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on Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:17 pm

I. Personal Information

First Name: Norkia
Last Name: Arrasar
Alias(es): El Aniquilador, The Halloween Hollow, Jack O' Lantern(Jack), Samhain(Sam)
Gender: Male
Age: 457
Birthday: October, 31
Sexuality: Straight
Reiryoku Colour: Blue

II. La Horda

Number: 11

III. Appearance

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140
Hair: Black
Eyes: Violet
Tattoo/scars: His number is tattooed on the back of his neck and on the palms of both hands. He also has a mark under his eye that becomes more pronounced when h uses his Resurrección.
General Appearance: Norkia has messy medium length white hair and violet eyes. His mask has taken the form of two pearly bulbs under his ears that most would assume were earrings. Where his heart would be there is a 3 inch circular hole that shows despite his glamour that he is still a hollow. He wears a white garment quite different from that of his brethren. He has a stare that seems to challenge anyone he sees, and a smile that seems hungry.

IV. Personality

Personality: Norkia is confident, spiteful and charming to say the least. He walks as if he were the most important person in the room and he talks as If he were as well. He only show respect to those he knows he can’t defeat, and even that respect is as shallow as a puddle. Norkia reeks confidence, and possibly downright arrogance he puts his charm forward in all situations and even resorts to hiding his arrancar traits to feed his own vanity. Norkia is extremely vain he is obsessed with himself and often wonders why someone like “him” is stuck in his current order taking position. Despite this wave of thinking Norkia is loyal to his superiors, and will follow orders without question even if he thinks the guy giving orders is a moron. Due to his high thinking of himself he spends a lot of time flirting mostly successfully, but even a rare failure can push his deep into thoughts on what he did wrong.Despite his arrogance and his smooth confidence Norkia has noticeable emotions he wears most emotions on his shoulder anger, and happiness most notably, but at the same time emotions like sadness are hidden so well that one often wonders what is going through his head during times that he should feel blue.
Likes: Killing- over the year Nokia has grown quite fond of proving his superiority over his opponent in the most absolute of ways.
Allies- Allies make everything easier from missions to fights nothing evens or unevens the playing field like having back-up
Himself-The first step to loving others is to love yourself.
Humans- They have great foods, they are easily manipulated, and they don’t taste horrible what’s not to like.
Hueco Mundo- Home is where the heart is, and it’s one of the few places that you don’t have to worry about someone killing you...then again.
Swords- beautiful sharp instruments of pure death , the weapon of gentlemen and murderers alike.
Holloween- All hollows eve my day the only day one can let loose
Dislikes: Filth- No one likes when their beautiful white outfit is stained with blood, dirt, and sweat some fights just aren't worth the trip to the dry cleaners.
Shinigami- Self-righteous power-tripping monkeys extremely undeserving of a name like the gods of death. Hard to fight and even harder to kill
Arrancar- just as difficult to kill as shinigami a little more tolerable considering most of them are allies.
Espada- overblown, and over-rated... why am I not one someone must die for this atrocity I should obviously be in the Espada.
Chaos- certain things should never happen, balances should never swing too far to one side, some things should never be messed with, and if those balances are thrown off the entire universe could suffer, and although a little anarchy is nice pure chaos is a terribly halt to progress
Motivations: Norkia is motivated largely by beauty he died for beauty he lived for beauty and it is largely what caused him to remove the mask. However freedom plays a large role in his motivations as well He hates being in the position he’s in due to his youth he is weaker than most of the higher ranking arrancars. Thus is often forced to play supporting roles in many situations. So, he hopes to surpass the limitations he is currently held down by. This means he is motivated by a need to become stronger due to the fact that he doesn’t want to play second fiddle to anyone any longer. Norkia is greatly motivated by "his day" Halloween he was born that day he died that day and he hunted that day thus it motivates him most of all.
Fears: Norkia Is secretly extremely insecure he fears that people can see straight through all his swagger and arrogance and see the scared little boy sitting below the surface. He holds himself at a super high regar yet he fears that others see him as some kind of puppet that they can pull along with no problem. He fears regression he fears that he will regress into a half wit hollow again and become food for a different hollow that has the drive and hunger that he had. He fears that he lacks the drive to achieve his goals and in many way that pushes him harder.

V. Zanpakutō Sealed form

Zanpakutō Appearance:
VI. History

Norkia was alive several hundred years ago born in feudal japan an illegitimate child to a respected samurai. After years of great service his father was disgraced because of his child and although it meant giving up his prestigious spot he took the child as if it were his own(which it was). Despite being a disgraced warrior Norkias father was quite wealthy and Norkia was not without the finer things. When his father left japan to escape the shame to something better Norkia was a ten year old who knew nothing but a lavish lifestyle to move someone to a place like britain was not the best of ideas. Norkia was sick as soon as he came off the boat and stayed that way for easily 6 years; the doctors had given up on him after 1 so you can imagine his father’s dismay. Norkia however was tired of his bedroom tired of the missing beauty that he had come to love while living in japan. On his birthday he got dressed in a large coat then left into the cool air.Before he died he saw what he thought was beauty in a bright light. He was attacked by a hollow, and then the hollow was attacked by a shinigami before it could finish the job. Ironically giving him a glimpse into his own future. The shinigami was unable to defeat the demon but by the time the fight was over Norkia was able to escape albeit in a less human form.

Norkia spent the first part of his post mortem life as a spirit following his father who moved on rather quickly from mourning dad to man whore. Seeing his father forget him so quickly plunged him into depression and eventually turned him into a half hollow his first victim was of course his father. He set out once again on his birthday a half hollow and came back a full demon with his fathers blood on his hands. Norkia’s hunger only arose on his birthday October 31 or halloween, and thus only on halloween did he feed ravenously this created several myths about all hollows eve some true and others... well let’s just say dressing up as the wolfman won’t save you from hungry demons.

All Hollows eve
Due to him strictly feeding on Halloween it took over a hundred years for his hunger for other hollows to develop, but when it did it ripped him completely from his psychological need to feed on Halloween. He began to feed on other hollows immediately, and eventually he was drawn to a hollow feeding party and was absorbed into a more powerful being; a Gillian. For a while like all other hollow spirits he remained dormant hidden within the being until it was his day once again. Norkia clawed his way to the top on all hallows eve and stayed there. Now an Adjuchas Norkia continued to devour hollows and on occasion he would even eat a soul reaper, and even more rarely a quincy. until he reached the next stage of his life; that of a vastos lord his time as a vastos lord was short lived. Norkia made a point to terrorize humans on his birthday just to keep up appearances. On one of these killing sprees he came upon his old home in britain mildly amused he looked in, but nothing had changed at all. He learned that the house had been labeled as cursed(for good reason) and so not to disturb the spirits no one moved anything... well no one other that the occasional dared teenager. As he explored he found an old picture of himself In his original living glory. In a stroke of horror he touched his on face after looking at the picture hideous he was a monster there was no more beauty within him; filled with anger he ripped off his own mask. After hours of unbearable pain Norkia came to and once again touched his face. However, instead of the freakish mask that is a hollows face he could feel his skin his jaw structure at first he thought he was human again but upon further study he realized he was much better than that he had transcended the Vastos lord powers. He stared at the blade he was now endowed with, and smiled.

Hueco Mundo
Norkia traveled to Hueco Mundo and was accepted as an Arrancar. He later unleashed the first stage of his true form in a brutal abttle against another powerful arrancar. The Arrancar was a person from Norkia’s past that he had wronged yet still the hollow managed to help Norkia on his path despite the way they parted ways. Norkia has been speeding through the ranks of the Arrancars despite his youth. However, Norkia is always hungry and is always looking for a way to get even farther ahead.

VII. Other

RP sample: Norkia stood looking over Hueco Mundo being prt of La legion was not at all like what it had been described as. He and killed no one since had joined and although that left him with time to search his thoughts it was extremely boring. Then again he learned why he killed anyone who mentioned family soul searching worked wonders. He walked up to a small puddle and looked at his reflection perfect as always. He found that among the riff raff that call hueco mundo home there were those who completely neglected the finer things it was always do this do that boring crap. There was no fun in proving your superiority over a weakling. Satisfaction comes from killing the strong therein lies accomplishment therein lies new power. The only things that gave him satisfaction at this point were soul reapers(hard to get alone), Arrancars( mostly off limits unless they start it), and quincy(hard as hell to find). Ah, the life of a soldier orders, rules, and limitations the stronger he got the more he would have to deal with these problems. However, this is what he wanted order, honor, and beauty. No one said that being a cannibalistic monster was easy. So Norkia sat marinating with his thoughts thinking away the hours with thoughts of death life and happiness. While he mused he suddenly felt a presence behind him a rather strong one and he was pretty sure it wasn’t nice, but to attack someone ruthlessly without knowing there intenotions was rather rude, so Norkia turned around and smiled. If the man was kind maybe he wuld make an important connection if not he would at least have a little fun. A man stood behind him zanpakto drawn and pointed at Norkia’s face. Norkia smiled nervously; you’ll catch more flies with honey. The man was tall and extremely pale with black hair and red eyes, his mask hung under his jawline. and his hole was in the center of his torso. He swung his blade immediately,and with no warning. Norkia parried easily, but was still rather apprehensive as to why they were crossing blades. Either way fun was fun They swung their swords back and forth neither able to get the upper hand. The Arrancar forced Norkia back then launched the attack hollows are most famous for. The Cero was huge, and it forced Norkia to unleash something that he had never used before acting on Pure instinct, “Muéstreles belleza” In a flash of blinding light the Cero faded away, and in an instant Norkia’s blade was in the hollows stomach. As the hollow faded away it looked Norkia in his eyes, smiled, and said simply “I’m proud of you, son.”

Face claim: Byakuran, Hitman reborn


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on Sat Feb 02, 2013 1:50 pm
done if you can't tell I'm going for the numero spot


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on Sat Feb 02, 2013 11:53 pm
1/2 Approved

He qualifies for the rank



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on Sun Feb 03, 2013 7:58 am
Unfortunately all of the numero spots have been taken.

If you need to make any changes in order to change you character for it not to be a Numero.

Bump with changes and Ill give you an approval


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on Sun Feb 03, 2013 8:25 am
one of the numero spots is still open
there are 5 arrancar apps 3 are espada 1 is normal and one is numero thus the last numero spot is still open



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on Sun Feb 03, 2013 8:29 am
Oops sorry haha. I thought I read that you were going for espada. haha

in that case

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