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on Tue Jan 01, 2013 6:33 am
Item Guide
Items covers accessories that aid in combat. Fear not, we do not expect you to app that fancy hat you wear, as it doesn't provide you with any combat benefit though. But, say, a Gintō tube, or a Sanrei Glove? Those, you have to buy. To do so, all you need to do is create a thread in the appropriate section. The thread must follow the standard format, Lastname, Firstname (Item Purchases) If an object already exists in the premade list, use it's premade template! Custom variations of already set items will not be accepted. If your item does not exist in the pre-made catalog however, you may app it. The staff will check it, and if it is satisfactory, give you a price. Once an item is purchased, move it into your locker. Keep any additional purchases in the same thread, simply edit the main post and bump it accordingly. Kishi Armory is where you would buy all physical items, whereas the Soul Foundry is where you buy perks, like name changes or additional technique slots.

Some items are "Disposable" items, like Gintō tubes. However, to make it easy to manage, you do not lose any objects of this nature after use, though their count does go down for the duration of the thread in question. For example, if I use 5 of my 10 Gintō tubes in a thread, I still have 10 Gintō tubes for every other thread, but in that thread I only have 5 left. This does not apply to items like Sanrei Gloves, where they give a large boost and are then destroyed. Using a Sanrei glove or an object with a similar effect permanently destroys the item.

Use this template for all objects;
Object Template:
Object Name: Obvious
Type of Object: What is it? Is it a cup? A potato?
Object Ability/Function: Does your object have any unique abilities? If so, state it here.
Object Appearance: How your object looks.
Object History: The history of said object
[b]Object Name:[/b]
[b]Type of Object:[/b]
[b]Object Ability/Function:[/b]
[b]Object Appearance:[/b]
[b]Object History:[/b]

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