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I. Personal Information

First Name: Plata
Last Name: Márgara
Alias(es): La Niña de los Sueños [The Child of Dreams], The First Arrancar
Gender: Female
Age: 666
Birthday: December 21st
Sexuality: Asexual
Reiryoku Colour: Blue

II. La Horda

Number: 0

III. Appearance

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 113 lbs
Hair: Pink
Eyes: Yellow
Tattoo/scars: Plata has the number 0 tattooed on her upper left shoulder blade.
General Appearance: Plata has a very slim and toned figure, both a result of her constant training. She has pale skin, which contrasts greatly with her bright pink hair and her golden-yellow eyes. Her body is naturally curvy, which can be seen by the rather revealing outfit that she wears. Her holter top reveals a great amount of cleavage, even showing most of her stomach. She wears black boots that reach up to her lower thighs and black gloves that cover all of the skin on her arms. Of course, like that of all Arrancar, her clothes are black and white. Her Hollow hole is located right below her breasts. The eyepatch that she wears over her right eye is part of her broken mask. The other part of her mask takes the form of a slightly curled horn on the left side of her head. Additionally, she carried her zanpakuto, tied to her waist at all times.

IV. Personality

Personality: Plata is a very strange and particular Arrancar. After being experimented on, her personality changed quite drastically. She went from being coldhearted, cruel and relentless to having the dispotistion of a four to six year old girl. She is almost always bright and cheerful. She spends most of her free time on activities that most people would deem childish and immature, such as playing tag with her imaginary friends. She is prone to throw tantrums when she isn't given exactly what she wants. When in this state, she'll often break inanimate objects and start crying until she gets what she wants, or is given some sort of diversion in the form of something she likes. This will make her mood shift violently from angry and frustrated to overly happy. This leads many people to believe that she is weak and incometent. Some have even dared to call her softhearted. This, however, proves to be a blatant lie. Though she may seem innocent and naive, Plata's favorite thing in the world is seeing people's blood spill everywhere around her. When she sees others bleed, she often giggles and laughs at their pain and misery. This is a side of her that she keeps under control, mostly to please Barragan, who she refers to as her father by calling him "Daddy" or "Papi" depending on her mood. In exchange, she often gets candy. That, or a random minion to kill in order to appease her blood lust.

Plata is quick to like or dislike people. The smallest of actions can get her to absolutely hate a person that she liked only seconds ago. This attitude towards others makes her difficult to keep in control and dangerous to get close to. However, once her respect is gained, it is very difficult to lose. She is fiercely loyal to this handful of people. She will relentlessly fight and protect those that gain her respect. When they are threatened even the slightest, she will temporarily let go of her childish demeanor and regain her old personality. She becomes cold, calculating and ruthless. However, once the battle is over, she reverts to her childish self. The way she acts, Plata seems to be completely ignorant of other people's intentions. However, this is only in appearance. She is rather intelligent and analytical, despite being childish and almost completely insane. This analysis however, is mostly subconcious. She is never fully aware of hidden intentions, she only reacts according to what her keen instincts tell her to do. She has an accute sense of self preservation that tells her when to run away from a battle that she obviously can't hope to win. But even so, her insticts fail her whenever it comes to anything remotely related to sexuality and the opposite gender. She doesn't even understand or seem to care about the difference between a man and a woman. She acts confused and lost whenever someone presents her with innuendos or whenever someone tries to hit on her.

Plata is also very mischievous. She plays childish pranks on the Espada and Arrancar below her for her own amusement. She tends to think of them as her siblings, though this doesn't necessarily mean that she likes them in the slightest. Doubtless, there are several arrancar that she simply cannot stand to even see and would kill them unless ordered otherwise. This is mostly because Plata doesn't really understand the meaning of death. She sees life itself as more of a childish game that she hopes to win rather than for what it is. To her, death simply means being disqualified from the game.

Likes: As mentioned before, Plata adores the sight of blood. She finds it both thrilling and beautiful. For this reason, she is prone to going on killing sprees, unless stopped by someone who has gained her respect. She also has a habit of collecting items that used to belong to the people she has killed and even has a room for this collection inside of Las Noches. To her, it is something that displays how strong she is. It is a trophy room of sorts. Plata also has a fascination for all things even remotely shiny and colorful. They act as a good diversion and stop her from going on wild rampages while going through a tantrum. Sweets may also accomplish the same thing. Plata adores sweets. They are practically the only thing she eats. They never fail to put her in a good mood, even though it may not last too long given her volatile personality. Nevertheless, as long as she had ice cream in her hands, she will have a smile on her face. Last but not least, she likes to play games with her imaginary friends. Most often she plays tag and hide and seek with them all over Las Noches. When she feels particularly bloodthirsty, she plays war which usually ends up in a wild mess within Las Noches if she decides to project her imaginary friends into real life.

Dislikes: It is hard to say what Plata dislikes, exactly. There are certain characteristics in people that instantly make her skeptical and defensive. She can almost sense when someone has alterior motives. She will isntantly dislike any such person. This mostly applies for anyone who isn't a Hollow or an Arrancar. She can come to trust humans, but shinigami are practically out of the question. She sees them as inherently evil and cruel. To her, shinigami are the scum of the world. Plata also greatly dislikes it when people refuse to give her objects that she wants. This will inevitably end up in one of her infamous tantrums, which have been proven to cause a lot of collateral damage, including broken furniture and even broken walls, not to mention the deaths of many subordinates. Plata also dislikes being talked down to. In her eyes, she acts like a fully mature person. She is not a small child to be babied and talked to as if her intelligence was deficient. This pisses her off greatly.

Motivations: Plata is motivated mostly by very simple goals. She wants to win in this little game that some people call "life". She wants to triumph over the rest and see herself survive over the decades and centuries while others are crushed underneath her power. On a related note, while in battle, her aim is to simpl ake her opponent bleed and suffer all that she can. This gives her immense satisfaction and happiness. Their looks of agony make her want to keep on fighting. She will go through any means to achieve this. She cares little if she has to harm innocent bystanders. Plata is also motivates by the promise of getting things she likes. To ask her a favor or to get her to do something, one must only guarantee that they will give her something that she wants. However, all hell will break loose if this promise isn't met.

Fears: Plata is afraid of very childish things. For one, she is scared of taking baths and will only clean hersef if someone forces her to. Even so, she will thrash, flail and likely cry. This applies to all things related to water, to an extent. She isn't terrified of it, but it will make her uncomfortable. She is also afraid of loud noises. They make her flinch and assume that the world is ending. That, or that Barragan is mad at her. Either way, she is scared of both situations. When there's thunder or anything else that produces such a loud sound, she will either run in circles or hide beneath furniture.

V. Zanpakutō Sealed form

Zanpakutō Appearance:


VI. History


- Human Arc -

It is difficult to trace down the origins of an Arrancar, the product of thousands of souls merged together to form one single being. The stories held within each soul that forms her body are countless. However, within beings like her, there is always a dominant personality that overpowers the rest. This particular soul, the one that could be called the "Original" Plata, was born several centuries ago in the realm of the living. Like any other hollow, Plata stemmed from what once was a human soul that grew to hate the world and everything that can be found in it. She was born as a mere peasant in the middle of the fourteenth century. As such, her life was anything but simple and easy. As soon as she could walk, she was forced to work in the house to help keep her siblings fed. Her small village was caught in the middle of a war between two nations, which increased taxes on the poor and led to hunger and starvation around her.

Winters were something akin to hell. Bodies dropped on the streets around her, unable to survive the cold. Summers were meant for work from dawn to dusk so that she and her family could survive the rest of the year. Innocence was but a myth, lost to children as soon as they could see the horrors around them. This was the environment where Plata grew up in, though if asked, she will hardly remember any of it at all. All she remembers was that she was once human. However, she didn't always live in these circumstances. When she was around twelve years old, a nobleman offered her father to take the young girl off of his hands to become one of his servants. He promised that he would take care of her and keep her fed. After much hesitation, Plata's father obliged. After all, it was one less mouth to feed.

The nobleman initially gave what he had intended. Though the situation restrained many of the young girl's freedoms, she was healthy and generally happy. Despite the fact that he almost always addressed Plata with indifference, he showed the eventual kindness. In return, Plata felt childishly infatuated with the man, to the point where she had deluded herself into thinking that he genuinely cared for her. She was quickly proven wrong, however. After a year or so in the man's service, he sold her to another nobleman for a night. Plata tried to resist the man's advances, but was easily overpowered. As she lay there, crying and broken, she reached for the glass lamp on the side of the bed, broke it against the nightstand and sliced the man's throat open before he even realized what was happening. But even though she killed the man in self defense, she would pay a high price for doing so. She was only a mere servant, after all. She was quickly tried and burned at the stake after being tortured for a seemingly endless amount of time.

- Hollow Arc -

Plata's soul harbored nothing but fear and confusion. She remained chained to the very place where she had died. There, alone and in pain, her feelings grew from sorrow to anger. Her soul festered with pure and unadulterated rage. This grew day by day. Slowly, she began to see herself transform and change to the point where she was well beyond recognition. She was no longer a human, or rather, the soul of a human, but something entirely different. She no longer cared about what she was becomming. She was blinded by hatred to the poit where she couldn't even recognize the fact that she was going through a metamorphosis. However, once the change was complete, she had lost almost every trace of humanity that she had once had. The only thing she preserved was a sense of rationality and a keen instinct for survival.

Her first instinct was to exact revenge against the people who had doomed her to her fate. She started with the nobleman she used to work for and decided to gut him and hang his intestines outside of his mansion's door. She proceeded to do the same with the judge who had sentenced her, the man who had carried out her execution. Soon she los sight of her initial purpose and simply attacked anyone who she felt needed to die. There was no pattern to her killings. She targeted men, women and children equally. There was no need to discriminate between the scum that were the human beings. Needless to say, her supposed crimes would catch the attention of the shinigami within Soul Society.

Plata knew little of how to control her powers. She acted purely on instinct. She didn't quite know how to form a proper Garganta, but she managed to do so in order to escape the shinigami that had come for her. She restreated into Hueco Mundo, a foreign place, an empty desert that she knew nothing of. She was badly wounded and agonizing. She didn't know how to survive on her own. She had to teach herself how to do so, mostly by trial and error. She eventually learned that cosuming the sould of other hollows would make her power grow. She didn't quite know why she wanted to become strong, not why she wanted to keep existing in the first place. Then again, she rarely gave it much thought. She simply consumed everything that came into her path until she began to transform once again.

The days melded together. There was really no difference between them, no real way to tell them apart. Plata spent each day in the same way, slaying other hollows and consuming their souls. Nothing other than bloodshed motivated her. She must have spent centuries following the same routine. But to be honest, she didn't bother to keep track of time in any way. Survival was all she wanted and needed. Not thinking of the furute and what would come to pass put her at ease with herlself. It wasn't until Barragan appeared that she thought that she might be given a purpose in life. He offered to change her, to give her more power than she already had as a Vasto Lorde. Not having anything else to look forward to, Plata accepted the offer, though it would come to cost her what little sanity she had.

- Arrancar Arc -

The process of converting herself to an Arrancar was nothing short of agonizing. She felt herself change rapidly. Her entire body structure was modified. The sheer amount of pain fractured her psyche completely, regressing her to the mentality of a mere child. Most of her memories were lost and burried underneath her pain. She only remembers fragments of what she used to be, and even so, they are distorted by her childish outlook. Nevertheless, she retained the two things that she had always had: Her blood lust and her need for survival. Once the process was over, it was as if she was reborn as the first Arrancar. Barragan took care of her and taught her how to use her power. This is why Plata sees him as her father. So far, he is the only person that can keep her under control, and even so, she has proven to be a threat even to the people within Las Noches.

VII. Other

RP sample: Plata woke up with a smile and a rather chipper mood. She always felt energetic and well reasted after a full night's sleep. Of course, whether or not that was a good thing for the entirety of Hueco Mundo was debatable. It had its pros and cons. For one, it meant that she would be a lot easier to appease should she decide to go on a sudden tantrum. Those were less common in days like these when she had woken up on her own in place of someone else shaking her awake. The poor people who were sent to do so rarely survived. She wondered why Daddy kept on sending them over. Maybe he just wanted to give her more toys to play with? This made sense to her. In reality, it had become a common way of subtily executing those Arrancar who became insubordinate. However, today that wasn't the case.

As for the downside of Plata being in a good mood... well... let's just say that her hunger for the sight of blood tended to grow proportionately to her good mood. She also became slightly more spoiled, if that was even possible. At the moment, she wanted something shiny. As if her room wasn't covered in enough shiny objects - most of them were weapons, plastered to the ceiling by none other than herself with the use of ductape and paste. It was enough to keep them stuck the the ceiling. There were barely any spots left to paste more of them up there. When light came into the room, spots of light bounced off of the ceiling and littered the ground. It was quite a lovely sight and it could entertain Plata fo hours as she played tag with her imaginary friends in her room which was eoughly the size of a baseball field. Everything to keep Daddy's little girl as happy as can be. Plata smiled and clapped her hand stogether, getting herself ready to go out of her room. If it was up to her, she would have stepped outside of the room starch naked, but Daddy had told her that pretty little girls like her had to wear clothes. She didn't know why the hell this was like that, she saw no real use in wearing clothes. They got in the way more often than not. But oh well! She was told that she needed to wear them, so she would.

Now dressed and armed, she skipped happily out of her room. This was going to be a good day, a good day indeed! Today she would get the ten weapons she needed to complete her collection. Her room would look even prettier now! She would also collect more blood to paint the remaining walls in her room. Those white spots here and there needed fixing! Now she just had to find where she needed to get those. "Aha!" She squealed to herself as she spotted an Arrancar at the end of the hallway. It was one of the people that Daddy said were supposed to be one of her closest siblings. And close siblings were meant to love each other, right? He would have no problem just handing er over his znapakuto and his blood. That was what siblings were for, right? Plata smiled. "Yesneider~!" She called out happily, skipping on his way to him. He remained aloof to Plata, though she dind't mind. She hardly noticed his annoyance. Once she approached him, she spoke again. "You've seen my room, right?" She asked. The man's eyes narrowed. He had a suspiscion of what was soming after this. "...Yes," He finally answered. Plata clapped her hands. "Good! Good! You know hte ceiling? It needs a znapakuto, yours wuld look pretty up there! Also, I need to finish painting the walls so I might need your blood to, 'k?" She said, rather quickly. The other Arrancar was taken aback.

Plata wanted... his... blood? This took a minute to process. All the while, Plata waited patiently for his response. He became infuriated and insulted. He began to draw his zanpakuto. Plata tilted her head to the side in confusion. Did her brother want to play? She hadn't asked him to play with her, but she was up for it. The blood could wait a few minutes. Or better yet! She could drain it from him herself! Plata didn't bother to draw her sword. Using her hands was much more fun, after all. She dodged his blows rather easily while she began to sing one of her favorit songs. "I'm a little teapot, short and stout..." Dodge left. Dodge right. "Here is my handle, here is my spout..." Dig nails into arm. Tear forcibly. See blood spill. Eerie smile. "When I get all steamed up..." Go for the other arm. Dismember completely. Take Zanpakuto. "Hear me shout..." Spot another Arrancar - another of her closer siblings. "Tip me over and pour me out!" Repeat process.

And that, children, is the story of why we need a new 8th and a new 9th Espada.

Face claim: Lilitu de Sephariel - Deviantart

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