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on Wed Jan 30, 2013 12:10 pm

I. Personal Information

First Name: Jitsurame
Last Name: Tenpouin
Alias(es): Jin;Jitsu;Cold Tiger
Gender: Male
Age: 110
Birthday: July 9th
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Reiryoku Colour: Blue

II. Gotei XIII Information

Division: 7
Seat: Lieutenant

III. Appearance

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150lbs
Hair: Red; Comes down over hears; Somewhat spiked up
Eyes: Reddish-Pink; Somewhat misty.
Tattoo/scars: N/A
General Appearance: Jin stands at 5'9" and although he's a 110 year-old man he dons the appearance of a teen at 15. He is somewhat well built and has a childish face. At most times he'll wear his Shihakushō with the Division 7 armband over his arm but wears one or two other uniforms when in the human world. Sometimes he wears a black tank-top with tan slacks (which he loves seeing the people of the human-world wear). When walking around he sometimes wears either a white tank-top or the black one, while also wearing a brown coat over-top. When wearing his coat he's always seen wearing blue jeans with black runners.

IV. Personality

Personality: Right on the get-go, whoever meets Jitsu would assume he's a no-good, lazy, slacker. Despite his objections towards these views, most people are right. Jin will leave paperwork and recruitment jobs for the last minute and frankly, he hates doing it altogether. When listening to music or relaxing it would be most wise to not disturb him for he'll be quite upset. He won't go into a rage per say, however he will get ticked off and "pissed" if you will. When called a child due to his laid-back and irresponsible manner Jitsu doesn't get offended, and ignores the remarks altogether. Despite his hatred of paperwork, when it comes to field-work, Jin will get quite excited. He jumps at the thought of getting into a fight, and even if it’s just a recruitment job (which he sometimes disregards) he will test said recruits “will and strength” through a bare-handed fist-fight. Although he seems like quite the ignorant, rough, and lazy lieutenant, Jin will not hesitate to kill those who disrespect and violate the laws of the Seireitei. In the human-world he decides to lay back and relax even more, but once again if he sees anybody disrespecting the laws of even the human world, Jin will not hesitate to crush those in his way.

Likes: Jin loves to relax and listen to music. He can list off most of the latest “hits” from the human-world and will not hesitate to “plug-in” and enjoy the sounds of bands and vocalists. While listening to music, Jin will tend to grab a piece of ice and toss it from hand to hand, even pressing it to his face at times. The reason for his love of ice is because his mother would always feed him cold food (which he didn’t like at the time) and always put several tiny blocks of ice in his favorite drink; Orange juice. Another one of Jin’s passion is fighting, he loves to get into a brawl, especially one that involves his fists.

Dislikes: Jitsu doesn’t hate/dislike too many things, however there are a couple. He always hates being interrupted during his “relaxation time” however he won’t hesitate to ruin anybody else’s. Although he loves getting into fights, Jin hates actually losing them. He won’t have a tantrum however will be quite angry on the inside, while still keeping a calm demeanor on the outside. He also quite hates cats (despite his zanpakuto being a tiger) for their meowing isn’t very ferocious or strong in his opinion. He seems to prefer the company of larger animals such as tigers and gorillas, however overall Jin hates the idea of “pets”. He prefers to think of ice as his “pet” instead.

Motivations: Jin isn’t motivated by many things; he just has an overall wish to uphold justice. If he were to find anybody breaking the rules/laws then he would manage to keep his calm, however will not hesitate to destroy all those who follow the path of injustice and crime. He would like to be the strongest in the world, however he knows that it is a silly, foolish goal and does not pursue it. Despite not wanting to be the strongest overall he would love to be known as the strongest ice user in all of the Soul Society, for ice is his passion and favorite of the elements. One day, Jin hopes that he can meet his father in the human-world, but for now he must focus on his duties in the Soul Society.

Fears: Jin’s strongest fear since childhood has always been one thing, death. He’s witnessed it countless times before; in fact he’s already experienced it, right when he was born nonetheless. He will go into a sort of rage, losing his calm demeanor, whenever he witnesses murder; but when witnessing a natural death he will be enraged, yet still manage to stay collected. He’s already lost his mother and is separated from his father whom he can’t make contact with at all, and if Jin were to ever witness a loved-ones death again, he would most likely snap to the point of no return.

V. Zanpakutō Spirit Information

Zanpakutō First Name: Kori (Ice)
Zanpakutō Last Name: Tora (Tiger)
Zanpakutō Element: Ice
Zanpakutō Type: Kido
Zanpakutō Personality:
Kori Tora is quite the ferocious Zanpakuto. He loves being in the heat of battle (despite being made of ice) and wants to feel blood on his metal, which he usually seems able to “taste”. Personally Jin hates this side of his blade however he must live with it. At times when Kori and Jin are synchronized (bankai) both seem to be calm before pursuing their target, however once they actually start fighting they become ferocious. Although he’s almost the opposite of Jin, Kori is shown capable of being calm at times; however these times are usually only in cold climates or when Jin meets him in his Inner World.
Zanpakutō Appearance:
Kori takes on two forms. One is of a tiger made completely of ice, while the other is an old man who appears to be very built. Kori is most ferocious when in his tiger form. In tiger form he has several spiked edges and he makes several growling noises in between his sentences. When moving any of his animal-like limbs, tiny shavings of ice can be seen dropping on the ground. When in human form, Kori is very large, standing at over 7 feet. He has dark brown hair and there are dozens upon dozens of scars over his body. The only clothing he wears is a cloth over his waist and boots with a furry trim. In human form he seems to be much more calm however his thirst for battle never diminishes.
Human Form:
Tiger Form:

VI. Inner world

Inner World Appearance:
Kori Tora's Inner World is made completely made of ice. It represents and arctic region and there is a single foundation in the center, while everywhere else is only ice as far as the eye can see. The foundation in the center is where most meditation/training session take place. It has 3 levels: The bottom is larger with a lot of open space used for actual fights between Jin and Kori; the 2nd is smaller and is used for meditation; the 3rds use is unknown at the moment and is locked, preventing it from being seen.
Inner World:

VII. Zanpakutō Sealed form

Zanpakutō Appearance:
Sealed Form:

VIII. History

110 years ago in the human realm, Jitsurame Tenpouin was born to mother Akito and father Gantaku. By now the tale may seem very casual and somewhat happy; however this is not one of those tales. Before giving birth to her child, Akito had acquired a rare disease that specifically targeted the heart through the blood stream and as she continued on her journey as a pregnant woman, the disease simply became worse and worse. When the time arrived for Jitsu to be born, she was already in critical condition. While in labor Gantaku stood next to his wife every step of the way, but it was all for not. Despite both the surgeons and Gantakus efforts, Akito passed away. However that wasn’t the only tragedy; it seemed that Akitos disease was contagious through the transfer of blood, thus spreading the disease to Jitsurame as well. Both mother and son died that day, leaving a saddened Gantaku all alone.

Now the story becomes slightly more light-hearted. Although both Akito and Jitsu died, their souls moved into the Seireitei. Not knowing where she was at first, Akito wandered around the region aimlessly with her child in arms. Of course the she would eventually find the gate to the Soul Society and thanks to both her and her sons’ powerful spiritual pressures they were gladly accepted in. It took her a while to get used to the fact, but after 5 years she was accepted into the 7th Division of the Gotei 13. Now, we switch over to Jitsurame’s side of the story.

As a child, Jitsurame didn’t exactly live “the” life. Despite his mother being in the Gotei 13 both of their lives still weren’t very great. His mother was always out working while Jin was left at home, with only a caretaker there for him. The caretaker was alright; she was an old woman with not much care for what he did. Despite this, Jin studied and worked hard as he could, hoping that one day he too could join the Gotei 13 like his mother.

By the age of 15, Jitsu was already practicing with a sword (wooden of course) however his mother forbade it. She despised the idea of her son becoming like her for the life of a Shinigami was not only stressful, but incredibly dangerous as well. Of course, like almost every child, Jitsurame was not the most responsible or disciplined (no thanks to his caretaker). He used to sneak out into the forest and practiced his swordsmanship against trees. Eventually he set up a holy training regime, full with dummies and all. Soon he learned that since he wasn’t the fastest, Jin would have to use a stronger blade. He grabbed a plank of wood, sharpened it to its extent and tied a hilt to it; making his signature weapon. All of the other children laughed at him as he stumbled over almost every time. However there was a single child who actually supported Jin, a child which would be his best friend for years to come, this child’s name was Yusuke.

Yusuke and Jitsu were both outcasts, and became friends fairly quickly. They trained over several years until they could attend the academy to become Shinigamis. Despite her hatred of her son’s decision, Akito had no choice but to give in for it was her duty as a 7th Division Shinigami to find new recruits. She began teaching both of the boys the art of Hakuda and swords-play in her spare time, and over the years they learned more and more about the Soul Society. Around the age of 30 both Jitsurame and Yusukes Zanpakutos had formed, but of course they didn’t know their names as of yet. By the time both boys were the age of 50, they made a horrible mistake.
Like most days, a hollow invaded the outskirts of the Seireitei, and both Jin and Yusuke agreed that they’d take it out. However, they weren’t actually doing this “legally” for they were not yet fully-fledged Shinigamis. The hollow seemed to be undetectable under normal terms but several other citizens told the boys of it. Without the other Shinigamis knowing about said hollow, the boys knew that they had to fight it for sure now. They followed the hollow using its own tracks and eventually, they made contact with it. Both boys fought bravely however Yusuke was soon struck, but not yet dead. Soon after Akito arrived on the scene (being informed by several citizens of the boys’ escapade) and came to aid the boys. Yusuke was now bleeding out, and Akito had called in the 4th Division for medical aid, however there wasn’t any time left. She fought the hollow with all her heart and sent the boys away. After much pleading and refusal, Jin eventually succumbed to his mother’s will and left with his friend in arms. By the time they were about half-way to the Soul Society the 4th Division arrived and took Yusuke away. While travelling back to the Society, Jin managed to slip away and went back in order to aid his mother. To his horror the hollow was gone, however his mother was laying there, arms slashed and bleeding out. Jin ran to his mother in her final moments and she not only told him to become stronger and more powerful, but she also informed him about his living father who was in the human realm. Taking this knowledge and his mother’s will, Jin buried her in the same spot, leaving his original wooden sword on the earth.

After he arrived back in the Soul Society, Jin wasn’t given a punishment of any kind, in fact nobody really knew about the boys’ escapade. Despite being free of any guilt, Jin had suffered from not only his mother’s death but Yusuke’s as well. Although the 4th division gave their best efforts, Yusuke bled out anyways, and now, Jin was left all alone. For the next 40 years his personality would change from completely care-free, to slaughterer of those who oppose the law. He was by no means a "flunky" however Jin didn't want to go back to his studies for the longest time due to his losses, however he finally realized it; his father was alive and well, just like his mother had told him. Jin realized that if he could join the Gotei 13 then he'd eventually end up in the human realm, right? And with that, he went back to his studies, aiming for the goal of joining the 7th Division once again.

20 years later, Jin has graduated the academy, become a fully-fledged Shinigami, and has even been offered the position of Lieutenant of the 7th Division. In these 10 years he aided the Gotei 13 well which is the real reason for them recommending him, however most only believed that he was offered the position due to his mother’s impressive work in the past. Despite these remarks, Jin has taken the position gladly, and now he hopes for the day that he can see his father again while fulfilling his duties all the while.

IX. Other

RP sample:
RP Sample:

Jin walked through the Soul Society, sword strapped to back and ears “plugged-in”. Right now he was listening to “Listen to the Stereo”, a very catchy song by “Going Under Ground”. It wasn’t one of the most popular songs in the Human Realm but nonetheless, it’s one of Jin’s favorites.

He continued walking, getting looks from passerbys all the while. Some attempted to trip him (which he easily avoided) while others made snarky comments, “Look at that guy, he’s such a weirdo!” or even, “Wow, I here that he’s a complete loner, nobody likes him.” Throughout all those years of mockery and loneliness, Jin had managed to overcome his hatred of people like the ones right in front of him. One actually came straight up to his face; however the scarlet-haired man merely ignored him completely. What all these foolish people didn’t know was that: Jin couldn’t hear a single word they were saying. He was too immersed in the music to know the specifics however he easily guessed what their intentions were. He let out a small sigh, continuing to trudge through the streets.

Finally, a fairly large man with a very stylish hat flat-out intercepted Jin, blocking his path. The boy looked up at the man, rolling his eyes and turning in the other direction. As he began walking once more, Jin was pulled back by what was most likely the man’s hand. He didn’t pay attention to whom or what was actually pulling him, but as soon as his body was turned, he brought his fist up from his side and slammed it into the man’s face. The large man was knocked out with the one punch, and Jin picked up the hat which he was wearing and turned in the other direction once more; whistling all the while.
Face claim: Yuuki Tenpouin; Code-Breaker

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