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on Wed Jan 30, 2013 10:07 pm

The Espada of Alexandria is a site where members can chat, RP, play forum games, or just hang out. We have an Arcade section where members can play games. We are also a multiple RP board where our RPs change from time to time. We are also open to any type or any style of RP. Experiments, innovations, ideas, and suggestions are something we approve of for a better roleplay experience.

Other than RPing, we like to discuss about things, from games to simply joking around a bit. We may nibble a bit, but we don't bite. We're friendly and experienced, so come join our site and make new friends today!

Here is an example of a roleplay we have currently available:

Tales of Scion

Years ago, the world of Aselia was invaded by the armies of Daemonia. Crossing the void between worlds, the Demon King sought to rule both Humans and Demons. To defeat him, five heroes sealed away the paths between dimensions, and defeated the Demon King... losing all but one of their lives in the process. The Last Hero became a king, and rebuilt the war-torn land.

But now, the void has again been torn asunder. The demons rise up once more, seeking to destroy the seals and reignite the flames of war. The old heroes are gone, and new ones must rise... but can they stand against the coming darkness?

Based on the mechanics of the Tales series of games, Tales of Scion takes place in an original and player-built world with many homages to the games. Players can use the various special attacks and magics from the games or create their own, and by working together, create powerful Synchro Artes, combo attacks that will make mincemeat out of your foes! Players can fight bosses, explore the world, and search for treasure such as the Radiants, powerful weapons hidden across the map. Come join Tales of Scion, and become a hero!

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