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on Tue Jan 01, 2013 2:43 am
Techniques are abilities that cover everything from powered up sword swings to Hadō spells. The schools of weaponry, secondaries, movement, offensive and defensive magics and perceptions all have their own techniques that allow the practitioner to perform different feats based on the school. For example, creating a shield with Bakudō, or firing a Cero with Estruendo.

Players can create their own techniques for their releases, such as Shikai/Bankai, Gesicht/Volkommen, Resurrección and the Power Object's True Form. They cannot, however, create techniques for the main schools such as Zanjutsu, Hadō, Bakudō, etc. These are limited to the pre-made library. Users can, however, create techniques for these schools and apply to have them added to the library. This will make the technique public, allowing anyone to learn it.

Techniques have ranks, paralleling the ranks of skills. The user must have at least the same rank, meaning to learn a Novice rank Bakudō technique requires Novice rank in Bakudō. This rank also defines how much SP and how many words it will take to learn the technique.

Amateur: 500 Words, 500 SP.
Novice: 750 Words, 1000 SP.
Apprentice: 1000 Words, 1500 SP.
Intermediate: 1250 Words, 2000 SP.
Adept: 1500 Words, 2500 SP.
Expert: 1750 Words, 3000 SP.
Advanced: 2000 Words, 3500 SP.
Master: 2500 Words, 4000 SP.
Grandmaster: 3000 Words, 5000 SP.
Transcender: 6000 Words, 10,000 SP.

In addition, everyone gets a few techniques free as a starting gift. What you get is calculated by species, and must be posted in a Technique Registration like any other technique. Be sure to mention you're cashing them in as your free techniques, or else you may be charged!
free techniques:
3 free Amateur Rank Techniques
Kagi no Senkaimon

3 free Amateur Rank Techniques

Bala Incompleta
Cero Incompleta

3 free Amateur Rank Techniques

Free techniques still consume slots if they are part of a slotted technique.

How to Register, Use and Store Techniques
If you want to create a technique you have to create a topic in the Ability Tome for that. The topic name should be: Last Name, First Name (Technique Registration). If the topic name is not correct we shall not look at it until you fix it.

A staff member shall review your technique/Release. If it has flaws, they shall tell you what to edit/add. Once your technique/release is up to a sufficient standard, they shall approve it. You may now post a thread training your technique. Once you have trained said technique, post a link to the training thread in your Technique Registration. DO NOT FORGET TO ADD IN THE WORD COUNT BENEATH YOUR TRAINING TOPIC/POST. The staff member shall check if the training topic is good enough. If so, they shall give you a second approval. Once this has happened, an administrator will deduct the SP cost of the technique.

Besides having a Last name, First name (Technique Registration) topic in the Ability Tome you'll also need a Last name, First name (Technique List) topic in the Technique List sub-forum inside the Ability Tome. In this forum you must store all your approved techniques. Which means techniques that have gone through the approval process. These are the only techniques that you are allowed to use. If you store any techniques in your technique list forum that has not been approved you'll get banned. [and we will be checking]

In addition, you must keep an active count of all your slots. Details of this may be found below.

So some main points here are:

Create two topics: one in the Ability Tome and the other in the Technique list sub-forum. You'll never need to create another topic there.
Use the correct title or it will be archived.
Keep your techniques in the main post. Remove techniques from your Technique Registration once they've been moved to the List, and edit in new ones for approval and bump the topic, rather than posting them in the post as a new post.
Do not register techniques that you can't afford to pay for because it's a waste of the staff member's time.
Do not store techniques have not been approved or you'll be banned.
Do not falsify your slots or you'll be banned.

Technique Template:

Name: The name of the technique.
Type: Offensive/Defensive/Supplementary. Also mention what skill it is based off of please. For example; An Arrancar punching technique would be Offensive|Secondary
Rank: What rank of the skill this technique is based off does this require? The stronger it is, the higher ranked it must be. Amateur-Transcender
Range: The maximum range of this technique.
Duration: How long does this technique last?
Cooldown: How many posts must you wait before you can use it again? Note; the stronger the attack, the longer the cooldown should be.
Description: A detailed description of what the attack does.

Technique Slots

Techniques come in two flavours; Slotted and Unslotted. Slotted techniques have a limited level of techniques that you may learn, decided by your rank in that field. You may buy additional slots to expand your available spaces for these techniques. Unslotted techniques have no slot limit, and you may learn as many as you so desire without having to purchase additional slots. Beyond these slots, you must acquire additional spaces for these by purchasing them in Urahara's Soul Point Shop Below is a list of techniques that require slots.




These techniques are slotted to limit spell spam, due to the combat usefulness of these techniques.
In addition to these techniques, there are another school of techniques that have slotted techniques; Release abilities. Every species has a form of "Release" be it the Bankai of the Shinigami or the True Form of the Fullbringer. These releases have techniques associated with them, and they are slot limited. The user gets a small number of free slots, determined by their rank in Bond. Beyond these slots, they must acquire additional spaces for these by purchasing them in Urahara's Soul Point Shop These releases have different slots. For example, Shikai and Bankai each have their own slots, and as such, must be purchased seperately.
Release Abilities:
Shinigami: Shikai and Bankai techniques.
Quincy: Gesicht and Volkommen techniques.
Arrancar: Primera Etapa and Segunda Etapa techniques.
Fullbringer: Power Object and True Form techniques.
Release Slots:

Shikai/Gesicht/Primera Etapa/First Power Object True Form:
The user gains their first slot at Apprentice rank, once they learn their First release.
The user gains their second slot at Intermediate rank.
The user gains another two slots once they hit Adept rank and master their First release.

Bankai/Volkommen/Segunda Etapa/Second Power Object True Form:
The user gains their first slot at Master rank, once they learn their Second Release.
The user gains their second slot at Grandmaster rank.
The user gains another two slots once they hit Transcender rank and master their second release.
You must keep a record of how many slots you have at the top of your Technique List. Falsifying this record is grounds for either a ban, or a suspension at staff discretion. In addition, your soul points will be set to zero and you will lose all your techniques. So... don't cheat, kids.

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