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I. Personal Information

First Name: Ernesto
Last Name: Araña
Alias(es): N/A
Gender: Male
Age: Appears 22 but is really 120
Birthday: 4/3
Sexuality: Straight
Reiryoku Colour: Default blue

II. La Horda

Number: Octava Espada

III. Appearance

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 240lbs
Hair: n/a
Eyes: Gold
Tattoo/scars: Ernesto has six tattoos in total, all on his head. With one horizontal gold line, about 3 inches long and one third of an inch thick, above each ear one on the top of his head, all pointing forward to his face. There is a grouping of three all aligned vertically in a triangle formation on the back of his head.
General Appearance: Ernesto Arana is a large muscular man with dark skin. Even though he stands above the average populace he isn't tall enough to warrant being called a giant, although some might disagree. He has no hair, but it's unclear if he is bald or if he shaves his head. His hollow mask appears in two places, the lower jaw line of his hollow mask is wrapped around his neck as a necklace; right beneath his left eye are two chunks of mask that resemble screws. He is almost never seen without his teashade style sunglasses which have been tinted gold, his favorite color. His hollow hole is in the middle of his chest.

IV. Personality

Personality: Ernesto Arana is a very loyal, and quite man. Right before his death, and ever since afterwards, he has a tendincy to be a very obessive person. Even though he may sometimes forget what he obsesses over: once an obsession has been found, espessially obsessions of faith or peity, he will put his all into whatever needs to be done to acomplish his new goal. Although he doesn't like to talk often, which is a large difference from when he was alive, he will bluntly say what needs to be said. While his is a rather quite person, he is not emotionless. He does have a bit of empathy that built up from when he had to eat other hollows in his own hollow form: believing that anyone would soften up after watcing people beg for mercy while melting away from the inside, he does not like to take the lives of others if it can be avoided. Once he forms a bond with another person, it takes quite a bit to make him angry or impatient with that person, although standing in the way of his obsession would be one way of doing so quickly. Like many other hollows, Ernesto does not remember much about his human life; life as a hollow, life in Hueco Mundo, was enough to worry about and after long enough her ended up forgetting much about his human life. While in his release state, Ernesto tends to get much more violent, and angrier; after changing back he often feels remorse for his actions due to the desperateness that was locked away in his Zanpakutō along with his hollow form.
Likes: As a pious man, Ernesto is content with doing his job and serving the man he belives to be a god, Baraggan the king of Hueco Mundo. While he tends to stay to himself, it's not because hr doesn't wish to be in the company of others but to refelct on himself and his thoughts. When in the company of others Ernesto is rather reserved and quite, but does still enjoy the company of others. Although he doesn't seem like the type, he does like to indulge in music, often listening to classical music. Although his favorite genre is classical, he has a wide taste in music and will most likely give any music a chance.
Dislikes: As a man of beliefs, Ernesto does not take kindly to people mocking or belittling his faith or belief systems. When someone he belives to be his ally says something he would take as an insult to his faith, he does not act the same as if an enemy, or random person, said it; rather he would at least intimidate someone is isn't a freind, he let's his freind's comments slide. Ernesto does not like to fight, and especcially not to kill; if someone gets in the way of his beliefs or obsessions he does not hold back, and would most likely kill someone if they did not show remorse for doing so. Ernesto is put off by people without self dissipline, even though he has a large tendancy to form obsessions.
Motivations: Ernesto is motivate by three things, his often confused obsessions, is hypocrital sense of disipline, his aliies and friends and his faith in a higher force than himself. Although the first two may sometime conflict, the fourth will always come out as the most important to himself. Although it does rarely happen Ernesto's willingness to serve Baraggan has trumped obsessions before, and will probably happen again in the future. While he may not have a particularly powerful alliance with other hollow or Arrancar, he does cherish and is thankful for what he does have. Although his friendship with other hollows may not be too strong, he does seek to improve the relationships.
Fears: His biggest fear is to be left without anything to keep himself occupied, where he can stay occupied by reflecting in on himself or by serving the king of Heuco Mundo being left without anything to keep his mind on or to obsess over is a dreadful thought; with an idle mind comes fear and loathing, with it comes doubt of one's self and one's allies or even worse, doubt in one's beliefs. This is why Ernesto has taken an interest in music, even if he has no current obsession, most peices of music give his the ability to focus on something, to keep his mind from wandering too far.

V. Zanpakutō Sealed form

Zanpakutō Appearance:
Ernesto's Zanpakutō, when in it's sealed state, takes the form of a pilwar scimitar. With a silver blade and hilt this Zanpakutō takes the same colorscheme as most arrancar swords and rests on his back, with the handle pointing downward.

VI. History

History: Death, it happens to every human; afterwards their destiny will be partially determined by the individual and by large amounts of luck. Most souls pass on automatically, as a natural occurrence, but few will stay behind left as a 'Plus'. If a Plus is fortunate enough, a Shinigami, using the hilt of their Zanpakutō, will perform the soul burial, or Konsō, which forces the Plus to ascend off the mortal coil, to Soul Society. Another, more sinister, fate my befall any Plus who fails to clarify, absolve, or ascend past their worldly obsessions; these Pluses will loose their heart and mutate into a Hollow, a sick and twisted aberration of themselves. While the mind of, the former Plus, the Hollow isn't completely lost their obsession is what takes over: after so long another obsession takes over, the obsession to feed on human souls in an attempt to fill the hole left in their body left by the loss of their heart. Many Hollows reach the point where Pluses no longer satiate their hunger: these Hollow begin to feed on their own in order to bide their appetite and gain power.

Ernesto is no exception from the rest of the human world; after his death he became a Hollow.

Ernesto was the child of a preacher, Cortez, and a beautiful whore named Jaide; who had a long standing tradition of picking up clients outside the church. His father had a tradition of his own, every week he would try to convince the prostitute to repent her ways and build a new life free of sin. Although she was resistant after years of trying Cortez had finally convinced Jaide to leave her old ways behind and begin anew: a month later they were to be married. By the months end, everyone in town had heard of the news. Word spread quickly, and the town's biggest marriage ceremony in decades was planned. Two years passed as the couple lived together happily, running the town's church. At the two year mark, Cortez woke up to a blazing inferno where his church and his home once stood; Jaide was nowhere to be seen and everything worth value had been taken. The entire town, who respected Cortez for his work and dedication within the community, helped him rebuild his small parish and had sworn to never let Jaide return. Just over nine months later, a child was left at the church's doorstep with a single note reading declaring the child as Cortez's son; the preacher took him in knowing the child really was his son. Left with his father, Ernesto grew up in the new abbey. For the first twelve years of his life the young boy grew up incredibly pious; conducting hymns, participating in baptisms, spiritual communion, and even performing his first marriage at the age of ten.

Shortly after turning twelve, a strange woman came to town; looking to take back the child she abandoned. She was an older woman, missing half her teeth, who looked as though she was at death's corner. She first in town at a weekly mass and introducing herself . After attending mass for the third time she made contact with Ernasto, claiming to be a lost woman looking for her son; there was some truth to her story as it was a half fabrication using herself as a source of information to use, she was able to bend her own feelings of guilt in order to manipulate the boy. After a rather long confession, the old woman relieved her identity, she claimed to be his long abandoned mother Jaide; Ernesto was shocked by this turn of events, as he had thought she had never cared for him. Before he got too excited, Jaide warned him not to tell anyone of her true identity; years ago she angered the entire town and left without saying a word. She told him that if the town realized who she really was, they would run her out of town, or perhaps even worse; Jaine told her son that her fear of what the townspeople would do to her was insurmountable and she wished to see her child without fear of being killed. Ernesto promised to his mother that he would not say anything to the townspeople, or his father; he claimed this would be a difficult task since he was so close to his father, but he was sure he could do it. Several months passed by as Ernesto and his mother continued to meet in secret; she would tell him of strange people she met in her travels. Whenever he asked why she had left Jaide would always change the subject or tell him he's too young to know the truth; although this worked to silent the youth a few times he began to grow more curious and one day demanded to know what had really happened. After begging and pleading for weeks on end, his mother finally gave in and promised to show him what had caused her to leave. Ernesto left with his mother the next day, excited to learn about what, or who, could cause his mother to leave him. Without a word to his father he left with his mother, thinkingthey would be back within a few hours, or a day at most. Jaide led her son to another town nearby while telling him on the way that she could change if only he could help her with one thing and that he would know the truth about everything. Once they arrived to the small neighboring town, he was led into an old hotel. This, Jaide explained, is where everything would come together. As she led her son down to the cellar of the dilapidated building, Ernesto began to feel uneasy; this place was old and smelt horrible, like mold. When they reached the bottom, Jaide turned to him and began to apologize. At that moment a large hand grabbed his shoulder, another clasped over his mouth; A sweet scent began to take over, as everything turned cloudy and dark..

It was cold and dark; with his right side burning and his body felt heavy. As Ernesto struggled to get up he realized that he was covered in ice and left in a bathtub nowhere near the old hotel where his mother had lead him to. He had heard of this before, his father told him of how people would knock you out and take your insides, they would then sell them on a black market for vast amounts of money. As he struggled to get up he realized the stitches on his right side, the ice near that area had turned a dark crimson hue due to the blood he lost. As Ernest fell to the ground next to the old tub, he braced himself on the metal wall before him. It took him two days before he got back home.

Ernest died ten years later.

After he returned home from having some internal organ removed from him by someone he thought cared about him, he was in a devastated mood: when he returned home he was greeted with the news that his father had died from a heart attack. It came quickly, without much warning. It wasn't too surprising, seeing as his father was a bit older. But with the shock of his mother's betrayal in his system, he went into a deep depression that ended up causing his own death. Ernesto spent the nest ten years drinking up a storm, while obsessing about what his mother did to him. It was something he would not stop raving about; his father's church closed down a year later, and Ernesto lived in the old building alone. After ten years or ravenous drinking, fighting and obsession his body gave out on him.

Life as a hollow suited him well.

Ernesto became Arana, the spider hollow. He spent years catching Plusses in his web and burning their bodies away with his acid. his favorite victims were those who resembled him mother, he loved to watch them melt from the inside out. He would then feed upon the melted remains of the Pluss' spirit carcass. Before he knew it, he ended up in Hueco Mundo feeding on other hollows. Unlike other hollows, her believed that he had a reason to be devouring the souls of others like him. After so long in Hueco Mundo his memories of his human life began to fade; he kept his tenancy to for obsessions.

Obsession, it's what drove him.

Obsession, it's what kept him feeding.

He believed that killing other hollows, other evil spirit beings would bring him into the grace of his faith, bring him back to life and let him fix everything. This is why he enjoyed eating other hollows so much, he did it for a higher purpose. Arana began to gather other hollows that followed in his beliefs, that by destroying enough evil beings he could gain good karma, or come into the good graces of a higher being. This continued on for what seemed like years. His body changed shape over the years to match his ever changing views on his afterlife journey. It was at this point that Baraggan, the king of the hollows had found Arana fighting with other hollows. As The embodiment of death enjoyed watching hollows fight for his amusement, he watched as Arana fought the others to their last breath and more intently as he devoured them as he did all his victims via his web and acid. Arana only noticed Baraggan as he left, but though he recognized the King as what he resembled the true embodiment of death, as THE god of death, The Grim reaper. From then on, Arana pushed forward, killing hollow after hollow, advancing from one class of hollow to the next. Swearing that he would become this God's right hand man. Eventually, Arana tore his mask off and took his old name back and mixed it with his current name. He became Ernesto Arana. After this his commitment to Baraggan took off to new heights, often referring to the elder hollow as his Lord. Eventually he fought his way into las Noches, to get the attention of Baraggan and to swear everlasting servitude to the embodiment of death.

VII. Other

RP sample:
The hollow before Ernesto fell to his knees bloodied and beaten to a pulp. "Why have you done this?" The soul pleaded, while coughing up large quantities of blood. "What do you want with me?" Ernesto took a step forward, the pearl white sands of Hueco Mundo in a complete contrast to his dark skin. He reached out slowly, wrapping his fingers around the injured hollow's neck and gripped him tightly, while not trying to kill him but instead trying to prove that nothing could stand in his way. "I have no personal qualms against you" Ernesto said calmly, as he lifted the wounded spirit off the ground; the hollow's body was limp from pain, his legs swaying back and forth without his own locomotion. "But I'm here to gain the favor of a God." As he spoke those words, slowly and as a matter of fact, the being in his hand eye's widened as if he knew that this Arrancar in front of was mad. With a quick snap of his own neck Ernesto bent his head backwards, before putting his full force into a headbutt meant to crush the skull of his enemy. A loud crack echoed throughout the hallway in which this fight took place, a sigh could also be heard. As the body fell to the ground, motionless, Ernesto felt a tinge of remorse. He couldn't even remember why he was trying to get the attention of this visage of death. He believed that Baraggan was indeed THE embodiment of death it's self, the embodiment of a force of nature, but he couldn't really remember why he needed for a deity to recognize him. It was an obsession, of course, but he struggled to remember why he obsessed over it so. "I'm sorry you had to get in my way," He said as he knelled down to the unconscious person next to him. "but it couldn't be helped.You had your reasons and I had mine. hopefully in the future we won't be enemies again. Your bones may be broken, but you'll live through this." As he looked down at his own hands, Ernesto realized that he had taken some damage in the battle as well. He closed his hand into a fist, tightening his grip; as he did his arm began to bleed, the other hollow had gotten him good. A single slash across the the arm had also hit him in the chest, while the would wasn't grievous, it could become a problem. Seeing as his Combate was his main way of fighting, an injured arm would weaken his attacks. He couldn't help but thing this was a good thing, if we was weaker he wouldn't hurt his opponents so badly; like the way he hurt this last one. No, he couldn't over estimate himself, to do so would be a great folly. He took a deep breath, strengthening his resolve and shaking the blood off of himself. To make sure he wouldn't over estimate himself Ernesto decided to stop and rest, he had a ways to go before he got to the main area of Hueco Mundo, and he wouldn't stop for any reason but for Death himself.

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