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on Wed Jan 30, 2013 9:06 pm

I. Personal Information

First Name: Ashe
Last Name: Thelemic
Alias(es): Mom
Gender: Female
Age: 416
Birthday: March 4th
Sexuality: Pansexual
Reiryoku Colour: Blue

II. Gotei XIII Information

Division: 9th
Seat: Lieutenant

III. Appearance

Height: 5 foot 6 inches
Weight: 122 Pounds
Hair: Black Hair
Eyes: Blue
Tattoo/scars: None
General Appearance: .
Ashe has short black hair, normally tying them up for two short twintails on both sides of her head. Her skin is rather pale, but normal for the most part with no real oddities. Her eyes have a gemlike quality to them, being dark blue in color. The clothes she wears seem more fit for a mafia gangboss back in the 20s, wearing a long scarf which seems to serve no purpose other then look cool along with a custom made suit, over it is a vest which serves as a further extension and is stood out by a simple white tie. She wears a long skirt, extending to slightly above her knees and wears dark pantyhose underneath it
IV. Personality

Personality: Ashe can be considered a rather kind individual, she views everyone in her squad as her own child[besides the Captain, who she acts like she's married to, which can be a bit awkward due to the rather large age difference.]. As such, her attitude towards them can be seen as rather condescending at times because of this. For example, if one of her squad members broke some sort of rule, she'd send them to the corner. If they needed some money, she'd have them do a few chores for her before she gave them money. For reasons such as this, she can be seen as eccentric as well. She cooks breakfeast for her entire squad, as well as lunch and dinner, which makes her shikai exceptionally useful. Ashe is generally an optimistic individual on the outside, often giving words of encouragement to other people, including enemies she's fighting. Her motherly instinct can be seen as slighty overpowering by others, considering she thinks the current captain is both her husband and child, and is more then willing to have baths with her squadmates or members of other squads in order to clean them up or just give them a massage. She's even been known to dress the shinigami of Gotei 13 up in the morning.

Ashe has an infatuation with televison and movies, oftentimes changing the way she speaks and dresses annually to go with what she's addicted to at the time. This year, she has an infatuation with gangsters of the 1920s, and oftentimes laces her words with hidden meanings and otherwise uses slang that one would expect to find in the prohibition era.

Ashe has a fine taste for exotic foods as well, oftentimes ordering objects from the physical world to be delivered to her in order to help her create new dishes for her squad and herself as well. This can sometimes mount in a rather staggering bill at times.
On the inside however, Ashe has a constant sadness that she attempts to fill by being as friendly as she can to people no matter the situation, which is what makes her constant usage of jokes and the like more understandable.

Because of these afflictions, it's easy to forget that Ashe is a Lieutenant. But when the time calls for it, she does get a bit stricter in stride, although still doing her best to be polite to a person or other even when they're both attempting to murder each other.

Likes: Ashe loves and likes many things, the first of which is television. She has no TV that can connect to the human world, so she oftentimes has to order DVDs and the like. For this reason, she has great knowledge of pop culture in the human world. Her favorite genres include action, and comedy.

Another thing Ashe loves is food, she loves to eat and eat and eat. She also loves to cook and cook in cook. So, she'll oftentimes order exotic foods from both rukonagi and the human world, sending less experienced shinigami to retrieve them in extremely trivial missions.

These two things can give you a good idea about what Ashe loves to do more then anything, and that's shop. If there's something she likes, she'll buy it without a second thought, even if its above her price range for the moment. This often ends in her having to return whatever she buys if the budget of her squad can't support it.
Dislikes: Ashe dislikes the actual act of killing someone, so she'll often opt for less lethal means of hurting someone, even if it means she'll get hurt in the process. If she can capture someone, she'll do it, if she can talk her way out of a confrontation, she'll do that too. She usually only draws her sword as a last result.

Ashe strongly dislikes the sweat and musk of working extremely hard, so if she's starting to build up a sweat she might gt herself dirty in some dirt or mud in order to keep the smell off of her, oddly enough. For this reason, she also has a bit of a dislike towards squad 11 due to the way they usually smell of sweat.
Motivations: Ashe fights for the good of everyone she knows, and for her 'family' [squad 9]. As such, she'll usually try to preserve her life only if none of her squadmates are in danger, at which point she'll abandon her own self preservation and throw herself in front of the attack if she's unable to block it with a sword or something of the like. She has no desire for advancement, being content with merely being the assistant[ or wife as she calls it] of the current captain.
Another motivation for her is the reward she often gives herself, telling herself she could watch whatever it was she is interested in at the moment if she does a particular thin. Like episode 12 of Doctor Who if she finishes making breakfeast for all of her squad.
Fears: Ashe has a strong fear of losing her squad members, as well as her captain. If either of them are hurt, she can very easily get distracted in the midst of a battle, allowing herself in turn to get injured. This stems from the loss of the previous captain she served under, his loss having been very devastating for her
She is terrified of insects, rats and other creepy crawly things, having Herpetophobia. She freaks out at the sight of them, throwing whatever happens to be nearest to her hand, be they vases, swords, or even possibly people. It's a reflex and not a conscious decision on her part.

V. Zanpakutō Spirit Information

Zanpakutō First Name: Fraise
Zanpakutō Last Name: Lang
Zanpakutō Element: None
Zanpakutō Type: Kidou based
Zanpakutō Personality: Fraise is a spirit which seems to constantly bemoan her fate, hating the taste and smells of chocolates despite being surrounded by them. She also complains about just about everything around her, from the way someone stands to the way they look. It's very difficult to please her. When you do however, she seems to cheer up quite a bit.
Zanpakutō Appearance:

VI. Inner world

Inner World Appearance:
It appears to be a sprawling area full of food, like a land made of food in fact. The ground is made of crackers, with the houses being made of ginger and held together with honey and icing. The rivers are made of melted chocolate, with the tree leaves being delicious and sugary.
VII. Zanpakutō Sealed form

Zanpakutō Appearance:

VIII. History

Like many of the shinigami, Ashe was born in the Soul Society. Unlike many souls however, she was born into somewhat high ranked nobility. Nothing amazingly large, but just enough to have much more money then other people did. Ashe learned the rather monotonous feelings that were paperwork and learning how to be a proper lady, and was greatly bored by what she found growing up. By the age of 14, she decided she had enough of this bull. The night she was to have her portrait painted, she ran away from her home, going into the worse districts filled with gambling and everything Ashe had read and dreamed about during her dreary existence in the higher ranked houses. She changed her name, vowing to never speak of the house she had come from again and became Ashe.

While in the gambling districts of Rukonagi, she worked as a showgirl most of the time, dealing cards and otherwise showcasing new scams and counterfeit items to be sold to dimwitted people. Ashe even had her own gambling table after working there for about 12 years, cheating people out of their hard earned money and learning just what it meant to be a trickster and rogue. It was everything she had dreamed of. One day however, Ashe came across something spectacular, a person was selling copies of DVDs from the human world, a corrupt shinigami having smuggled them in and sold them in Rukonagi. Ashe bought them, along with a TV with her hard earned con cash. She was instantly hooked, watching it constantly and shortly afterwards going flat broke and even losing her job due to paying more attention to her TV then anything else.

Ashe had only one choice left, and she decided upon it when she lost her TV due to debt along with her DVDs. She knew she had spiritual energy, everyone knew it from her huge appetite and above average strength. So, with that in mind she applied to the shinigami academy. She wasn't the best student, nor was she was worst. Ashe didn't have any special qualities about her that made her stand out, so she was stuck in the academy for awhile attempting her best to pass. Luck was on her side, and she passed on her first try just barely.
Joining the ninth squad, she was in charge of resolving conflicts and the like. She found it appealing, helping to resolve conflicts between people. In fact it seemed exceptionally childish in her eyes, and for the next 50 years she was content in her position, slowly moving up to a seated position. She occupied the 15th seat along with 6 other people, which she was fine with for a time. Eventually however, like many people she wondered just what her limit could be. If she could find out her limit, Ashe was sure she'd be content with it. But she was not content with not being able to reach what she assumed were her limits.

Putting off her duties for the next two years, she trained and trained, attempting to commune with the spirit of her zanpaktou. Through bloody hands and shattered rocks, she finally managed to achieve it. She was less then pleased by what was found however, a moaning complaining spirit that seemed to not realize what it was made for. Ashe got many headaches from it, wondering if this meant she was just as bad considering a zanpaktou was supposed to be a reflection of the soul. She returned to her work, managing to achieve her shikai shortly afterwards. For this, she was moved up another seat, to the vice captain seat due to the power of her shikai, and had it all to herself, an achievement she was rather proud of.

Eventually, she began to form a relationship with the captain of squad 9. Not a romantic one, but one that was often full of teasing between the two of them. She oftentimes joked with him that they should get married one day, and they talked about how they were like the parents of the shinigami at the gotei 13 with how often they had to settle problems between squads, sometimes for ridiculous reasons. Eventually, he began to help her in her training, feeling the bond between not only her zanpaktou but her bond with the captain grow ever closer inside of her heart. She knew she loved him, as if he truly was her husband. Of course a relationship truly taking a turn for romantic might look rather strange if she was his vice, so she never truly told him her feelings.

Tragedy unfortunately , always has a way of finding its way into the happiest of experiences. In an excursion they were investigating in the human world, the captain and her were both attacked by a powerful hollow, and since the captain had his limiter on at the time he was fatally wounded trying to protect her. Although they were able to defeat the hollow it was too late for her to do anything for him, and so he died with her crying into his chest.

It was a great sorry for her, feeling as if she truly was a widow and oftentimes crying to herself. Only a few weeks after his death however, he was replaced. With what, a kid? She didn't know what to make of this at first, feeling angry and suffering at the loss of her old captain. But, eventually she realized that this isn't what he wouldn't have wanted. They were her family, both her and her old 'husbands' family. Ashe would have to be strong, even when he wasn't there. So, she trained him, using her shikai to help him along and eventually getting him into the proper state a captain should be. Once more, Ashe felt an attachment, and this time she promised she wouldn't lose this one.
IX. Other

RP sample:
Ashe picked up one of her forks, moving it in the air as if it was nothing but a miniature sword. ''Hmm...This food...'' She muttered, prodding at what appeared to be a miniature explosion on a plate. ''I guess squad 11 really isn'y good at much else then fighting, that's okay though. A beautiful child just needs a bit of time to learn~''' She exclaimed with a slight giggle, the explosion before her was supposed to have been a sandwich, but somehow the squad 11 member she was tutoring had managed to fail in even this simple of a task. Ashe moved her fork forward, poking him slightly in the head with it. ''Don't fret dear, I'm just glad you didn't try to fight it.'' Ashe let out another chuckle, leaning back in her chair before flipping open her cell phone. It was an earthmade cell phone, and as a result had no signal here. She was just checking the time in time in the human world, with her immense amount of DVDs she liked to act as if she was watching actual TV and so followed an actual schedule for it.

''Oh my, we'll have to pick this up tomorrow...or rather whenever you feel ready to try again, I don't want to keep you from your own squad afterall. It's almost time for Gilmore girls, and heavens knows I can't miss that.'' Ashe stood up, holding the plate in her hands, ''A nice snack, thank you love~'' She teased, speeding away towards her room faster then the squad 11 could even mutter out an annoyed thank you towards her. The Lt. sped across the grounds at an unbelievable speed, before stopping short when she saw a member of her own squad. They seemed a bit down. Gilmore girls could wait, her family had priority over a TV show.

Skidding to a stop, Ashe set the sandwich down. ''Oh my, are you alright dear...?'' She asked, giving a small pause as the young shinigami seemed to be rather surprised by her appearance. From what Ashe could see, the girl was new. She must have just recently been accepted, ''Oh, forgive me. I'm the LT. of your squad, Ashe. You can call me Mom though, that's what a lot of my squad calls me.'' She said, patting the head of the young girl. ''Now, tell Mom what's wrong, will yah?'' She said, taking on the tone of Al Capone, a gangster she liked a lot but was rather sure was in hell at the moment. Oh well.

The girl responded, she was having difficulties adjusting, having heard she'd never be able to visit her family again. In addition to that, she had lost her zanpaktou already. The poor thing seemed to be about to burst into tears, mom couldn't have that. Ashe gave the poor girl a hug, letting her cry into her for a bit. ''Don't worry, don't worry. I won't tell you to hold in your tears, if ever you need to cry, come here and just let it all out.'' Ashe said, a small smile on her face before the crying finally stopped.

''Now, how about we go look for that zanpaktou?''
Face claim: Silver Rain, art.



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