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on Tue Jan 29, 2013 5:52 am

I. Personal Information

First Name: Arashi
Last Name: Blackhawk
Alias(es): Ara
Gender: Male
Age: 218
Birthday: 18th of March
Sexuality: Straight
Reiryoku Colour: Blue (Default)

II. Gotei XIII Information

Division: 10th
Seat: /

III. Appearance

Height: 173 Cm.
Weight: 48 Kg.
Hair: About shoulder length (a bit shorter) , spiky and messy white colored.
Eyes: Blue.
Tattoo/scars: /
General Appearance: Arashi is a about average, if not a bit over the average height for his age. That is, as most souls, his apparent age is different from his real one; Arashi looks like he's 14. He appears slim, but is in fact quite muscular and strong. He likes wearing mostly white, black and blue clothes; will rarely wear anything but it actually. His eyes are blue, and skin what most would call normal. His hair is pure white, quite messy with spikes around shoulder-length long. He is often seen smiling, but is quite serious when the time is right.

IV. Personality

Personality: Arashi is a generally calm fella', and rarely gets excited about anything other would get excited at. He's quite intelligent, but nothing much above average. Still, it's enough to make a difference sometimes. He is often seen with a smile on his face, and enjoys a good joke every now and then. He'll also make jokes and puns as often as he has the chance to, and will get a bit offended if nobody laughs or at least smiles, as he is quite proud of himself and considers himself very funny; telling him he's not funny at all (or even worse: that he's annoying.) is pretty much the worst thing you can do. Arashi is very lazy, which often causes him problems, such as being late to classes at the Shinigami Academy or not doing things he had to do on time. Arashi is very easily distracted, the only place where he can really focus is combat, as he likes fighting alot. He is persuaded fairly easily, at least when he's in a good mood. If you catch him when he started the day on the wrong side of the bed, well, you're just going to get punted.

Likes: Arashi's favorite colors are blue and black, he doesn't know why but he just does. He's always been obsessed by seeing the ocean, but never did: same in the Living World as in his time spent in The Soul Society. He likes sleeping all day, but also enjoys a good training session as he really wants to get stronger; so he would win more of those fights he likes a lot as well. Ara also loves jokes and pranks, and often does them himself; they're often not funny, but people even tend to fake laugh because he'd get offended. He also loooves eating sushi.

Dislikes: Arashi dislikes arrogance most of all, together with selfishness and simple stupidity; not when somebody is naturally stupid, but when just refuses to use his or her brain and wants people to do the thinking insteaad of himself or herself; like asking easy questions the person could anwser themselves with a little braining, or even with ease. He'd just love to pummel everything and everybody arrogant into the ground, until they start squealing "I'm a fluffy doughnut! I'm a fluffy doughnut! Please let me liiiiive!!!" He is also a vegetarian, and he hates people who kill for fun, as he thinks that it's completely wrong and will even kill the killer for it. (ignore the irony)

Motivations: Arashi's original sole motivation to becoming a Shinigami was finding his lost (crush) friend Mizu, who left him to become a Shinigami. Though, over the time at the academy, he realized that there is beauty at being a Shinigami as well, but he would never forget about his good friend Mizu, and will keep searching for her. Of course, the fact that he is a Shinigami made the will to kill hollows encarved in his soul as well, so it should also be worthy of being mentioned as a motivation of his as well. As well as most Shinigami, he also wants to get stronger, as he's afraid of being weaker than Mizu once he finds her.

Fears: Ara's biggest fear is finding out that Mizu's dead. No... Letting her die by his side! If that happened, well, Ara would simply kill himself, plain and simple; in the state he is currently in. He is also afraid of being weaker than Mizu once they meet, which would cause him humiliation and suffering, and a potential incapability of protecting the fiery red haired girl he was in love with. That's also one of the main reasons why he wants to get stronger so much. He is, also, very afraid of all exotic big cats, such as lions tigers and so on and so forth.

V. Zanpakutō Spirit Information

Zanpakutō First Name: Mashimara
Zanpakutō Last Name: Yami
Zanpakutō Element: /
Zanpakutō Type: Kido Based
Zanpakutō Personality: Mashimara is pretty hot headed, and gets angry very easily. She finds joy in insulting people, and will often yell. She's rarely seen calmly standing around, she's far more likely to just be dancing or spinning around the spot. She has quite a taste for music, and is a terrific singer; she preferres music like rock and metal.

The owl Mashimara, on the other hand, is much more like Arashi. She rarely speaks, but it very intelligent and wise, and can often give very good advice. It is obvious that the owl's the humanoid Mashimara's superior; as the owl's pretty much the only person the humanoid Mashimara respects.

Zanpakutō Appearance: Mashimara is a tall women, in about her twenties. She stands at around 185 cm, and is quite slim. She has long wavy black hair, going all the way down to her waist. She often appears grunting, with a angry expression on her face. Mashimara wears black clothes; a T-Shirt and some pants, they are quite torn. She wears a black cloak over that, which often weaves around blown by the wind. She has C cup breasts, and wears crescent-shapes black metal earrings, that appear to be just a tad bit too large. Her eyes are pitch black.

The other part of her is an giant owl, that's usually sitting on her shoulder. Ara can't understand her (for now) but the humanoid Mashimara can. The owl is white with black samples, and not more than half a meter tall. Though, that's only her compressed state: the owl's real size is far greater; at least three meters tall, with a wingspan of ten meters. The humanoid Mashimara will often ride the owl. They are connected by a chain that appears on their chests, just where the heart should be. The owl's eyes are green.

VI. Inner world

Inner World Appearance: Arashi's inner world appears to be a platform in space; there are endless stars and planets just floating around in the black sky. The floor is, though, made out of a material that resembles some kind of black metal but is transparent; the ocean below and it's waves can be seen through it, clashing against the metal floor. The floor is basically indestructible. Every once in a while, a tall tower-like structure can be seen, they're usually around 50 meters tall and 10 meters wide. They are made from the same "metal", but can be broken with enough force. The platform is flat, and unlimited; no matter for how long you run you'll never reach the end.

VII. Zanpakutō Sealed form

Zanpakutō Appearance:
Similar Apperance:
Mashimara's sealed appearance is like most other Zanpukto, except it's blade is farily longer; 120 centimeters, with the hilt being another 20-25 centimeters long. The hilt is of black color, together with the Tsuba.

Differences to the picture: the blade is of normal, silver color and not black. It also has no dragon engraving on the sheath of the blade, but the color matches.

VIII. History

History: Arashi was born 18th of March, in the city of London. He appeared to be quite a healthy little boy, and looked much like his father who worked as a Computer Programmer. As years passed, Ara grew and grew and grew, turning into a nice seven year old boy. He appeared bright at his age, and just started attending school. Like his father, he showed interest at computers and programs a lot. But, it all ended one day when he was diagnosed a serious rare illness; unknown to humanity in that stage; and passed away several days after, without any pain luckily.

The next day he awoke in the Soul Society, without any memory at all about Earth and his life as a human. For some strange reason, his hair also turned white. Of course, he didn't remember how his hair used to be black to there was nothing strange for him. He lived in the Rukongai for many years, mostly keeping to himself as the population there was quite unfriendly. They kept to themselves, Ara kept for himself. No worries. He would sleep in a hollow three in a garden of an abandoned house, it was very old and quite big. From the inside, it looked like a real room from what Arashi decorated it; this was his home.

All that changed when one day, he met a girl. Mizu was her name, she looked to be about Ara's apperant age. Her hair was fiery red, and was long. She was different from other Rukongai residents though... She was always smiling, always cheerful, always jumping running and spinning. They soon became best friends, she was the only thing that could cheer Arashi up... Hell, he even had a crush on her. But, one evening, he found a note on the place they would usually meet and talk. She was going to become... A Shinigami? Ara knew very little of them, but knew they were powerful. And dangerous. Very. Without a thought, Arashi chose to become one as well. His training in the academy lasted many years, but he could handle it, for the most part. He appeared to be particularly skillful in Kidō and Hakudai, but he showed talent in Zanjutsu just as well. Eventually, he graduated and became a full pledge Shinigami, waiting to be assigned to a squad and find Mizu. Though, as time passed he already started preparing himself for what would happen if he would never find her.

IX. Other

RP sample:

Arashi was walking, as he heard a loud yell echoing around the Seiretei.


W...What? Before Ara could even respond, an immensely strong spiritual pressure appeared, the entire area was filled with blue Reaitsu. The pressure was so strong Ara was simply shocked, he could hardly move! At all! Almost in the same moment, a large explosion erupted in front of Arashi; raising a large cloud of smoke. As it started to clear out, he could see the figure in front of him; he wore a lot of armor, that was the first thing that came to Ara's mind. He had an eye patch, and kind of short brown hair. The man also wore a helmet, gauntlets, boots and some kind of a blue cloak. He spoke.

"Put your guns on! Fight me OR DIE!"

He swung in sword, in a patter that seemed to be aiming at Ara's chest. The attack was fast, for Ara at least, but for a person of such power... It seemed unreasonably weakened; like he didn't want to kill Arashi. As Ara had very little time to respond at all, definitely not enough to draw his Zanpukto, he decided that using Kidō would be best at this situation. He would hold his right hand up, before concenteating some Reaitsu in it and releasing it; creating a violent shockwave that was meant to deflect the attack and push the attacker back by at least a couple of meters, if not even lift him from the ground. The Kidō was cast with a loud yell from Ara's side.


Arashi would then, if the Hido hit, jump backwards and draw his long Zanpukto, gripping it tightly with both of his hands as his messy white hair would weave around swiftly. The spiritual pressure was really getting into him, as his breathing was already heavy. In order to reduce the stress just a little bit, he would let out some of his Pressure as well; around 50%, enough to easen the things just a little bit for himself. Compared versus the other one, his was practically nothing.

Face claim: Hyouga Kyousoku

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You need an actual age ^>^
This is a good appearance age but all shinigamis are older than about 120 or so like I am 10 but I am 150


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