragons in one kingdom! But something like that hasn't happened in a long time.

This world is not like many which you will have heard of. These people are unaware of anything strange going on in their lives. But there is something very strange going on in their lives. In fact, they seem to think that there is nothing out of the ordinary. Yes there is magic in the world, that's not something that they even think about. Witches are around, curses happen, but not to ordinary people right?

Very wrong. In this world, there is a force of nature that propels everyone. It touches every life, and affects every person, and is constantly changing. This thing is called the Tradition. Certain events in one's life will trigger the Tradition, which only wants to fulfill some version of a fairytale. A father dies and leaves his wife and two daughters destitute. In an attempt to help, the mother remarries. Her two daughters, now stepsisters, are suddenly uncontrollable and evil. She herself, once a kind and thoughtful woman, cannot stop thinking about killing her new stepdaughter.

The Tradition doesn't care who it affects, and no one knows it exists. Will you manage to find your happy ending?

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