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on Thu Jan 31, 2013 7:37 am

Digimon Upgraded is a new Digimon-themed RP board ready to grow and accepting anyone who loves digimon or enjoys to role-play. Set in it's own universe, Digimon Upgraded has an original plot while still drawing parallels to the original Digimon Seasons as well. You can create your own character and become a DigiDestined, chosen to save the digital world OR be a Tamer and literally build your own army of digimon and make your mark as a Legendary Tamer. We are also all about member feedback, take the reigns if you wish and run your own site-wide plot and add your own content! Use your own custom-made digimon and upgrade your adventure! Currently we are in our Beta-Stage before opening the main plot. Sign-up and feel free to get your hands wet in the gameplay style and get a boost before the real action begins!

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