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1Dorian G 


on Thu Jan 31, 2013 12:24 pm
Murders & Roses

In the shady streets of London, a mysterious killer is lurking. While the poorest citizens are struggling to survive, a spurious impression of prosperity and wealth clouds the eyes of the rich and idle Londoners, the aristocracy and the industrious bourgeoisie caught alike in a tangled web of intrigues and affairs, their minds dizzy with the constant whirl of sumptuous parties. London is a city with two faces, only reunited at nights, when murders and mysteries are as thick as the swirling fog.

The conflict between the haves and the have not is swelling, and while Scotland Yard, helped by the whimsical Mr. Holmes, struggles to solve a trail of inexplicable cases, the reign of Her majesty the Queen is shaken to its very core by social agitation.

Mysterious deaths mix with social events, love stories are splattered with blood, and from above this general confusion rise anguishing figures, murderers, like the tainted Ripper or his new female counterpart, the Scarlet rose, eerie dandies, like the un-aging Dorian Gray, mad scientists, like the doctors Jekyll and Frankenstein, good men gone mad with grief, such as Sweeney Todd, the demonic barber of Fleet Street, and their cohorts or admirers, debauched and diseased artists, demented aristocrats, courtesans and prostitutes, thieves and beggars.

We are always happy to welcome original characters, and at the moment we are looking for the following canons :

Mycroft Holmes -- Irene Adler -- Mina & Jonathan Harker -- Queen Victoria -- Jack the Ripper -- Pr Frankenstein -- Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde -- Lord Byron -- Sweeney Todd -- Dr Watson -- Jane Eyre and many more!

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