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on Thu Jan 31, 2013 5:38 am

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It has been seven years since the defeat of Chaos, the Senshi have laid down their arms and taken up the pen to rule. As life went on a new generation of Senshi were just beginning their training, while the elder Senshi now ruled their respective Home Planet. Trouble brewed and an old enemy re-awoke, the seven Witches of Sin, and with their reawakening so too were the Eclipsians released from their stasis. Nine Guardians fell from the heavens to protect those most pure. Seven Witches came for destruction and blood will pour. Not the warriors they once were, the Elder Senshi must now turn to their Daughters to protect the earth but not all good things come on a triple seven.


  • Queen's Senshi, the original Senshi now passing the torch to the next generation as they fight their battles through diplomacy, what will they do when their daughters are threatened and a new team of Senshi arrive?
  • Neo senshi, Just starting out but will they rise to the glory of their mothers or will they fade into the darkness?
  • Eclipsian Senshi, Awoken from their slumber, lost in a new world, Fighters and guardians of the Past what will the Fate's foretell?
  • Witches of Sin, Are out for blood, they are trying to prolong their lives and gain Power but just what power are they after? Silver crystal? Eclipsian? Golden Crystal? Pink Crystal? only time will tell.

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