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on Mon Jan 28, 2013 1:07 pm

I. Personal Information

First Name: Fenrir
Last Name: Gudmundur
Alias(es): Dunkelheit [Darkness]
Gender: Male
Age: 1048
Birthday: June 19th
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Reiryoku Colour: Blue

II. Vandenreich Information

Battalion: First Battalion
Rank: General/Emperor Of The Vandenreich

III. Appearance

Height: 174cm (5'7)
Weight: 65kg (143 lbs)
Hair: Light Silver
Eyes: Blue
Tattoo/scars: Two Quincy Cross logos; one on either shoulder. Large Criss Cross X shaped scar across his back.
General Appearance: Fenrir is a lean, pale skinned man of average height. His light silver hair is short and spiky, with a few short bangs draping over his face. The Quincy cross logo is tattooed on both of his shoulders, and a massive, criss cross shaped scar covers his back. He often wears a large, grey cloak with a dark blue inner lining over his regular outfit that drapes down to his belt, and is bound by a single button at his neck. It has a large hood that covers most of his head. He wears a double breasted light grey cloth jacket with a turtle neck collar. His wears a set of gloves that match his jacket, with a cross logo on the top of each hand. He wears a thick black belt with a yellow belt buckle. The back of this belt has a large pouch for accessories, and is lined with many tiny Gintō tube holsters. His pants are simple black slacks with white seems tucked into thick black combat boots. Fenrir wears a steel, belt like strap around his left thigh, which holds additional Gintō tubes, and has a small compartment for other accessories in the front. His Quincy Cross, The Nagelring, is tucked into his left glove when not in use.

IV. Personality

Personality: Fenrir is an incredibly strict authoritarian figure by nature. Having been raised in a wartime climate, and spending most of his life desperately trying to claw his people back from the edge of destruction, Fenrir is a very cold, official figure. The laws that both he and his father Juhabach Gudmundur have put in place are absolute in his eyes, and any incursion is punishable by death. Having been shouldered with the burden of the survival of his people from a "young" age [for a Quincy] forced Fenrir to withdraw inwards, and become very cold and detached from his environment. Being forced to protect the future of his people made him make very difficult decisions, and these decisions prevented him from building emotional bonds with people he might have to sacrifice in the future. When not managing the affairs of the Schatten Bereich and his battalion, Fenrir often spends the time he has free training in his quarters. Although in modern times, the ban on leaving the Schatten Bereich has been lifted, the culture in the outside world is alien to him, and he feels uncomfortable travelling throughout the modern world, even though he does it often to establish new Quincy outposts in major points world wide.
Likes: Fenrir, being a rather rigid and authoritarian individual, enjoys a structured environment, both within the Vandenreich and in what little of a personal life he has. He is a book worm, and often spends time browsing the Schatten Bereich Bibliothek, which is full of books in every language imaginable from every corner of the earth. He particularly enjoys mystery novels, as they challenge his mind to think in new ways. Despite spending over 1000 years living in the German wilderness, Fenrir's pallet is very broad, and he especially enjoys Italian and Indian cuisine, with his favourite foods being Butter chicken and Spaghetti Bolognese. Musically, Fenrir will happily listen to almost everything, but enjoys Symphonic metal and melodic rock.
Dislikes: Fenrir is an incredibly strict Emperor. He runs the Vandenreich tightly, ensuring order and civility is kept at all times, and that the law he has laid down is followed to the letter. Because of this, any defiance to this way angers him greatly, and he will respond swiftly and without mercy. Being a veteran of the original Quincy and Shinigami war a thousand years ago, Fenrir's hatred for the Shinigami runs far deeper than that of most Quincy, and he delights in slaughtering them, often to the point of having an irrepressible grin on his face while doing so. Although he has a broad taste for music, country music annoys him greatly. Food wise, eggs taste vile to him, and he, most likely due to the cultural rift, finds most forms of Japanese food absolutely disgusting.
Motivations: Fenrir was raised as a warrior, and taught by his father all for the purpose of becoming the future emperor of the Vandenreich. Because of this, he has a very firm and ever present commitment to ensuring the continued survival of the Quincy people, a goal he has worked tirelessly towards for the last 1000 years. As Emperor of the Vandenreich, it is his duty to lead his army into battle, and ensure it's victory. This is a goal he has always kept in his mind, and it has motivated him to improve his own strength and knowledge, as well as ensure that his generals and members of his Battalion are battle ready, both mentally and physically.
Fears: Fenrir is afraid of failure. He has worked for over a thousand years for the glory of the Vandenreich name, and to protect and preserve the empire his father built. As such, he sees it as his duty to ensure their continued existence, and failing in this endeavor terrifies him. As Fenrir proud of his position as a member of the Quincy race, and his utter hatred for both the Shinigami and Arrancar races, death scares him greatly, as it would be both the end of what he is, and it would probably end in him becoming one of the races he currently fights, with no knowledge of what he used to be or what cause he once served.

V. Quincy Information

Quincy Cross Appearance: Fenrir's Quincy Cross, called the Nagelring, is a modified design from the traditional Cross. It is a three-headed lion, made from the same traditional Reishi silver as the normal Quincy cross. This metal, however, was sourced from his father, Juhabach's Quincy Cross, which he had melted down and reforged into the Nagelring.
Kojaku Appearance: Fenrir's basic bow, called Spatz, is a solid silver shortbow with a Reiryoku glow. In it's centre is the Vandenreich logo.

VI. History

History: Fenrir Gudmundur is the only child of Juhabach Gudmundur. His upbringing was rather cold and harsh for a member of a monarchy. His father believed being raised in luxury would produce a weak soldier and an even weaker leader, and as such tossed Fenrir in with the general Quincy population, ordering his origins to be kept classified until he reached maturity. Because of this, Fenrir was raised like all the other Vandenreich children in that generation, like warriors. The Vandenreich legions were at war with the Shinigami, and new Quincy soldiers were desperately needed. As such, since they could walk, all children in the Schatten Bereich were tested. Those with potential to become Quincy warriors were kept, while those with insufficient levels of Reiryoku were cast out into the general population as orphans.

Fenrir, as you would expect, was not one of these outcasts, and was easily accepted as an individual with Quincy potential. As such, he was placed under a vicious training regiment. The children were divided into training squads, groups of 10 students who would eat, sleep and train together for the next twenty years. There was no time for personal lives, or relaxation. From sun up to sun down, they were drilled physically and mentally, preparing them for war. Fenrir was an exceptional soldier, being the first in his generation to learn how to materialise his Kojaku at the mere age of five; the youngest Quincy ever to do so. He rapidly mastered all the forms of combat he was trained in over the following years, and showed a particular talent for Zaubersprüche.

After twenty years of this rigid life, constant training with his squad from the moment he awoke til the moment he went to sleep, the now 23 year old Fenrir and the rest of his squad were taken for the trial. The plan was, in order to ensure they were only accepting the greatest warriors the Quincy had to offer into the Vandenreich legion, that the squads of recruits would be divided into pairs. Each squad would then fight the other to the death, and the survivors would be accepted as members of the Vandenreich. Fenrir's squad was first up, fighting another squad of recruits they had never seen nor met before in a ten on ten death match. Fenrir's squad, being mostly under performers, was rapidly overwhelmed. Fenrir was eventually backed into a corner, being the only surviving member of his squad against five members of the enemy squad.
He was eventually surrounded, but by using Gelbeblitz, a spell most recruits cannot perform, he managed to slaughter the five members of the enemy squad in one burst, and became the only member of either squad to pass his trial.

Given his victory, Fenrir was accepted into the Vandenreich Battalion as a Soldat of the first Division. It was then he was introduced to his father, Juhabach, and informed of his lineage. He was moved into the Royal Quarters, and began to be trained by his father during their free time. He was now a member of the Vandenreich, however, and they were at war with the Soul Society. As such, Fenrir was deployed to the front lines rapidly, and he earned a name for himself by slaughtering his way through countless Shinigami soldiers. The lower ranked Shinigami began to call him Dunkelheit, as the last thing they would see before dying by his hand was the light around them fading away.

Fenrir worked his way through the ranks of the First Battalion rapidly, eventually becoming the Major of his squad, and his father's second hand man. Now 143, Fenrir was a veteran soldier, and one of the most powerful warriors the Vandenreich had ever seen. Because of this, he was fortunate enough to be selected for Juhabach's private squad to lead the final push against the Shinigami. Fenrir, his father and their warriors clashed with the Shinigami in the Soul Society itself, and it seemed as though they were winning the battle. However, Captain Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto, turned the tides after releasing his Bankai. The raw power of his Bankai eliminated the bulk of the troops, until only Juhabach, Fenrir and a few higher ranking Generals and Majors were left. Juhabach met Yamamoto in battle, but he was struck down. With his dying breath, however, he managed to catch Yamamoto off guard, landing a lethal blow. Yamamoto was dead, but so was Juhabach. With Shinigami reinforcements en route, Fenrir had no choice but to order the full retreat. He managed to grasp his father's Quincy Cross before being forced to fall back through the Senkaimon.

Leaderless and crippled by the raw power of Yamamoto's Bankai, the Vandenreich army was all but destroyed. Fenrir was crowned the new emperor, and it fell to him to mange the fallout. Deciding that survival had to be their first priority, Fenrir had the Schatten Bereich relocated to the German wilderness, and the Vandenreich went into seclusion, slowly rebuilding their numbers in preparation to strike back against the Shinigami that had all but destroyed them.

It took 900 years for the numbers of the Quincy to build back up. During that time, total lock down was issued. No Quincy was allowed to leave the Schatten Bereich, except for the few supply gatherers that kept the organisation fed and restocked supplies. During this time, Fenrir did all he could to fortify the dwindling numbers. The Quincy race had to survive. During lock down, Fenrir authorised small Battalions wearing Reiatsu cloaking devices to travel the world seeking spiritually active people. They would then kidnap them, bringing them back to the Schatten Bereich where they were forcefully recruited and trained in the Quincy arts. Eventually, these brute force tactics worked, and the offspring of these individuals resulted in the new generations of the Quincy army being born. Unlike with his upbringing, however, training was less strict. Soldiers were not forced to train from sun rise to sun set, and students were no longer forced to fight to the death. The Battalion was not at war anymore, and they couldn't afford to lose any more Quincy after their numbers became so thin.

After 900 years of this, the legion was ready. The Schatten Bereich was overflowing with life, new, mighty Quincy were rising throughout the ranks, and it was time. After 900 years, Fenrir was finally ready to rise up and lead his Battalions into battle, against the Shinigami and everyone else who dare threaten the Quincy name.
VII. Other

RP sample: Fenrir sighed, resting the back of his head against the hard old leather of his throne. He really needed to throw the damn thing out and get a new one, it may have been his fathers but it was well beyond it's expiry date. The padding was all but gone, the leather was aged and frayed and the wood was wearing down. Still, that was what a thousand years of use would do to a chair. In fact, it was a miracle the damn thing was still holding up after all this tim- BANG!

The front most legs gave way, causing the throne to topple forward and toss Fenrir out, causing him to land awkwardly on the ground in-front of it. He sighed, rolling over to see the rest of the throne rocking forward, about to flatten him. Fenrir raised his right hand from the stone floor and pointed it casually at the throne, releasing a sudden burst of Reiryoku from his fingertip. The shattered remains of the now ruined antique rocketed away from Fenrir, smashing into the nearby wall and shattering.

Pulling himself to his feet with a sigh, Fenrir adjusted his jacket slowly. The fall had wrinkled his outfit, what a shame. The sound of scurrying feet behind him caught his ear, distracting him from the view of his father's throne in tatters against the wall. "I am quite alright. I want a replacement here by tomorrow at the latest. And make it comfortable, thank you." Fenrir stated casually to the soldier behind him, not making the effort of turning to face him as he began to walk towards the door to the cabinet room, waving dismissively behind him as he finished his sentence. He had more important things to worry about than one of his servants, he had work to do. The empire wouldn't run itself.

Pushing gently against the large oak double doors, Fenrir made his way into the cabinet room. Kartenraum, they used to call it. The War room. Here, the battle plans were drafted during times of war. Fenrir could still see the ghosts of his past whenever he entered here. His younger self standing timidly beside his father, the mighty Juhabach, as he planned the march of his people into battle against the Shinigami menace. Taking his seat at the head of the table, Fenrir reached under the desk, pulling a small binder out of a hidden compartment beneath it's surface. Flipping open the dusty old binder, he withdrew a withered old scroll, rolling it across the surface of the desk before him. The writing was barely legible, but he already knew what he said by heart, having read it countless times. His father's will, in case he fell during the final battle. It detailed that Fenrir should succeed him, what to do if they had both died, how to manage the empire. Words he had lived his unnaturally long life by. Words he would never forget.

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