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I. Personal Information

First Name: Alexis P.S: Name change please to Alexis Etrama, please
Last Name: Etrama
Alias(es): None
Gender: Male
Age: 150
Birthday: 13 July
Sexuality: Straight
Reiryoku Colour: Blue

II. Vandenreich Information

Battalion: First Battalion
Rank: Soldat

III. Appearance

Height: 6'3
Weight: 190
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Tattoo/scars: None
General Appearance:Alexis is 6'3, with a very well built athletic body. He inherited red eyes from his parents, and wears his dad's cross as an earring on his left ear. He wears a old fashioned suit, he never got accustomed of wearing the Quincy outfit. His old fashion consists of a white dress up shirt, as time went on. He started wearing a black tie. His slacks are the color white, and his dress up shoes are black. He rarely wears a coat with his suit but only when it gets cold.

IV. Personality

Alexis is a very intelligent man, being 150 years old, he has read well over 1,000 books giving him a genius level mindset. Alexis is very humble, even if he wins any type of competition he always stays humble. His mother and wife being caring, he adapted that trait, and is very caring towards others. He doesn't like begin competitions or become competitive towards others. He doesn't like to judge anyone or insult them in any way shape or form. He is a critical thinker and will always look both sides of the story. Ever since everyone he cared about had passed away, tends to isolate himself from getting close to people. He's sort of a loner and is very quiet, and keeps things to himself. When in a fighting situation, instead of relying on his raw power. He likes to make strategic moves, like analyzing the environment making it work for him in a fight. Only time he gets competitive is when he is playing a strategy game. Alexis does not like to lose at any strategy game and take's his lose to heart. He loves to win in those type of games no matter what, and will do anything to win.
He not only like's to read but loves it, and it's number one hobby. He also loves taking walks early mornings hearing the birds chirp relaxes him, clearing his mind of anything stressful. After taking a walk eating a huge warm plate of cooking from his mother, hits the spot. Getting that warm sensation in his stomach, and warming his entire body preparing him for a day of hard work. Another hobby of his is playing chess, and loves any type of strategy games, that involves outsmarting the enemy. He not only values his alone time, it is necessary for him to be able to clear his mind.

He dislikes strong smells, especially bad ones that smell really horrible. He does not like getting his cloths dirty at all. He definitely dislikes people that repeat themselves many times. He also dislikes people that are not willing to learn, even though he sometimes has moments like that. Another dislike is nasty food, and if he does encounter nasty food he will not eat the food until he gets a decent meal. a bad habit he got for living with a wealthy family. His biggest dislike is ugly women, he tends to keep this dislike private but he really does hate ugly women.

Alexis doesn't really have many motivations, since tends to isolate himself from people. Food can count as one of his motivations, even thought he has become quiet and doesn't say much of his isolation from people. Food is his number one motivator with anything. Another motivation is results of his hard training, if he see's and noticed results of the training, there is nothing else that motivates him the most other than food. Winning is another one of his motivation, if he wins, it makes him gain much more confidence in himself. Making him trust himself, knowing people can rely on him.

His biggest fear is losing, not losing in general but losing everything he has. Such as his pride, and his friends. He also fears not achieving his goals and not becoming a great man. Another fear is getting close to someone again, and caring for that someone. Then out living that special someone and watch them die and he lives on without aging like a human. Another fear of his is dying, and he knows dying is a natural way of life but he fear it more than anything, he has seen many of his loved one die so it has become a great fear.

V. Quincy Information

Quincy Cross Appearance:
His Quincy Cross is the same as any other. His is made out of grey steel, the circle in the middle was the color black. The small cross inside the circle is the color red.

Kojaku Appearance:
Alexis bow is the colored blue just like his reiryoku. He hold his bow Vertically up, having the shape of a cross. The tip of the horizontal lines connect with the vertical tips, making four 90 degree triangles together.

VI. History

Alexis was just a kid, his family had ventured off the main Quincy group. They lived deep in the in the forest for half a century. They lived as hunter gatherers, his father was a really skilled Quincy. So most of Alexis training and skills came from his father. Alexis wasn't skilled enough and wasn't strong enough to wield his bow. His mother was an ordinary human, but she knew of both of their abilities and was very open about it. She loved them both dearly, they were a great family. His father never told him or his mom about his real age, but it had never struck any interest in Alexis. His father would usually go out during late nights to clear out some of the hollows around the area. Alexis was hoping he would soon join his father on his hunts but he knew he wasn't strong enough.

As Alexis grew older and was a teenager, he was 15 years old. Since they lived deep inside the forest and would rarely go into town. Alexis didn't really have much to entertain himself with other than training. So he read a lot of books, and his mother would tutor him with his general studies. Alexis was a very intelligent person, having read over 100 books over his 15 years of living. He had his IQ near a genius level. His bow skills had improved and was able to wield it without exhausting himself. Sadly, he would only fire it 20 times but it was good enough for him.

Finally 18, Alexis felt like he was on top of the world. His skills and intelligence had increased a lot. He was content with his life. He would sometimes go into town to visit his girlfriend he got when he was 16. They had a relationship for a 3 years so they were committed to each other. She did not know of his abilities but he was planning on telling her soon. Since he was 18, his father would include him on the hollow hunts. Alexis was finally getting experience on slaying hollows, he had been doing it for a while now so he had lost count of his kills.

One night everything had gone bad, it was a usual night at the beginning with him and his father going off to clear the area. His father had sense something terrible in the area so he told Alexis to stay back. Alexis was very disciplined and knew to listen to his father, so he stayed put and guarded a small area from the hollows. As his father went off, he was met by a swarm of menos grandes, his father was a skilled Quincy. So Menos were nothing to him but there was a swarm of them, he had no idea why. He was outnumbered so there was no possibility of winning. Alexis had clear his half of the forest and noticed his father hadn't returned. Alexis made his way to the path where his father had taken. As he got to where he knew his father would be, nothing was left around the area. The tree's were burned down and there was a large crater in between the open area. Alexis got closer and noticed his father's Quincy Cross was there, Alexis was so depressed he knew his father didn't make it, he started pouring out tears. He had no idea how he would explain this to his mother but he had to.

Time had passed and Alexis became 150 years old, he lived a lonely life and had become quiet and didn't have much to say. Back when his father passed, he continued living with his mother and soon introduced his girlfriend to his mother and made her aware of his ability. They lived together in the same forest, as Alexis became 23, as he became much older his body didn't age physically. He then out lived his wife and his mother. He then started outliving everyone he knew and cared about. It made Alexis very sad, and didn't know much to do. As time passed society had changed, Alexis would usually go into town and cause trouble around. He didn't care what would happen to him. As he became 150 years old, Alexis still lived a lonely life, he never tried to become close to anyone again. He kept everything to himself and become quiet. Alexis knew he had to do something with his life, so he made a choice to join the Quincies, hearing the stories his father told him about them. He wished to join the main army
VII. Other

RP sample: It was morning, as he got up he noticed the book he was reading last night on the floor. He rubbed his head, while saying "I didn't even notice I had fallen asleep". Getting up, he picked up the book he had dropped and properly places it onto his bookshelf. Making his bed right after, it reminded him of his mother always stressing him about making his bed. He decided to take an early morning shower, the water was great and it had been a while since he had taken a nice warm shower. As he got out, he had changed into his regular cloths. His white dress up shirt, white slacks, his black boots, and his black tie. He always made sure all his cloths were clean. He wouldn't be able to stand the fact that his black boots would be stained.

It was his second day in the Quincy Stronghold, and had recently joined the military. As he exited the White Tower, he had no idea what to do. He didn't want to stay inside his room, and read his book. He wanted to find other quiet places in nature to read books. Walking around the center of the stronghold carrying his book, he was failing his mission to find the proper place to read his books. As he continued walking around, some riled up Quincy's were running through the walking path, bumping into Alexis. He didn't mind at all, he was still focused on his main mission, finding a proper reading place. One of the Quincy's, pulled on Alexis shoulder, turning him a complete 180 degree's. Alexis wasn't sure what this Quincy wanted but turned around and continued his way.

In a split second, Alexis felt something behind him, by instinct he leaps towards on top of a building. As he looked over there was a arrow where he stood. It seemed as the Quincy had fired upon him, Alexis did not want to fight, but knew it couldn't be avoided. Alexis wielded his bow,analyzing the area around them. He noticed the buildings could provide enough cover for him, to be able to shoot. Alexis creates two flat solid disks under his two feet, using his skill Datenträger Aufzug. His right arm holding the bow, he quickly reaches towards the bow with his left hand, shooting it towards the other Quincy. His plan was to divert his enemies senses away from him. His first shot was a distraction, using Datenträger Aufzug, he moves behind a building. Making his way through the building towards his enemies blindside. Alexis got to his position, this time aiming perfectly towards the Quincy's head, his arm fully cocked back, with the arrow charged up at maximum power. He inhaled, making his aim much more steady, as he released his arrow shooting it towards the Quincy.

The arrow was then stopped by one of the Quincy's allies, Alexis knew he had no chance if he was outnumbered. They knew his position since he had shot his arrow, so Alexis new strategy, was using his speed with Datenträger Aufzug. To shoot his arrows from different positions to confuse the enemy and divert them into thinking he is willing to fight, instead of flee. Alexis put his plan into action, quickily side stepping onto different buildings shooting his arrows, these arrows weren't as charged up or powerful, but just enough to annoy his enemy. As he was done, he quickly ran away from the battle scene, going towards white tower. Alexis gave himself a sigh of relief, he knew he would see them again. He had to be prepared

Face claim: Cadis Etrama Di Raizel - Noblesse Manga


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