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12th Division Captain

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on Wed Jan 30, 2013 1:52 pm

I. Personal Information

First Name: Ashland
Last Name: Irisaki.
Alias(es):  The heavy blade.
Gender: Male
Age: 623 (appears to be 25)
Birthday: 01/01
Sexuality: Straight
Reiryoku Colour: Blue

II. Gotei XIII Information

Division: 12th
Seat: Captain

III. Appearance

Height: 6‘1
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Yellow
Tattoo/scars: Scar across the lips and burn marks around the right eye.
General Appearance: Ashland typically is seen wearing not only the typical division black robes but also a dark cloak. Everything he wears appears to have an intricate designs running along it. On top of that he wears a breast plate designed with his divisions symbols. His eye patch has the same symbols on it. His long cloak trails down to his  ankles with a collar that stands up instead of resting like normal. His long hair trails down his shoulders and his Long sword rests on his right hip. His gloves are dark blue and everything below the neck is covered so no skin is showing.

IV. Personality

Personality: Ashland's personality is designed as a bit of a puzzle. He feels no sense of duty towards what he does but rather feels that his enjoyment for battle and his sense of order amongst the chaos is reflected within the gotei thirteen. The world is his puzzle and he is the only one trying to solve it. In the brighter moments he smiles and enjoys himself like any other and is rather easy to get along with. He enjoys the company of others that can keep him engaged in thought. However he has a morbid curiosity about everything dark and evil

The very thought of wicked actions brings his curiosity. But his curiosity is not a friendly thing. His curiosity towards the darkness that others may fear is how he may bring fear to the predators that stalk others. It is another puzzle to him to find out what makes those who spread fear afraid. He enjoys it immensely making them suffer and scream. In battle he is morbidly ruthless and is often told to chill even during a friendly spar. He does not take well to those who brag about or abuse they're power. He feels that real power is apparent without words.

Likes: Ashland loves to fight those who speak to highly of themselves. He knows he is far from powerful enough to actually beat everyone but he enjoys at least trying. He enjoys letting himself go in a fight. Letting the rage out and the beast within going free. He enjoys making the wicked suffer in terror and pushing the evil to its limits. Everything about him when it comes to fighting he just loves to let go wild. However he has a lighter side too. He really enjoys a good conversation where tensions do not rise and everyone can enjoy themselves. Sweets and other things appeal to him as well.

Dislikes: Ashland dislikes people who talk big to an incredible amount. He feels that if one has to brag about the power they wield then they do not deserve to wield a greater power then his. No one with a great power should need to throw it around and bully others but instead use it and be known for it in a better way. He hates when he can't beat the person with a loud mouth and he hates it even more when they will not shut up when beaten. Dignity is to be shown and without it people should just shut they're traps.

Motivations: Ashlands motivation is his fear of the darkness. He feels that by throwing his everything into the unknown and beating it with raw power that anything in there will never threaten him. He can not bear to be secluded in the darkness so he fights it back in the name of the light. Within the light he can have friends and loved ones. He has to gain power so the darkness can never overrun his light. To protect his dreams he will do anything and go to any measures. He refuses to let anything stop him. Even if its hard to keep going he keeps his faith to just keep moving.

Fears: Ashland has a fear of the dark. It is childish but when he is alone and the darkness sets around him terror grips his heart. It is a fear of the unknown that holds him. His eyes can not perceive as well in the dark and he knows as well as anyone that monsters do exist. he imagines the eyes of despair on his back even with nothing there. He feels losing himself to the darkness and so he throws himself at it. He fears never beating it and never pushing it back. He fears losing all of his friends to the darkness and everything he cares for. Never realizing what he fears most is the darkness that dwells in his soul.

V. Zanpakutō Spirit Information

Zanpakutō First Name: Kagemusha (shadow warrior)
Zanpakutō Last Name: Masamune
Zanpakutō Element: Water
Zanpakutō Type: Kido
Zanpakutō Personality: Masamune does not like the dark but knows the darkness within the depths of the water is its power. It feels the Irony of it but hates anything to do with it. It enjoys the joy and the light of day and genuinly enjoys being cheerful. He honestly loves conversation and talks to himself when no one else is around to hear. He is reluctant to use his power as he feels it might be born of the darkness he hates. He tries his best to keep Ashland happy because when Ashland is happy the world is bright within. But when Ashland is scared the darkness spreads.

Zanpakutō Appearance: Masamune is kind of humanoid but not. It appears to be an armored man on two legs until you get past the armor. It is a silver furred wolf man with a black streak of fur running from the tip of his nose up his forehead and down to the tip of his tail. A single stripe to be exact. Like out of the stories he looks like a werewolf in plate mail but is usually seen smiling. It's yellow eyes shine with mirth and he tries to never bare his fangs. The tip of his right ear is burned much like Ashlands right eye.

VI. Inner world

Inner World Appearance: The inner world appearance looks like a feudal age Japanese castle. The halls lit with lanterns that shine bright when the mood is light but when the mood is dark the lamps dim and a darkness sets in the halls and rooms. The walls are red wood and the designs are of red wolves running around the castle. Countless rooms seem to be his inner world.

VII. Zanpakutō Sealed form

Zanpakutō Appearance:  Masamune is much longer then a normal Zanpakutō by almost another length. It looks almost unmanageably long but the blade is flawless.

VIII. History

History: Ashland has no memory of his past life before he was sent to Soul society. As fate would have it he had awoken alone in a field with a sword next to his side. His hand gripping the handle tightly as if he could never let it go.  He knew his name but beyond that there was nothing. Just an attachment to the strange blade. So hungry and tired he rose from the field and began to walk. His own power causing his hunger to grow.

Finally managing to find Rukongai he sought out work for food and set about defending the people against common thugs. In the dirty streets it was not uncommon to find crime but he learned he was naturally gifted with his blade. Soon no criminal activities continued in the area he was living in but he had discovered earlier on to keep his head down. He did not know much of the Shinigami but he heard the rumors of how much more powerful then he they where. How they had incredible skills and could kill these monsters called hollows that ate people for power. He for the first time since waking felt fear and hated it.

One day while walking on a path along the edge of the outer lands with no real urge to enter when he heard a scream of pain. It had come from within the wilderness and without thinking he made a mad dash for the sound. Nothing could have prepared him for it. Within moments he was in a clearing staring at a blood soaked ground. Terror held him where he stood as an arm dropped to the grass. He looked up and saw a masked monster there and knew it to be a hollow. In its mouth was a dead girl who brought him sweets.

Seeing the dead girl something inside of him stirred and terror was shattered with rage. How dare this monster kill someone he cared for. He could not allow the action to go unpunished. Raising his blade  above his head he felt a cold calm settle over him and he moved forward into battle. He swung his sword again and again as limbs fell off the creature. But he aimed for everywhere that he knew was not vital tearing it to chunks. It was weak in all honesty and within minutes was a twitching heap. Still alive but too torn up to even move.

His shoulders heaving with his labored breath it was only then that he realized he was no longer alone. Around the edge of the clearing several Shinigami stood watching him. Cautiously he sheathed his blade and kneeled down.  He had been told that the Shinigami commanded the utmost respect. And being as he was surrounded and worn out he had nothing else to do but to surrender. However much to his surprise one of them moved forward. The Shinigami drew a blade and raised it.  Ashland looked right back with cold eyes matching his superiors gaze. It was as if in that moment he did not fear that blade but instead the cold calm settled over him again.

The Shinigami however takes the blade and finishes off the hollow in one swooping motion of his blade. The hollow's corpse fading to dust rapidly. It was then that he was invited to attend the academy. He was confused at first. But it was revealed to him that by defeating that hollow so completely he obviously had the potential. So he accepted the offer since his goals where aligned with they're own, in the matter of killing hollows. He signed up for the academy and quickly studied to catch up with the others on how things worked.

It was confusing to everyone how he already had a Zanpakutō. Many people came by to study it as time went on within the school but the mystery remained unanswered. It just was not normal but it could not be denied that it was a Zanpakutō. Still he went through school without much of a high until his second year. It was then that his temper would land him in a whole new world of hurt.

Ashland had gone through his schooling with good scores in all his categories. But by doing so well he had attracted the attention of a boy named Brutis. The boy was a cruel individual and lead a rebellious group of students in bullying the others when the instructors where not looking or around. However for the most part they had left Ashland alone as the rumor of how he killed the hollow had circulated quickly when he arrived. Really it was something that suited him just fine as he had no real urge to deal with them. But it angered him to see them bullying the others.

One day outside of class Brutis was bullying another student by firing off offensive spells at his feet. The poor student was terrible at defensive magic and this was how they teased him for it. However Ashland was passing by when he witnessed this and could not help but approach. Compassion was in his nature and his weakness was that he cared enough. He stepped between them and sent the other student off to escape. Confronting brutis he felt the cold sensation slip over him again. Still Brutis could not let himself lose face and challenged Ashland to a fight.

Ashland honestly hated people like this and could not help but fight him. It was a cold anger towards people who spoke loudly and used a power against the weak for nothing more then bemusement. It was cruel and he could not tolerate it. He knew he was stronger then Brutis and knew he could beat him. The problematic thing was that Brutis knew it too. And he honestly feared Ashland. He thought him a freak for the sword he carried and arriving with it. So for a long time he had been prepared for when the confrontation took place.

Brutis did not move alone but with his group of three. The thing was Ashland had not noticed them before stepping forward into the pit. He drew his weapon and waited for his opponent to draw his before he heard it. A shuffling noise behind him sent him spinning to barely deflect an attack from one of the subordinates. However his balance was off and the attack threw him. If it had not however the other two swords would of collided with his legs.

He slammed into a wall barely regaining his footing in time to defend before the four opponents where upon him. He did all he could to block the strikes but gradually he could feel his arms getting tired. The darkness was setting in around them and no one could see what was happening. he knew he was truly on his own with this. He moved to the side and managed to get the three in a row cracking one of them across the face with a sheath. It was a surprise move and the boy had no idea it was coming as he was concentrating to much on the sword in Ashlands other hand. And with good reason too for the sword was far more dangerous.

Ashland continued moving and trying to position himself but he was getting more tired by the second. He felt his breath labored and his chest pounded and burned at the same time. By now the enemy was catching on and coming at him separately to wear him down a little more. Regretfully it was working. The sweat running down his face was enough to tell him he could not continue this much longer. Still he saw an opportunity as one of them stumbled over a rock. He steps forward and in one quick move slams the hilt of his sword into the back of the guys neck. That left only two... and both of them looked better rested then Ashland was.

Now Ashland was at his limit and out numbered. It was only a matter of time.. Still he tried to hold his own. The battle in total lasted an hour before he stumbled and was kicked in the gut. Being disarmed the last remaining minion gripped his wrists behind Ashland and held him there. Brutis was determined to make an example after all. Pointing his finger at Ashlands right eye he chants with a grin on his face before firing off a weak offensive spell. Ashland screamed in agony as it burned his right eye to cinders.

Afraid the scream had alerted someone the boys grabbed they're companions and ran leaving the academy that night. They knew too well they had gone too far. Still, After Ashland spent a month being healed as best they could he went back to the academy and doubled up on his studies. He was determined to become better. and by the end of his third year he had managed to graduate with even scores in all fields.

Ashland joined the seventh squad after that and trained even harder. Eventually he hunted down Brutis and beat him within an inch of his life. His anger finally washed away about his eye he was relieved. Turning back to his duties he went back to his squad. He had a bit more experience fighting then the other newest members of the squad but soon learned he had a ton more to experience. He practiced hard and moved up in power day by day determined to one day be able to achieve Bankai and be ranked among the very captains and achieve such a power as to defend his loved ones.

1621 words

IX. Other

RP sample: Ashland sighed as the day had been long and honestly, He was covered in sweat from all his training. However the day was now ending and as it happened, someone else was paying for drinks tonight. He grins a little to himself as he contemplates indulging himself on someone else’s coin.

His yellow eye looks down at Masamune and he smiles. He felt like the sword was his best friend honestly. He could not explain why but still, it was as much a part of him as his foot. He reaches down and grips it feeling a familiar presence once more. He knew what it was really. Or at least what it was supposed to be. An extension of his very soul.

Tucking it into his belt he grins and heads out the door and down the hall. Heading straight for the lounge he opens the door and is greeted with laughter and joyous sounds. Buggers had started without him. He grinned none the less and quickly maneuvered for a spot reserved for him.

The night dragged on and the party kept going. Laughing for what felt like endless hours. This was what Ashland loved the most. Just spending time with his squad and relaxing for once. Like people should. And it was that reason that he always did his best to keep them alive. Always stepping forward to help when asked and usually paying for drinks too.

Still he felt himself getting tired and drunk. Rising with a bit of a wobble he turns. leaning against the wall with a hand as he walked until finally finding his room. He barely managed to get into the room before collapsing on his bed roll... Man he was gonna regret drinking so much tomorrow.

Face claim: Date Masamune ~ Samurai warriors.

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