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on Thu Jan 31, 2013 3:50 am

[blockquote]A Hello And a Goodbye;

Beware, this world is dark, as dark as can be. There are wish-makers destined to become monsters, Monsters who are destined to become creatures of the darkest nightmares, and saviors who are just destined to die. With every step forward, there is always a step backward. I want to warn you, before you step through this door, be weary of the great dangers. Watch for the manipulators, the lairs, and the deceivers. Watch for the ones that want to grant wishes, there is always a price to pay. If you are and outsider, I should warn you, your world, is NOTHING like this one. Your world maybe dark, and what you think are true monsters, are not. This world, this world has REAL monsters. They may look cute and cuddly, they may look like friends, they MAY even work with you and make you smile. However, all said and done, they are truly the monsters here. Waiting, to stab you in the back. Waiting for you to die or use all your energy. Do not believe these monsters, do not MAKE that wish. Do not sign the Requiem Contract. For it is the Requiem's Contract that will kill you. That will break you for who you are, that will make you into a monster. It may be all fun and games at first, but the moment of truth, you will be as much as a Monster as the one that granted your wish. Reader, please run away, and never come here. You are not meant to be here. Nobody is, in this cursed pocket of space.

With Truth & Lies,

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