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on Thu Jan 31, 2013 2:50 pm



I. Personal Information

First Name: Tetrex
Last Name: Vedulvo
Alias(es): The Ripper, The Reaper, The Wanderer, The Ghost
Gender: Male
Age: Appears no older than sixteen - Is actually close to 200 years old
Birthday: 6/15
Sexuality: Open - Though Silent about it
Reiryoku Colour: Dark Grey

II. La Horda


III. Appearance

Height: Five Feet Six Inches
Weight: 110 Lbs
Hair: Black, thin, chin length, straightened
Eyes: Crystal Blue
Tattoo/scars: A scar circles all the way around his neck.
General Appearance: Tetrex is hardly ever seen without his robes fully adorned and the hood pulled up. The only thing visible when he pulled down the hood on his robes are his face and hair. Deep black hair, crystal blue eyes, average nose and mouth. Beneath his eyes, there are consistently dark circles. Tetrex's features are all extremely feminine, and even his movements are with grace and precision. When Tetrex walks, it's clear he has a slight slouch about him. Around people in general, he seems to keep his head up, but only to a point where his hood uncovers his mouth. It is rare to see his eyes and he never removes the black cloak, boots, or gloves. His blade actually hides on the left side of his waist within the cloak. The cloak is only usually opened to pull out his blade, then immediately it is closed back. He is thin, his skin, if ever seen, is ghostly pale. He almost looks sickly with his hood down.

IV. Personality

Personality: Tetrex is silent to those he doesn't believe are worth talking to. He will strike those he believes to be trash down without remorse. He is merciless to the weak, and he is brutal to the strong. He had one goal at the current time: Primera Espada. He had a distaste for quincy and flat out hatred for shinigami. Full brings tend to peak his interest. When he is going in for the kill, he will make his targets beg for mercy. They will scream, and plead, but he will end up killing them regardless. He is self confident, relentless, and perseveres to the death. On the few rare occasions that he does speak, one would find him to actually be quite respectful to those above him, but his tongue can at times be sharp. He is not one to be around others for long periods of time, as large amounts of people tend to agitate him easily. When talking to those he actually likes, he speaks little and tends to be more of a listener himself. Upon spending a lot of time with him, one would realize that he's actually not all savage. Though the way he treats others and his combat style can be savage, there is intelligence behind it. There is the idea of intimidation by it. He is the type who enjoys others having heard of him and he plans to make just his name send shakes down even the spines of captain level shinigami.
Likes: Vedulvo has a necessity for combat. It is his addiction. Combat drives him to levels of adrenaline that nothing else does. He enjoys fighting those who are at his skill level the most, because a fair fight is always challenging and more drawn out. He likes full bringers because he finds not all of them are stupid enough to just be like, "Oh look gais~ A hollow~ Keel eet." He enjoys solidity. Being by himself gives him time to think and reflect on past actions and choices he's made and done. Hueco Mundo to his is a wonderful place compared to most hollows. He enjoys being able to clearly see the horizon out in all directions and the ability to look and see the sky clearly at all times. He enjoys silence. He finds one of the best things in life to actually be the espada palace. He enjoys the architecture, the many paths that can get one lost for ages, and even the espada's quaint throne room. He enjoys putting those who are weaker than him in their place, and should they dare attempt to cut him down, wouldn't so much as hesitate to torture them and tear them apart piece by piece.
Dislikes: One thing about hueco mundo he doesn't like is the menos forest because he is well aware of how mindless they are and it disgusts him. Out of the species, he has the most disgust for shinigami. He is disappointed in the fact that they're rarely ever intelligent enough to realize that not every hollow wants to slaughter them, and when they ignorantly start trouble, he finds them degrading and disappointing. He doesn't care much for menos because he knows the majority of them are mindless. He'll often taunt at them and bully them. When it comes to the human world, Human vehicles annoy him greatly. He just doesn't like the noise, or the smell, that they emmit. He doesn't appreciate human architecture either, in fact, he would quickly take it down if given the chance. When it comes to combat, he deeply despises those who initiate it, and then run because they're not strong enough to finish their initial objectives. As a whole, Tetrex despises weakness. He hates being or even coming close to feeling vulnerable, and should he ever, he eliminates such emotions immediately. When he runs into other humans, he hates the ones that fear him just because he looks different from others. If anything sets him off just to slaughter a pathetic human, it's that.
Motivations: Three things mainly motivate Tetrex. One is his determination to become the Primera Espada. He wants the first spot like no other, though he understands the Espada ranks aren't based off power, he wants the first number and knows what he has to do to get it. The second of his motivations is combat. Combat drives him. The adrenaline of fighting never fails to excite him greater than anything else in existence. If it's a soul reaper, he becomes motivated to fight even harder, to prove his worth, to prove that he is more than a simple minded beast. A third motivation of his is Segunda Etapa. He has heard rumors of it, whispers of this legendary power, and he has a craving to get it.
Fears: The two fears that dominate Tetrex are death and being weak. When faced with death, Tetrex may not turn away, but he will be afraid. He finds death without completing his goals pointless. His entire life would have become a waste if he didn't die with the primera espada seat being his. His second fear is being weak. He trains consistently to keep himself from falling behind other Arrancar. He refuses to be viewed as weak by anyone and he strives to pull ahead of everyone. He is worried that one day all his power will just disappear, even despite his logical mind telling him that can never happen.

V. Zanpakutō Sealed form

Zanpakutō Appearance:
VI. History

Tetrex's history within the human world is just another ghost of the past to him, in fact, he doesn't even care to remember it anymore, but it is part of the story of his rise in power. His brother had become a hollow due to his soul refusing to rest after believing he had failed to take care of Tetrex properly. It was ironically his own brother that had caused his hollowfication as well. His unrest at never finding his brother, never seeing him after they had separated for a short period of time, tied him to his house where he had waited for his brother. His soul, no longer attached to his human body, was soon to become a demi-hollow. From there it evolved into the hollow's most basic form. He had started as every other hollow by eating the souls of humans. All the time he still felt the yearning need to find his brother, to be with him again, but the human desire was long gone. He searched in the human world for quite some time before eventually being dragged back into Hueco mundo. It was by this time he had found himself morphing into the menos stage. Though, it wasn't exactly clear how it happened, Tetrex's devotion had lead him to be one of those special menos. He had been one to combine with other menos and his conciousness, his mind, pulled ahead of the rest. Within some time, he had become and adjuchas. He found himself moving from the menos forest into the white desert. It was here his quest for vasto lorde had begun. He had heard rumors of a power like no other being obtained through the consumption of other hollows. He strove, like many others, to pull this power from deep within him. Those said to be a vasto lorde. Human appearing hollows with the greatest combat skills thought possible by hollows. Throughout the desert trail, many had tried to stop the horse looking hollow, but none had ever succeeded. He was too stubborn, too unwilling to die. He ate hollow after hollow, decimated adversary after adversary, till he finally discovered his power to travel between hueco mundo and the human world. It was at this time he had decided to consume human souls as well. He had heard they could sustain adjuchas and keep them from reverting to menos when it was more difficult to find hollows. It was here that he came in contact with his first shinigami. The man had been a fifth seat. High up in squad nine, but not strong enough for the adjuchas. His power had seemed to allow him to endow his body with the characteristics of fire. He could cover himself in flame and even launch it forward as though it was some type of cero, but it was different. This fire burned just as any other fire would. He could manipulate it, or he could just let it run wild and burn all it felt necessary. The soul reaper and him had fought, and fought, and fought, and finally Tetrex had pulled himself up to the top above the shinigami. He had halted the other's onslaught from the zanpakuto by forcing his fire to launch away from him in rings. The spirit reaper had managed to block off the first ring, but a second had knocked his sword from his hand. All it took was a strike to the face from one of the hollow's mighty hooves and the shinigami had found himself in trouble. He burnt the first shinigami he had ever encountered to death. He caused the shinigami to combust and watched the entire time. It was here that Tetrex discovered his real want for combat. The insatiable need practically drove him mad. With this new adjuchas power, he returned to hueco mundo and resumed his massive hollow feast. Within the next years, he discovered the next stage of being a hollow. His power sealed itself within a zanpakuto of his own and he pulled into a more human form. The remaining part of his mask hid itself on his chest working almost like armor to blunt attacks from other hollows. He had discovered that his hand to hand combat had grown more efficient. Even his ceros and the like had seemed to grow exponentially. He had risen into an Arrancar. Upon becoming an Arrancar he came to face the Espada. He was originally thought to just be one of the lucky ones to ascend. The espada found him quite a show to even reach the level. Soon, it became imminent that just because he was smaller than most and seemed to have held a younger human-like form, he was still to be reckoned with. As time passed, he continued his trips to the human world, continued to grow more and more disgusted with the various aspects of humanity. He would leave in and out and it soon earned him the title of ghost. Those shinigami who had come to see him pass and dared to challenge him, more than often died. No lieutenants, no captains, the highest he ever fought had been a third seat, and it just couldn't offer him the entertainment he needed. He had decided to return to hueco mundo to refine his skills, when he met some of the numeros. These numeros had chosen to observe him, to watch him grow in power. Soon, one of the numeros had decided it wise to put an end to him as he was growing in power and it feared the loss of it's position later. This numeros had tried to kill Tetrex, even brought him to the brink of death, but made on crucial error. To this time, his zanpakuto hadn't been released. It was in this fight that his devotion to becoming more powerful, his want for the espada position, drove him to unlock his Primera Etapa. As the numeros went to end him, to deliver the final blow, Tetrex drew forth his blade and said, "Muerte Segador." With that, his blade burst into flame and was quickly replaced by a large scythe. His reiatsu had gone up and out the roof. The numeros had been knocked back from the sheer power of the release. He rose his new weapon and swung downwards. A wave of dark blue flames were sent toward the numeros. The sand below the flames was forced to glass. The numeros rose his own blade, too foolish to call his own release thinking he could block the new Arrancar's attack, and it costed him his life. As he tried to block the wave of fire, it wrapped around his blade lashing into him. Third degree burns coated his entire body. Tetrex had walked up, he had kicked the numero down, his foot digging into the man's face. He stole the cloak he had been so intent to wear this battle to hide his own identity. Tetrex grinned at the sight below him, his eyes turned into something evil, something sadistic. He rose his scythe and began slicing horizontally across the man's back. Cut after cut opened up. Laughter could be heard throughout las noches as the man was slowly being ripped to shreds by each scythe slash. When he had finally killed the man, his zanpakuto returned to it's normal form. The leader of the numero who had insisted on trying to kill him had come to accept that this was not just another Arrancar. Tetrex was recruited into the lower ranks of these numeros back then. He continued to spend his time in hueco mundo wiping out all Arrancar who dared try to take his position, to stand against his new found power. He began his real quest for primera espada, and he had quite the start already. As time passed, his skill with his blade increase, his power came to be known throughout the numeros, though he wasn't the strongest. It was clear to all the numeros and lower Arrancar that Tetrex had heads to roll, and he would roll them by any means necessary. He resumed his traveling between the human world and las noches as he had before. He would be there on call when necessary, but if not called, then he was just like a ghost. In and out of Las Noches and the Human World, only the growing stack of shinigami and pathetic Arrancar corpses revealing that he was still living.

VII. Other

RP sample:

The numeros had managed to stomp his face into the ground. Tetrex could feel the fear suffocating him. He could feel his life about to slip away. No. As the numeros pointed a hand towards the back of his head, he could feel something arising in him. No. The cero had begun to charge, but the numeros who was charging it hadn't noticed the sudden shift in reiatsu. No! As the cero was about to fire, the sudden outburst of Tetrex's reiatsu sent the numeros sliding back in the sand. He gripped the hilt of his zanpakuto. It wasn't time for him to die, not yet, not here. He pulled the blade from it's sheath and the blast of dark grey reiatsu warped the katana into a scythe. He swung the scythe around easily single handed, twirling it even. He grinned as his reiatsu began to feed into the scythe. The scythe had burst into a dark blue flame. "Muerte Segador." He had said with a grin on his face. As he sliced his scythe down, the flame burst forward in a massive wave. The Numero couldn't even think that he would be weaker than this arrancar. He knew he was stronger. He was so overconfident, he didn't even bother releasing his own power. That pissed Tetrex off big time. Tetrex began his charge forward close behind the wave of blue flame. As the wave collided with the numero's blade, it had lashed around the blade causing severe burns over the man's face, chest, stomach, and legs. He screamed in pain and had made the mistake of dropping to his knees. His already burnt face was met with a sharp heel to his upper jaw that had easily shattered bone. He then kicked the man in the side causing him to roll onto his stomach. He screamed out in pain as the sand scraped against the burns on his face. Tetrex laughed and took the first cut straight down the man's back. A quarter of an inch deep, just a tenth of an inch thick. The man howled in pain as a second slash opened up, then a third, a fourth, and a fifth. The other numeros observed his cruelty, his unforgiving and relentless strikes. Some of them shuddered as they watched and it only sped up his cleaving. He had tore the man's back to shreds by now. He kicked the dead man over. He dragged his scythe blade straight down the middle splitting him in two. This would ensure the man's death, even despite the fact he knew the man was dead for sure. He cracked his knuckles and his scythe had become just a katana once more. He strapped it back to his waist and looked forth to see the leader of the numeros come up to him. "Your relentlessness, your cruelty, your.. Viciousness.. Welcome to the Numeros." With that, the man and Tetrex began to walk. He had seen another hollow, a stronger looking one, here earlier. Could it had been an espada? Did he impress an espada? Perhaps. Good, he needed at least one of them to realize he had been serious in what he said all that time ago. He would become an espada and would show them what he could really do.

Face claim: Xion - Kingdom Hearts (And Yes, I'm aware Xion is supposed to be female.)

[NOTE: Going for one of the Numeros Spots.]

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Hey, I don't know if you already know this, but there are some advanced slots open. They aren't Espada slots but they are veteran Números. Check it out here,



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Please dont post in app sections if you are not a mod.

I know this is WIP but your coding is broken ^>^

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Where's the coding broken? I don't see it... And Finishing the App Now. Also- I'll be heading for that numeros spot.



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