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I. Personal Information

First Name: Ren
Last Name: Shimizu
Alias(es): N/A
Gender: Female
Age: 160
Birthday: 10/4
Sexuality: bi
Reiryoku Colour: blue

II. Gotei XIII Information

Division: 5th devision
Seat: unseated

III. Appearance

Height: 1.65m
Weight: 40 kg
Hair: Brown long hair
Eyes: Blue
Tattoo/scars: N/A
General Appearance: Ren like all shinigami wears the black Shihakusho and white undergarment just like any other Shinigami, along with the same sandals and socks. her long, brown hair falls down till her waists and she has blue eyes. her body is a little small, but she does not weight that much either. her sword is always bound to her obi on her left side, that way she can easily draw it with her right hand.

IV. Personality

Personality: Ren is a kind and maybe a bit naive girl. She doesn't feels herself good with strangers fast. But when she does, the bond between them will be clear. Friend or Rival, Ally or Enemy, and everything in between. While she does not know it, her dislikes of hollows comes from her when she was a human. It cleared her memory's but not her feelings. Nor did it changed who she was. She does not really know how to feel about the Quincy. She understands their point, but it does not seem right to just destroy the soul for something it can't help itself. She understands their point, but does not agree with it. She is also very suspicious about the new hollow race, the Arrancar. For her it just looks like a highly intelligent hollow, but she never met one and does not really know the difference. Fullbringer, she barely knows anything about them, so she does not really know what to think of it. She still sees them as human, and won't attack them unless ordered or provoked. Finally Ren does not back down easily, once she has something in her mind it is hard to get it out of her. She also don't hold back in training, except when training with someone who can't be that strong.
Likes: Ren likes cleaning up her Zanpakutō. It gives her a good feeling. She thinks he likes it as well. She also like training, in particular her hadō, zanjutsu and her bond with Mizuchi. as well Bakudō, in a lesser extent. She likes her Zanpakutō a great deal. She does not know it well yet, but she knows they will likely be together for a long while. She also likes cute things and sweet food. She likes to be in shades, the moon, and the starry sky in a cloudless night. She likes water as well, and to swim in it.
Dislikes: Ren really despises hollows, but that is not strange, knowing what those things do. She forgot about it, but it might be because deep in her she stills hate them for killing her family, even if she does not know anything about that. The anger is there however, and she can feel that. She realizes however, that the soul of the hollow is not in fault for doing it. She sees it as her duty as a shinigami to save their souls, which is one of the standard shinigami duty's so that does not change much. If, they already had sins on them and get send to hell, then that was to bad for them, but if not she would try to save the soul in the hollow. She feels bad for the soul as well, she thinks the soul cannot help it themselves. She also dislikes macho's, not her type. She dislikes the sun, it feels like it dry her up. Which explains her like for shadows. She also dislike people that insult her, her squad, her friends or her Zanpakutō. She does not like to eat spicy food. Last, she also dislikes alcohol and anything that it contains.
Motivations: First in all, she wants to be respected, by the shinigami in general. The more the better. She knows her skills are a little low at the moment, but she will train and improve. That is what she keeps telling herself anyway. She is actually unsure if she is improving at all. Another motivation for her is to slay as many hollows as possible and save souls of both the hollow and the wandering souls in the human realm. She has not been posted somewhere yet, so she has little chance to do so. She hopes to be given a chance soon in the future.
Fears: First of all, she fears to be eaten by a hollow. She was once almost eaten by one, but she does not remember that. She does still feel on her toes if she suspects any hollow nearby. She is also afraid to be alone in dark rooms for long, though it helps that she is barely ever alone. Mizuchi is always with her. While it helps, it can still happen if the situation is right. She also has a fear of spiders, for unexplained reasons. this is probably just something she has herself, and not with a proper reason. She is also afraid of high-ranking members of other factions, as she does know little about how they would act. She tries to avoid them, if possible.

V. Zanpakutō Spirit Information

Zanpakutō First Name: Mizuchi
Zanpakutō Last Name: Tsukiyomi
Zanpakutō Element: Water
Zanpakutō Type: Kido
Zanpakutō Personality: Mizuchi is a calm, intellectual type. He stays calm about just about anything, except Ren. If she does something rash or stupid he might give her that feeling that it is not a good idea. He also cares about little except the well being of Ren, but he excepts to be treated with proper respect from her at least. He likes the time the two spend together with each other, when nobody is near. Like training in the inner world. he dislikes blood on his blade, especially for a long time. He likes it if Ren cleans the sword.
Zanpakutō Appearance:

VI. Inner world

Inner World Appearance:

VII. Zanpakutō Sealed form

Zanpakutō Appearance:

VIII. History

Ren was born somewhere in japan 100 years ago.It is unknown where exactly, though places with high concentration of spiritual beings are most likely. None of this is confirmed however. Her life looked fully normal till she turned 15, then she and her family was attacked by a hollow. It seemed to like their spiritual energy. All of their family spiritual energy was high, but her seemed to be the highest, as hollows tend to turn up more there then anywhere else. They all could see the hollow clear and hear anything. It attacked, naturally. The family resisted, but that was futile. Three mere humans are no match for hollow. It killed her entire family and herself. Then they were bounded to their chains of fate. While he did say he could barely contain himself to eat her first, he would first eat her parents and let her be the main course. She had to watch as her parents got eaten, it really took it's time to do so. When it was done it went to the very scared and hopeless Ren. She saw the monster that devoured her parents with the mask coming closer, knowing it would do the same to her. She tried to get away as far as possible without breaking the chain. She somehow felt that it was a bad idea to break the chain, while she really wouldn't know where the chain was for. When she could not go any further, and the hollow was close to her, some kind of sword slashed the hollow through it's mask, breaking it ind two. A figure in a strange black robe was revealed. After a small talk, the Shinigami sent Ren to Soul Society, a place where the dead go, or so she was told at least. She was saddened that she would never see her parents again, but at least she survived. She did not knew what waited for her in the new world, but she would find out soon enough.
She really did not knew what to do at the moment. In Soul Society there was little to do. She forgot everything over her human life, but she still had a lot of things in common with her human self. She detested hollows, so maybe she could become a Shinigami and learn how to fight them. Then she would make sure to prevent any more cases like her. She would be in time, she would not let people go through the horrors she went through. So she went to apply at the academy. After some test, she was accepted and she started to train with spells, movement, and most of all her sword. Eventually she was able to join the fifth squad as an unseated member, she did not expected to get a seat, she just was happy enough to join one squad. It is because of her hard work and training and understanding her spells well, she thought.
IX. Other

RP sample: Ren was cleaning up her sword after a training season in swordplay. She knew that the sword had it's own personality. While she did not knew it's name yet, she somehow felt this calmed the Zanpakutō . It also calmed her, she saw it as spending time with it. She knew it might be pointless to clean it after a small training season, but it was not about being useful. She did it because she felt good when doing it. She could feel their bond slightly but surely getting stronger as long as she had it. She only went out of the academy recently, so she was only recently permitted to use a real Zanpakutō. She knew she had to awaken the real power yet, but it could not hurt to try and get along with it already. As they would be together for a long time. They would grow a lot in this time. When she was done she stood up and started to go practice her Hadō, as she wanted to have as much variety in her training as possible.

Face claim: Riho Kanae - Koi to Mizugi to Taiyou to ~Sumire-jima Raifu Seebaazu~


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