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on Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:56 pm
Object Name: Gikon
Type of Object: Pills
Object Ability/Function: The Gikon is an artificial soul. Swallowing this pill will force the soul in the body out, replacing it with an artificial soul. It allows a Shinigami to rapidly exit their Gigai, as well as loosing the souls of the dead that are stuck in their body out. A Gikon fed to a living person will merely cause them to vomit it back up.
Object History: The Gikon was designed with the Gigai, as a way to allow the Shinigami to rapidly exit their Gigai, allowing them to fight without delay.
Quantity: -Set-
Price: 1,000SP
Object Name: Denreishinki
Type of Object: Cellphone
Object Ability/Function: The Denreishinki allows a Shinigami to communicate with Soul Society while in the Human World. The device also contains a system similar to a GPS tracking system for Hollow detection. This functions by detecting spikes of Reiryoku, allowing the map to actively display nearby hollows, Shinigami and other spiritually active people. The device can even distinguish the type of Reiryoku, allowing it to mark Shinigami as green, hollows/Arrancar as red, and Quincy/Fullbringers as blue. Without a Denreishinki, a Shinigami has no way of getting their orders without using the Hell Butterfly system, which is slow and unwieldy.
Object History: The Denreishinki is a combination of modern human technology and Soul Society's science. It was developed to allow the Shinigami on assignment to receive messages instantly across dimensions.
Quantity: -Set-
Price: 3,000SP
Object Name: Gigai
Type of Object: Artificial body
Object Ability/Function: The Gigai is an artificial body made of Kishi. It allows the Shinigami to take a physical form, allowing them to interact with spiritually unaware mortals, as well as to function normally on extended missions. These are also worn by Shinigami who lose their powers, giving them a chance to recover and get them back. The Shinigami can exit the Gigai without a Gikon, but it is a difficult process that takes an entire turn to do.
Object History: The Gigai was invented by the 12th division as a solution to the issue of staying in the mortal realm for extended missions, as well as their invisibility to mortals. The Shinigami before this had no effective way to interact with non-spiritually aware humans.
Quantity: -Set-
Price: 10,000SP

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