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on Wed Jan 30, 2013 2:52 pm

I. Personal Information

First Name: Sakura
Last Name: Kisagami
Alias(es): Aoi, Hawkeye
Gender: Female
Age: 117
Birthday: November 3
Sexuality: Bi
Reiryoku Colour: Blue

II. La Horda

Number: Novena Espada

III. Appearance

Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Weight: 122 lbs
Hair: Snow White
Eyes: Icy blue
Tattoo/scars: None
General Appearance: Sakura is a very unrevealing person. She likes to wear a hooded cape overtop of her arrancar suit to hide her appearance from most. The cape is black in color, with a gold crest on the top and blue shoulder pieces with gold crests in them as well. She is very nervous about her appearance to even those who are her allies, no matter how close they are to her. Her hair is thin in feeling and a snow white color that reaches past her shoulder blades and is always kept down and under her hood. Underneath is her light gray, nearly white sleeveless arrancar uniform. This is her usual and most likely only form of an attire Sakura has. Sakura hides her hollow hold under her hood over the right side of her chest, where her heart should be.

IV. Personality

Personality: Sakura is a very timid and Tsundere person. She doesn’t like to chat with people, nearly at any time at all, but she will do it if necessary. After being killed by hollows, she was brought back to life and she could feel the hollows bits still ripping through her flesh, and she developed a fixation to hide her body from others through a hooded cape, hiding herself from others so they could not bear a site like her. She considers herself a menace to arrancars, hating the way she feels and looks, but at often times can ignore it if she was overcome with the joy of shooting her bow.

When it comes to her sister Lili, she cannot stand the site of her. She blames Lili for leaving her to die and be eaten by hollows when they both had died. No matter how long it’s been since they have seen one another, she can’t stand the sight of her and will kill her on site without a single word said. To Sakura, Lili must feel the same pain she felt when she was devoured and won’t stop until she exacts her revenge. It wouldn’t matter what it was she had to do to her, Sakura’s afterlife long goal is to end her no matter the cost to her it took.

Likes: 1. Bow & Arrows are her favorite type of weapons, her own zanpaktou is a special bow and reiatsu charged arrow shots. They may be her favorite weapon, but she does still favor her katana shaped zanpaktou.
2. Quincy’s are something Sakura is attracted to. Even though she may be an Arrancar, she can’t resist the love of archery that Quincy’s have. Sakura hopes one day to be able to gain the types of skills they have, only to help improve the power of her own skills.
3. Hueco Mundo is her favorite place to relax, being alone in a quiet environment and an open space to shoot down intruders quickly.

Dislikes: 1. Her appearance is something she doesn’t like to show. She prefers not to show it if possible. She hates the way she looks now, though everyone else sees her as a beautiful woman, she thinks of herself as some sort of monster.
2. Chatting with others is another thing Sakura tries to avoid since it slowly turns into revealing more of her appearance than she wants to show.
3. Blindness or darkness challenges her, but at the same time makes it so much harder to fight. If she cannot fight, she cannot possibly live. It’s as is if she may as well place her sword and be killed.

Motivations: 1. Sharp Shooting is a very fun part of her abilities.If she isn’t using her zanpaktou, she uses a regular makeshift bow and arrows for her training as part of her own special survival practice.
2. Gaining her own section of Hueco mundo to herself for the sole purpose of being able to train her skills without hesitation. With it she can free roam and practice her survival instincts as much as she wanted to, without worry of getting killed since all those hollows would be under her orders.
3. Killing her sister is something Sakura wants to do. Splitting up and leaving her to die and be consumed by hollows when they were killed made her bitter and angered towards her.

Fears: 1. Lose of sight would prevent her most cherished hobby and sport from being able to be used again. Without it she cannot find her opponents and that could cause her to be hurt or even killed.
2. Lose of her Bow would drive her insane. Without it she cannot fight, nor can she very well fend off those who wish to kill her for power or simply for being an arrancar.
3. Darkness hardens her ability to shoot carefully. Without it, she cannot be as good of an arrancar as she should be. She nearly relies on her sight to be able to do some sort of damage to someone.

V. Zanpakutō Sealed form


VI. History

Sakura was born into a family of wonderful loving parents and raised in Northern China of Japanese and Chinese heritage. Her parents both earned a substantial amount of funds as salary and they made Sakura feel like she was just under the spoiled child attitude line, and above the completely loved child line. It was perfect and the only thing that could make it better was a sibling to share the love with. She wanted someone else she could call a little brother or sister to love and cherish, someone she could rely on and trust with her life.

Her parents tried for years and years, but they couldn’t seem to get it. If they had one, they ended up with a miscarriage, the baby was stillborn, or Sakura’s mother got sick, they had to abort the child. It was tragic, now that she had hit almost a dozen children in twelve years. Sakura herself was 16 now, and she enjoyed her looks incredibly well. Her snow white hair and peach skin complexion made her big blue orbs stand out like sapphire jewels in a pile of freshly laid out snow. She admired how her figure seemed prim and her attire choices were more to fit a color of white and gold, and at other times she would have black hooded clothing to cover her body up.

During the younger years of her life, Sakura had taken up archery. Something about it made her obsessively interested in it. She wanted so badly to be a master archer, and through practice after practice after practice, all the way to the point her shots would cause blisters to the point they bled. After all that time of practicing, Sakura was able to shoot and nail a bull’s eye at 50 meters away and astonishing speeds. After a while she had gained a monumental amount of medals and trophies, even the nickname of Hawkeye.

At the age of 13, Sakura doubled her distance to hitting a bull’s eye at 100 meters. She was a child prodigy who managed to easily qualify for the Olympics and compete with her country’s full support and cheers. She entered, and did an amazing job, the best that she could, but only ended up with a silver medal. It was fine though, she was honored and loved just for having the privilege to compete there, winning the silver medal made her friends, and envious enemies. Back to when she was 16, she found out her mother was pregnant. It made Sakura incredibly happy to hear about it. She loved the sound of a little sibling, no matter how old she was. It was something she had dreamt about for so long she couldn’t help but get extremely happy and giddy about it.

Once their daughter was born, Sakura couldn’t help but love this little girl. Her parent’s even let her name the baby, and she chose Lili. She even spelled it that way so she could be unique. She wanted to make sure when everything was said and done, she was someone nobody was going to forget. She did everything with Lili growing up; buying her clothes, brushing and playing with her hair, taking her to the movies, and other things. She couldn’t help but love the face of how much fun Lili was to play with. As the years went by, and Sakura got her job, tragedy struck and a house fire killed their parents. Sakura at the time lived on a college campus and she couldn’t very well take her sister in, so she left her with their uncle. She wished so much she could have taken her in, it would have made thing so much easier for both girls, but there was still their aunt she could stay with.

One morning, on a weekend day, Sakura skipped school to go visit Lili, having been so long since she had seen her sister, she wanted to spend the day with her and catch up. She had so many plans for it too. She was going to take Lili shopping, getting her some new clothes for her growing body, get her a mani-pedi, and just have a big girls day out. She headed off, walking across the street when a drunk driver swung by and nailed Sakura in her spine, severing it in half. Luckily, but unfortunately, Sakura died instantly before she even left the front bumper of the car. Her spirit flew through the car and hit the ground and she looked around in confusion. Did she pull off some sort of magic trick? Did she luck out and only get hit over the car, rolling herself around it? The snow white haired girl stood to her feet, brushing nonexistent dirt from her clothes and looked towards the gathering crowd.

The sight before her made her scream in horror, tears pouring down her face like raindrops sliding down the window in the rain. That driver really killed me? She thought, still in denial of the whole thing; the blood pouring out into a pool, staining her pure white clothes in a crimson red. It was unbelievable. She didn’t even know what was supposed to happen now. Everyone talked about a heaven and a hell, yet she seemed to be in neither one of them. Maybe she was in Limbo, awaiting some kind of judgment. The thing was… she had been here for four days now. She swore she heard roars of some kind, but nothing was seemed to confirm about it. She decided however, as long as she was around, she would go and watch over her little sister, just to keep her safe.

Unfortunately for Sakura, when she arrived, she saw her sister being gang raped by three boys. She couldn’t help, she only watched with her hands cupped over her mouth, unable to do a thing. It was uncontrollably emotional, not being able to hold back a single tear. What was she to do? Suddenly, they picked up rocks and began to beat her to death. She cried. Dropped to her knees in sorrow and cried. She couldn’t believe she was so weak in this state she couldn’t help her sister out, not when she needed it most. She began to give up any hope. Whatever higher power there was out there was just screwing with her now. It obviously wanted her to give up hope for her family. Then a little roar busted out, followed by another two. She turned around, seeing three large creatures standing over her. Sakura screamed in fear and ran towards where Lili was. If she ended up the same way, these things would be going after her too. She began to look towards her little sister as a door opened up. One of the creatures grabbed onto her leg and pulled her back. She shrieked for help, desperate for her help, but Lili couldn’t hear. She watched her sisters eyes peek to her and she just stared. Did she.. just leave her for dead? Those doors shut and the creatures swarmed her and began to rip her flesh apart.

“Wake up~.” A voice called out. Sakura awoke, her head hurting slightly. She looked around, not knowing where she was, but a katana laid by the side of her bed. This clothing was adorned to her body as well. Where did it come from? She never really wore a hooded cape, but she huddled up when flashes of the feeling of the hollows biting into her flesh hit her nerves. Another flash popped up, this time of Lili looking back to her big sister as she was facing death, and just left her for dead. She still couldn’t believe after everything she had done for that girl; everything she had spent; both of time and money, that she would leave her to die.

”So you wish for revenge my dear? Come and embrace your inner evil. Seek revenge against the one that made you this way. I will give you what you desire most. The power. The power to end that existence that brings you so much pain.”

The voice. It’s whispering voice was right. This was all Lili’s fault. If it weren’t for her, she would be with her now, where ever it was she was at now. It angered her severely that she would do that to her own flesh and blood. But why? She wanted to know why she would do that to her. She had to –NO! She wouldn’t accept ANY reason why. Lili did what she did on purpose. She heard nothing as those doors shut, and she wanted to find her and kill her.

Such time had passed, and Sakura became secluded. Staying in the gillian forest for days on end, sometimes even weeks, shooting, hacking, and killing multiple Gillian and hollows that were around. It was a very entertaining way to regrow her archery prowess, and gain sword fighting abilities as well. After a while, her power began to grow stronger, but it wasn’t enough. Gillian were getting predictable and too easy to kill. She was getting bored, and wished for someone to fight to gain more power from. That’s when it hit her. The Espada were the perfect source of power to go to. Nervously, she walked in and demanded a challenge from the Arrancar sitting in the 9th seat. He laughed at her, but still accepted it.

As it would have seemed, the Arrancar Sakura was facing was a force to be reckoned with. He was quick in his resurrection form, and it was hard to pinpoint it out. That was when she first activated her resurrection. Her katana formed itself into a bow, but no arrows were around her. She could feel a blast similar to that of her cero by the center of the bow, and she pulled it back as an arrow shaped cero laid in place of an actual arrow. She shot it off, hitting the Espada in the arm and blowing his forearm clean off. Sakura smirked. If this was the power she held as an Espada, she could gladly use it to her advantage to seek her revenge on Lili. She looked up, and readied a second arrow, and reached with her left hand at the bow, when she noticed it was completely white and bone like. Her blue orbs looked up and she pulled back as far as possible and began to laugh maniacally. “Gran Arrow!” A large cero shaped arrow shot off, as the espada went to dodge the move. With a Sonido behind him and an arrow ready, she released it and shot the arrow through his head. His body dropped to the ground, and Sakura placed her hood over her head and turned away as her Bow reverted to it’s Katana shape and she sheathed it. “Congratulations Sakura. You have earned your position as our newest Espada member. Please accept this tattoo on your persons as a prize.” The leader said, placing a tattoo of the number 9 on her left side. Now with a seat of power to expand her strengths, there was no stopping Sakura from killing Lili once and for all.

VII. Other

RP sample:
These annoying hollows; both big and small were quite the nuisance now. When she first started, they were great practice against multiple enemies. Now however, she couldn’t stand to face them. She was at the point of her strength that she could easily take down anyone in this forest without a problem. Even the vasto lorde in the forest couldn’t hold their wits against a measly little Arrancar like Sakura. Simple bored of it all, she needed more power. Something to crush that little wench she used to call her sister. There was no turning back at this point, she wanted her dead before she would even ask for her side of the story. She wanted that power, the ones the highest of the Arrancar’s held; a rank in the Espada.

How she was to obtain this was rather simple. Go in, demand a challenge, fight, kill them, take their power, and their rank. Once that was done, she would simply go back to her loner ways until such a time she was to come face-to-face with Lili once more. She walked out of the forest and used her sonido to quickly get this started, not wanting to waste any time. She entered the building and the Espada meeting hall, and was met by eleven gazing eyes. ”I demand a challenge against one of you for a spot in the Espada.” She said, looking directly at a member with the number 9 on his back. A few of the higher powers laughed, chuckled, and smiled at her demands. She was too cute to waste her second chance at life over some spot, and they knew she couldn’t kill any one of them. Still, her icy stare pissed off the Noveno espada and he rose from his seat and drew his sword. ”Wipe that cocky frin off your face brat! I’ll kill you for such insolence and hold you head to the mass of hollows and arrancar to show that you don’t f*** with the espada!”

She chuckled at his threat. He was very amusing, almost amusing enough to not care about her pain or anything else right now. She grabbed the hilt of her zanpaktou, and both arrancars sonido’d and clashed into the other, and he pushed her off like he was batting away a fly. ”Over compensating there buddy?” She teased, riling him up. He immediately released his resurrection and dashed at Sakura and landed a gut wrenching punch to her stomach and sent her into the wall, indenting it. So his resurrection was a speed boost to initially increase his damage on impact. All she could do was watch his movements, and look to her own sword and smiled. ” Huelga del águila” With that said, Sakura’s katana reformed itself into an bow nearly her size in length, and glowing in her Reiatsu.

The Espada chuckled. A simple bow with no arrows was no match for him. Even with them he knew he could easily dodge them. Sakura could feel this strange energy in her right hand as it gripped the center of the bow. She smiled and placed her hand as if she had a hold on an arrow and pulled back, making an arrow made up a cero form from it. The room’s eyes bulged slightly, never seeing anything like this before. She released the grip and the arrow traveled across and blasted the Espada’s forearm and into oblivion. He became angered, more so than before. Sakura grabbed that grip again, this tiem pulling back as far as she could. A large blue arrow began to form from her cero and it illuminated the room in a light blue glow. ”Gran Arrow!” She released her grip on the arrow and it flew at the Espada. He sonido’d out of its path, knowing full well her arrows were no match if she couldn’t catch him off guard. She sonido’d behind him, another arrow ready to be fired. He turned his head as she released her grip and the arrow hit his face and blew it into pieces, getting on Sakura as well as the floor and her clothes, not that she cared.

She stepped onto the ground, where a single set of claps could be heard from a single man. ” Congratulations Sakura. You have earned your position as our newest Espada member. Please accept this tattoo on your persons as a prize.” He said, placing a black number 9 on her left side as her prize for mercilessly killing him. The newly crowned Espada placed her hood back over her head and headed for the door. She needed to leave to go and be alone. The amount of people looking at someone like her had finally gotten to her and she couldn’t bare it any longer.
Face claim: Ashe – League of Legends

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It's clear you play AD carry :3 I used to be a top. Played on a team. That was fun. Twelve hour days of practice. I miss it.

Zanpakutō Appearance
Zanpakutō Name
Zanpakutō Ability

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Sounds fun. I'll play practically any lane really depending on the champ. But yeah, I thought of Ashe as a good choice for my first Bleach rp XD

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Why you no Quincy for an archer?

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